People Break Down What Consistently Disappoints Them But They Still Keep Trying
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There's a social stigma against quitting.

This kind of discouragement is unfortunate, but there's something to be said about knowing when to step off the merry-go-round if you never get that brass ring.

And while some people can't subject themselves to knocking on doors that may never open, props must be given to those who are persistent.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor es_mo asked:

"What consistently leaves you disappointed...but you just keep trying?"

These work-related situations can eventually make one feel cynical of their pursuit.

They Believe The Children Are Our Future

"My job as a teacher..."

– newenglandredshirt

Facing Constant Rejection

"Auditioning for film/theatre."

– Ka_Chow1

"Huge reason why I quit acting. Couldn’t stand the constant hope and disappointment, even over the smallest dumbest roles. Eventually I realized nobody is casting my type at all anymore."

"So I pivoted to working tech and I’ve made a career of it. Working a trade in the arts can be far more rewarding, or at least makes for a better paycheck."

– cogginsmatt

Maintaining Office Hours

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."

– JessKaye

Redditors found these to be tough challenges in social circumstances.

Being Friendly

"Trying to make friends."

"I understand Im not everyones cup of tea, but it hurts being the outcast sometimes."

"I keep being friendly though."

– GozerDaGozerian

The Spirit Of Competition

"Any competitive multiplayer videogame with teammates."

– Flashdime

Being Articulate

"Making non awkward conversation with strangers."

– Key_Set_7249


"I always end up getting my heart broken so I’ve just given up. I’ve never been one for one night stands either so I’ve got the most part just cut off all human love/lust interest."

– Whisper06

You would think finding leisure time is easy. It's not.

Time Is Not On Our Side

"Trying to enjoy my free time like I used to."


"I used to read so many more books. I just can't get into it like I used to and it makes me sad."

– ProbablyaDrugDealer

Pervading Sense Of Boredom

"When im at work I get pumped thinking about stuff I can do when I get home. The whole day Ill have this joy of going home and doing it, (drawing, movies, home improvement, etc) then I get home and I just get this bored feeling. Like even just relaxing on the couch after work doesnt feel right."

– jurgo

The Concept Is A Nice Thought

"Wow, I do the exact same thing. I get more joy out of anticipating how I'll spend my free time then when I'm actually spending my free time. It's so bizarre. Like, I look forward to doing things when I get home, but then I never do them. It's the thought of doing them that gets me excited. It's kind of sad how I can't follow through on things I used to enjoy."

– DekuNut

Free Time Is Overated

"It’s weird how at a certain age you stop truly enjoy your free time either because you’re thinking about how soon it might end or you’re too exhausted from work to give a fig."

– THX450


"Mine is more looking around the house and seeing things to be cleaned, folded, dusted, etc. Free time is an illusion, Michael."

– TheDrunkScientist

Boy did someone hit the nail on the proverbial head with the audition comment.

Actors are a prime example of being gluttons for punishment. They repeatedly face rejection but still audition in the hopes of landing the coveted gig that hundreds of other hopefuls are being seen for.

Why do we keep at it? Simple. Passion.

And eventually, that passion resonates with a casting director and before they know it, the steadfast thespian finds themselves on stage or in front of a camera to revel in the payoff.

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