Woman Ditches Girls’ Trip After Friends Invite A Male Friend And Leave Her Without A Hotel Room
When traveling with others, it’s best to be able to rely on each other. Plans are made with a purpose. It’s especially important to communicate clearly because surprises rarely go over well. Now there is nothing wrong with spontaneity, but veering wildly from the plan, without warning can be an issue for some. Case in […] More
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People who work in hotels see all kinds of people.

As people from all over the world go in and out of their revolving doors on an almost daily basis.

Though it might be the housekeeping staff who see more than anyone else, and frankly more than they would care to see themselves.

Unlike most of the staff, they have the unique position of going into the guest's rooms.

Of course, they tend to knock to make sure no one's there before entering.

But every now and again, the guests don't hear the knock or put on the "please makeup room" sign on their door instead of "do not disturb."

Leaving the poor cleaning staff with a memories they would likely do anything to forget.

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People are gross. That's something you learn very quickly whenever you work a public-facing job, especially in the hospitality industry.

I recently stayed in a low-end hotel with lovely staff. I was comfortable and slept well. I made friends with the manager and I hung out in the lobby while she told me stories about some of the nasty people with nasty habits who'd come and go. Safe to say she'd seen a lot of gross things in hotel rooms in her day.

People shared their stories after Redditor ThorBjorn asked the online community,

"What's the worst thing you've seen in a room after someone has checked out?"
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People turn shameless when they're on vacation.

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