Foreigners Explain Which Popular Things In Their Country They Have Absolutely No Interest In
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There is little more fascinating than learning about popular customs and traditions in foreign countries.

This can include trademark foods and dishes, styles of clothing, as well as country specific holidays and traditions.

But as fascinating as these are to foreigners, locals are often less than impressed by their iconic homegrown brands and traditions.

In fact, the very mention of them might result in yawn or an eye-roll.

Redditor itskaml was curious to hear about the things which fascinate foreigners, but bore the locals, leading them to ask:
"What is something popular in your country that you absolutely don't have interest in?"

Why Not Let It Be A Surprise?

"Gender reveal party."- SuvenPan

Fascinating, But Inhumane?

"Bull fighting"- Mrfister7377

Season 2 Episode 1 Spain GIF by National Geographic ChannelGiphy

There Is Better Coffee In Canada

"Tim Hortons."- dearest-ribwich

Unless Being Coached By Ted Lasso...


"I tag along to matches with a mate from time to time but it really is like the scene out of the IT Crowd."- Philster07

Just How Real Is It?

"Reality TV shows."- silviazbitch

angry mtv GIF by HacklockGiphy

Big Money, Big Money... Just Not Mine...


"Everybody uses slot machines but it's not my thing."- runaway_train35

Hot Cocoa In The Lodge Will Do...


"I'm Swiss."

"I know how to do it, I've done a lot of it, but no thanks."- Ruggiard

Saturday Night Live Nbc GIF by HULUGiphy

Not Always Indicative Of Domestic Happiness...

"Marriages that are full of spectacle, instagram stories and tons of people."

"I don't even care about marriage that much, but when I do, I want it to be just with the people I actually care about."

"I don't want to give a show."- RoguishBaron

It's easy to see how something commonplace in one country might not elicit the same level of fascination to locals as it does foreigners.

Though based on the selections above, it's fascinating to note how many pet peeves seem to be universal.

Proving that though oceans and mountains may divide us, we're not so different after all.

We love movies.

Movies and entertainment save the world.

But some movies can send you into a messy place.

Some topics are just a lot to handle.

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No need to watch that again.

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