People Break Down Which Things They're Absolutely Tired Of Explaining To Other People

Some people just don't listen.

While others have trouble opening their minds even the tiniest bit.

Those kinds of people tend not to understand how certain people live their lives or even the decisions they make.

As a result, many people have to explain, or even defend, certain things about themselves repeatedly.

And while nearly everyone should be proud of who they are, and have no need to explain or apologize for themselves, it can get exhausting having to explain this to people over and over again.

Particularly to the same people.

Redditor Rare_Gas_ was curious to hear the things people were exhausted of having to explain over and over again, leading them to ask:

Beauty Is On The Inside

"Nothing’s wrong."

"It’s just my face."- citizenbunny

Do Not Disturb!

"If I'm working at night, I need to sleep during some portion of the day."- spunkyweazle

Doctors Would Be Nothing Without Them

"I'm a male and a nurse."

"No I don't want to be a doctor."

"No I'm not going to school to be a doctor."

"No I don't feel like less of a man because I'm a nurse and not a doctor."

"And stop calling me doc and doctor."

"I've told you 5 times I'm your nurse and my badge says NURSE in big letters."- ChaplnGrillSgt

Nurse GIFGiphy

Its Just Science

"Everything is made of chemicals.'

"Not everything 'natural' is good and not everything 'man made' is bad."- AttilaTheFun818

There's Good And There's Bad

"Viruses are not bacteria."

"Bacteria are not viruses."- georgeathens1

Computers Are Very Complex Indeed

"Software developers are not computer technicians."- Ramon80589

"I'm a programmer."

"I write programs."

"I don't know why your computer won't turn on."- ThunderStruck115

virtual reality computer GIFGiphy

It's Sadly Genetic

"That type-1 diabetes isn't caused by your diet, and it cannot be cured."- Jagged_Rhythm

If You Want This To Change, We're Hiring!

'That we are short staffed and you’re just going to have to WAIT."- c_estrella

Names Are Common

"That many Chinese people have my surname, but we're not all related to Jackie Chan, just like how not every person with Johnson as their surname is related to Boris Johnson."- benjaminchang1

Just Because I'm Good At It, Doesn't Mean I Enjoy It

"That because I can usually figure out how to fix most things does NOT mean I want to fix everything that breaks for anyone else."- Plus_Inevitable_771

wreck it ralph disney GIFGiphy

Disabilities Are Not So Simple

"Just because someone doesn't always need their disability aids, that doesn't mean they're not disabled and faking it."

"Someone who needs a wheelchair to get around doesn't always mean they can't use their legs."

"They can still walk short distances."- pumpkinthighs

Counting Sheep Doesn't Work Either

"I have insomnia."

"No I can't just 'think about nothing'."- Lylat_System

Not Everyone Believes What They See

"Gets job at NASA."

"All extended family asks is if moon landing was real."

"Pain."- O118999881999II97253

moon walk space GIF by US National ArchivesGiphy

None Of Their Business!!

"I'm ginger and a lot of people ask me if ALL my hair is also ginger."-Reddit

Some people are just so obstinate and set in their ways that they simply can't accept what they hear.

If we think really about it, maybe THEY should be the ones explaining themselves...

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