People Share The Prank Message They'd Leave On A Cave Wall If They Could Travel Back 100,000 Years
Cole Marshall on Unsplash

Ever feel like traveling through time?

Ever think time travel gives you the perfect opportunity for an epic prank?

Then take notes—ideas ahead.

Redditor emclouds asked people to ponder:

"You suddenly travel back 100,000 years to a cave that will eventually be discovered by archeologists, what do you write on the wall to mess with them?"

It's A Sign

"Find out the exact person who will discover said cave, figure out their address, write their address with a specific date, watch them freak out all day."

- TheDonutMan55

"then add 'We will come for you'."

- HeyImZhen

Stephen Would Have Laughed

"My sincerest apologies to Mr. Hawking for missing his party."

"It appears I overshot."

- Nyxu


Planetoid Revenge

"A model of our solar system, with an arrow pointing to Pluto saying 'the key'."

- lakewood2020

"Arrow pointing to Pluto saying, 'It's a planet!'"

- SuperCerealShoggoth


"Draw a picture of Earth from space."

- CarkillNow

"Draw it as Pangea to really confuse them."

- Gandolf794

"Signed: 'Thug lyfe 3.14159265358979323' and add that S symbol from the 90s..."

- DarrelBunyon



"If you know the date it will be discovered add 'We will be back for our planet' and put it say 20 years ahead of that date."

- nerys71

That's No Moon

"Maybe the blueprint of the Death Star just to throw them off."

- kisamo_3


Even More Ominous

"We have used the last of Earth's magic to seal away their dimension and leave you this message in the language of your time."

"Proceed no further."

"You must not destroy the barrier."

"If released they will bring the downfall of your species as they have done to ours."


- YeahButUmm


"E = MC2 + (chip off piece of wall)"

- gotwired

"Dark matter is comprised of—(graffiti painted over the answer)"

- NoStepOnMe



"Congratulations, you have found the second clue."

"To find the third and final clue, go back to the first clue and read it backwards."

- steeple_fun

We're Not Saying It Was Aliens

"A bunch of stick-figure guys with spears, running away from a flying saucer that's shooting lasers at them."

- Wadsworth_McStumpy


So, what message would you leave?

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