People Divulge The Stupidest Thing They've Ever Done For Someone They Had Feelings For

People Divulge The Stupidest Thing They've Ever Done For Someone They Had Feelings For
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Oh, the things we do for love...

Are we stupid, crazy, naive, or merely desperate?

Or all of the above?

Love looks like such a good time.

So of course everyone is on the hunt for it.

And sometimes we fall into people who don't love us, but we try to make it work.

This can lead us to do some incredibly questionable things when we look back.

One Redditor wanted to hear about all the things people have done for the ones that didn't love them them back, so they asked:

"What's the stupidest thing you ever did for a guy/girl?"

I can't tell you my secrets.

I am the epitome of foolish.

Us First

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"Put them before my mental health, we’re all responsible for taking care of ourselves."


Young & Stupid

"When I was younger I was awarded a settlement from a motorcycle crash; at the time, I was with my ex. I bought and repaired a car for her bday and paid off half her student loans. She was not a nice person, and I ended the relationship. Damn being young and naive."


Stay Home

"Fly to another state to meet up with someone from online. We met on discord and video'ed a lot for 7 months before deciding to meet irl. We texted and talked all the way to boarding. When I landed, I texted her no response. I called, straight to voice mail."

"Went on discord, she deleted her account. Instead of flying back, I spent the weekend exploring a new city. Wasn't going to pass up going to the Smithsonian Museum and seeing the landmarks. To this day, I have no clue as to why she ghosted me."


The 100

"Baked cookies and created this '100 things I love about you' jar with small bits of paper to open everyday for a new reason so my ex could see the amazing traits he had and what I admired. This was supposed to be a V-day gift, but he cancelled plans to see friends instead lol."


"Valentines Day, notorious for being a day to skip the partner and hang with the bros."



jimmy fallon wow GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonGiphy

"Gave up a position with the Secret Service for a woman I thought I was going to marry. A year later she was living in Nevada with her soon-to-be husband."


Maybe you can go back? We need security.


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"My 17-year-old brother told me he bought a girl a $350 bracelet for Christmas AFTER she already told him she 'didn't like him like that.' We all let him know how dumb that was."


Cash Options

"My high school sweetheart and I ended up going to different colleges. I went to a pretty cheap state school, she went to a very expensive private university in a big city. Sent her a check for something like $10K since my tuition was basically zero and she needed it way more. Same day the check cleared she texted me to say that she'd been seeing someone else and it was over between us."


Bad for Business

"I built a catering business from the ground up because my friend said she wanted to stop stripping since she would cry about the bad treatment all the time. After the business was fully operational and I even got the first couple gigs, all she had to do was pass out business cards and talk to potential clients at an expensive charity dinner and she bailed so she could hang out at home. I already had a well paying job so didn't really need a side business. I bet she is still stripping now coming up on 40."


Clap. BACK!

"Walked 9 miles in tornado weather with freezing cold rain just to see her. Thought she was worth it. We were together for 4 years and then I found out she had been cheating on me with her blood brother for the past 2 years. I found out because I got the clap from her and she let slip that her brother also had the clap."


No Excuses

Phaedra Parks Bye Felicia GIFGiphy

"Forgave him for cheating. Caught him cheating again a few months later."


"Same. I stayed with him, he continued to cheat. I finally cut him loose when the other girl became pregnant."


"That's why I have a 0 tolerance for cheating. 1 time is enough to end the relationship or even a marriage. No excuses. No forgiveness. No ok let's try it for the kids."


Oh my word. Humans make some questionable choices when our brains are flooded with love hormones.

Do you have any crazy love confessions for us? Let us know in the comments below.

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