Being poor is not fun, I can attest. I never went to bed hungry, but times were often tough.

And having friends who had a lot when you have little can be an overwhelming feeling.

However, it did give me a sense of how to appreciate money, when I have it, and appreciate the things I have in general.

Yes, being rich is great and having tons of cash solves a lot, but the poor kids know a thing or two about survival.

And that is priceless.

RedditorBobtheglob71wanted to hear from the people who know what it's like to really appreciate a dollar, by asking:

"Redditors who grew up poor, what is something that 'rich kids' will never understand?"

In an interview, Dolly Parton once said... "I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is better. But, what I do know from being poor is that if it happened again, I'd know how to survive and be happy."

(I'm paraphrasing) I love her.


"When I went to school (in the '70s). At lunch time we had to stand in line in the hall before going into the cafeteria. they made those of us on 'free lunches' stand in the back of the line. It was quite humiliating." ~ BirdGuy64



"What a luxury laundry is. Those kids i went with will never understand I was so poor my family couldn't afford to use the laundry machines in our building, so often times my dad would just get a big cheap bottle of dish soap or some bars of Irish Spring, and that soap was for laundry, dishes and bathing. Also that those tv dinners were a god send. Getting 20 banquet tv dinners for 10 bucks meant eating good for a few days."


"All my gifts for Christmas and Birthdays were something I needed or would need and had to be bought anyway. Like clothes, shoes, or school supplies. Never, never anything fun or just because I wanted it. I also had to steal my first real bra because I'd outgrown my training bra. I'd even snipped the elastic all around to provide more stretch but it wasn't working anymore and people were commenting on it." ~ freckledjezebel

Time Away

"Family vacations were nonexistent." ~ personofinterest18

"I remember coming back from summer vacation and dreading going back to school for the mere fact I had nothing interesting to share about the summer. All my classmates would talk about their vacations and I would make something up so I wouldn’t sound boring." ~ Scared_Difference_24


"Watching your mom have to put items back as there is it not enough money to pay for everything." ~ Poenkel


Well that all hits close to home.

Nevermind appreciating money, be thankful you can appreciate food.

Eat Please

"Having dinner and knowing that your Mum isn't eating, not because she isn't hungry, but because she's making sure her kids have food first." ~ DragonsLoveBoxes



"Collecting aluminum cans." ~ DryMartini_Up

"I used to have a can crusher outside and one of my chores was to crush the cans. We would put them in this industrial plastic barrel that my dad got from work. When it eventually filled up, we took it to the scrap metal yard and sold the cans." ~ WeirdJawn

When to Sleep

"Sleep for dinner." ~ Leeono

"I used to do sleep for lunch. Because I’m high school some days I’d be there from 7:30 to 6:30 and counting leaving the house I actually was away from around 6:00am to 8:00pm." ~ docasj

Living on the Edge

"That it never goes away. I want from homeless growing up to having a very comfy six figure job. I still find myself acting as if I am always living on the edge of homelessness again. Thinking I can't try new foods because it I don't like it then I won't get dinner. That I'm a bad person for throwing out things instead of trying to reuse them. I get serious panic attacks I think I did bad at work because my brain still tells me I'm one paycheck from the street." ~ AsexualAccountant

Too Much Stuff

"A lifetime of clutter because it's so hard to throw anything away even when you're no longer poor." ~ HermitWilson


Moms rule.

Money helps.

There is no shame in poor.

God bless us all.

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