When it's time to go... GO!

Our guts know when it's time time to exit.

Knowing how to run and save yourself is important.

That little voice in our minds always knows when something is up.

Don't deny it.

It's especially obvious when a murderer is chasing you, or someone is on fire running toward you.

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Though we learn about criminals when they're caught, it doesn't mean they're not brilliant.

It takes a lot of planning and patience to pull off the bigger ideas.

That's why there is such a hefty penalty for pre-meditation.

Maybe that's why we're obsessed with the true crime stories that roll out over time and aren't a quick news blip.

We're fascinated by the genius and the almost near cover-ups.

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People are killed every single day. Some are murdered in horrific fashion, feeding the insatiable appetites of true crime fanatics but traumatizing the victim's surviving family members.

Many murders happen in cities of course but others happen in small towns, which many people consider idyllic safe havens from urban crime. Of course, you or your loved ones can be the victim of a crime at any time. A sad and scary fact.

People shared some info with us after Redditor RookTheBlindSnake asked the online community,

"What's your small town murder story?"
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CW: Suicide.

Finding a dead body is one of my worst fears.

The only one I've ever found was my grandma's.

She was dying of cancer so it wasn't horrific.

Blood makes me faint, so any horrific scenes will not go well for me.

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People Confess Which Fictional Detectives They'd Trust To Solve Their Murder
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

I love true crime shows.

And fake crime shows.

I can't help it, and I know I'm not alone.

My favorite crime-fighting team is of course... "Buffy and her misfit Scooby gang."

But when dealing with more real-life crime and murder, there is one name on the top of my list.

Olivia Benson. First, last, and always!

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