The Things People Like Less And Less As They've Gotten Older
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When we have our first sip of tea or coffee as a child, we discover that we like it a bit better with a lump of sugar, or two, or three.

As the years pass, we slowly find ourselves putting one less lump of sugar in our hot beverages until we eventually don't use any at all.

While most of our interests, hobbies, and favorite foods will remain with us until our dying days, we might find ourselves losing some, if not all, of our interest in other things the older we get.

Not to mention, finding our hatred of certain things grows even stronger.

Redditor aisha2313 was eager to hear the things people lose their taste for more with each passing year, leading them to ask:
"What are you starting to like LESS the older you get?"

Annoying At Any Age

"Waking up at 5 am to pee."- killarnivore2

Time To Unplug...

"Social media."

"I’ve already pared it down to Reddit and Instagram YEARS ago but honestly could do without IG too now."- Reddit

Who Has Free Time Anymore?

"Lack of leisure time."

"When I was younger, it wasn’t a big deal to go from work to gym to home to right back out half an hour later to bar hop or movie or something."

"Now it’s like work…. Aw hell, gym?"

"Not even half an hour to chill? "

"No? Fck."

"After gym I’m not doing sh*t the rest of the night."- Expensive_Rhubarb_87

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Nothing Is Worth The Wait.

"Anything with a lot of hype that requires me to stand in a long a** line."- sneakynin

What DON'T I like Less...

"Working. Getting Drunk. Politics. People."- Frosty-Custard-5558

Keep It Down!

"Loud noises in general."- CoolPotatoTomato

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Sobering Dose Of Reality

"That my parents are getting older."- Ok-Park-4155

Don't Even Get Me Started...

"Dating scene and overall toxicity in it."- Yakima42

So Many Perks To Delivery...

"Going to the damn grocery store."- KendalMay

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Darn Newfangled Technology!

"The way the internet is in 2022."

"Ads, subscriptions, pay walls, unhelpful sites with more pictures than words, and streaming service content split up between around 200 platforms, and most of the good content is exclusive to one, and never available elsewhere."

"On browsers, you have to have multiple extensions or the like to tell Cookies, Trackers, and Ads to go away."

"For people in Australia, we're also Geo-Blocked, so we have to use VPN to get around it or turn to other means."

"Commercial radio is unlistenable, with the same 25 songs on repeat at the only five I can remember the channel for, and even that is preferable to the afternoon talk show of cackling, squawking gossip."

"I'm happy to pay a contribution to my group's spotify; I can have that going on my phone, instead of listening to any of that crap."" I can have long playlists, *my* kind of music, and I don't have to pull over to change CDs."

"Changing phone service provider is simple enough on the surface, but then you also have to update your 2-factor authentication, and if it's tied to the old number, which is out of service, you have to go in person to a store or office, or call customer support."

"For each instance."

"Those are the most prevalent grips I have with modern life."

"It's all in regards to what I watch, listen, or read, and the devices I do so on."

"It's this tangled web of inter-dependant, exclusive-pushing, paywall-blocking, subscription-requiring noise that really does distract from more important, more healthy, use of time, energy and money."- Zeus_McCloud

The older we get, the more we find ourselves constantly frustrated by everything.

Up to and including how easily annoyed we get with each passing year.

And It only gets worse...