People Share The One Trait They Have That Will Probably Get Them Killed
Evgenia Litovchen/Unsplash

If you ever read an article about my murder, please know that I brought it on myself.

Somebody said something dumb and I 100% could not hold my loud face back from expressing all the things we humans can't say using only words.

And I probably talked mad sh*t right til the very end.

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People Break Down Their Scariest Real-Life Experiences
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

You know what's truly terrifying? The world.

It can feel like it's out to get you and based on some of these harrowing tales of death avoidance and last-minute escapes, you might be justified in thinking that way, The world is scary, much more than anything you can see in theaters or watch at home. Clearly, real life is where the fear should be.

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Who doesn't love a good true crime story?

But why are we so obsessed?

I've had Dateline NBC, 20/20, 48 hours and ID Discovery on loop.

Pretty soon the beginnings of a sleuth emerge.

We know when the clues are making sense.

How do the main characters not? Let's dive in...

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Lawyers Disclose The Scariest Thing A Client Has Ever Confessed To Them

Being a lawyer has got to be such a daunting challenge.

How do you keep your conscience in check?

The things you learn about humanity can be bone-chilling.

It's a special issue when you're a criminal attorney.

Sometimes you learn your client is guilty.

But you still have to do your job, even if what you know leaves you shaking in fear or disgust.

You took an oath after all.

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People Debate How They Really Feel About The Death Penalty
Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Life and death. One of the eternal struggles. Who gets to have what?

The death penalty is a searing hot topic that is right up there with abortion.

There are people firmly against it and firmly for it.

How do we deal with the most insidious of humans? People who are depraved and left misery in their wake.

Is it enough to just have them rotting in prison, still breathing, when they claimed the life of another?

Many feel an eye for an eye is appropriate, others... not so much.

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