Things People Believe To Be True Even Without Hard Evidence

Organized religion is somewhat targeted by the lack of scientific evidence surrounding it.

But, regardless of one's stance, the lack of any conventional evidence behind it is also what makes it beautiful.

That people don't need proof of some sort of higher power, all they need is their faith that it exists.

Of course, unequivocally believing in something despite no significant evidence can also be dangerous, as that is more or less how conspiracy theories are born.

As a result, the things people choose to believe or believe in, despite having nothing to back it up, can be a hilarious, terrifying, and completely eclectic collection.

Redditor UnbentJohnson2 was curious to learn of the many things people have no doubt in their mind are true, with nothing to back them up, leading. them to ask:

"What do you KNOW is true without evidence? What are you certain of, right down to your bones, without proof?"

Think Twice Before Throwing Out School Projects...

"Back when I was 10 there was a competition for school kids to write a treatment for an episode of 'Doctor Who', with the best one being developed into a full episode in the next series and the winner receiving a writing credit."

"I was a huge fan of DW at the time and the competition was actually run through schools, so my teacher made the entire class do it, but I was very excited."

"I began writing a story about the Doctor landing on a planet full of defective cybermen, who's programming had gone awry and had been left on this asylum planet to rot."

"The Doctor lands there in response to a mysterious distress call from a woman and attempts to find and save her while avoiding the dangerous dysfunctional cybermen and the looming threat of planetary destruction at the hands of the normal cybermen."

"I finished my short treatment and gave it to my teacher to submit."

"Unfortunately it turned out the competition was very strict about the formatting of submissions and mine was returned because I had used the wrong formatting in some way, it seemed like a weird reason."

"I was a bit disappointed and that was the end of that."

"But then, a year or two later, there was an episode of DW called 'Asylum of the Daleks', which seemed incredibly similar to my story except with Daleks."

"So incredibly, eerily, similar in fact, that to this day I am absolutely convinced that Steven Moffat saw my script and came up with a formatting excuse so that he could remove me from the competition, steal my story, change the bad guys and claim it as his own."

"I have zero evidence, I don't even still have the treatment I wrote, or any letter from the BBC about my submission, and yet I know in my bones that Steven Moffat stole his script from 10 yr old me."- vanhet


"Back when I was 18 I got my first tattoo, the Squaresoft logo on my upper arm."

"It was 2001 and I was also on my own in a new state."

"I was and still am a huge rpg fan and it’s the height of my geekdom."

"Well, I sent in a picture of me and my tattoo with a short letter about me and my favorite games to Official PlayStation Magazine."

"They published my letter and photo along with the caption 'We don’t know whether to be impressed or frightened'."

"The very next month they started a 'Tattoo of the Month' section and I am absolutely sure 100% that I either started that or was the story that proved the concept, the test."

"Unless someone can come from that team’s time and tell me I’m not, I’ll always believe I was the start of that."- ThatSquareChick

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Gotta Catch Em' All

"That my cousin stole my holographic 1st edition Charizard Pokemon card back in the early 2000's."- axxonn13

A Cute Face Can Help You Get Away With A Lot...

"My brother deleted my game save on purpose."

"He was old enough to read, he knew what he was doing."- Raichu7

Law Of Physics

"For every sock that goes missing a Tupperware lid appears."- countryroads8484

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At Least He Kept Up Office Morale...

"That my last boss secretly hated me even though we had, on the surface, a very positive relationship."- mejok

...Unlike This Guy

"My ex-boss used Covid as an excuse to make me redundant because I was the only member of his team to be hired by someone else and not him."

'F*ck that guy forever."- box_frenzy

They'll Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse

"There’s a travel agency that’s been around in my town for as long as I can remember."

"I wholeheartedly believe it’s a front for the mob."-NeighborhoodNerd0·

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Some Would Say There's Plenty Of Evidence Here...

"We’re all too in over our heads."-doinkxx

Talent Is Heredetary... Most Of The Time...

"That a LOT more famous actors than we realize are secretly the children of other famous actors from the previous generation."

"I call it the Hollywood Bastard Theory."- DarthToothbrush

Coincidence? Or Karma...

"If I'm stuck in traffic and switch lanes because the other lane looks like it will move faster, the lane I just switched from will automatically go faster."- mlime18

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The Risks Of Putting Something In Writing

"Getting a name tattooed on your body is a curse both on you and the person whose name is on you for as long as you wear it."- h00paj00ped

Constant Self Doubt...

"My cat is in a constant superposition of having recently eaten and being starved to death. "

"At least, that’s how she acts."

"Also, any of my feelings about myself."

"Can’t contradict or disprove those no matter how hard you try."- ColourfulFunctor

Something To Be Said For Building Up Immunity...

"That being sick with a bacterial infection as an infant and almost dying is the reason why I am never sick despite being a super unhealthy person."- A__SPIDER

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