There are some professions where we don't realize that certain people in certain jobs have private lives of their own. They have a bunch of weird quirks, secret issues, passions and just straight up life craziness that can leave us all stunned and bewildered. The top two groups we don't see as just average people are therapists and teachers. We hope and pray they're just boring and have it all together, they keep us together. Boy are we in for trouble.

Redditor u/Dman64w wanted the students out there to share a few salacious tidbits about their educators by asking.... Students of Reddit: What's the weirdest thing you caught your teacher doing (in and outside of school)?



When I was a student, I remember being in detention and I looked over at my teacher because he had beats in and he was mouthing the song Starboy by The Weeknd. I was cracking up. He was also playing I think the game is called Jump man on his computer. rollergirlrat

"exactly seven hours."

It was a Thursday and on Friday I had a test at 8 am. We went for some drinks with a friend, then got high with another friend and the three of us decided to go to a club around 1 am because, well, forget it.

We bump into our teacher at the entrance, he was leaving with one of our classmates. "You didn't see anything. See you in...", he checks his watch, "exactly seven hours."

My friend and I were late to the test, obviously, but he let us present it and we passed. Then became close friends with the girl that was with him. ElMegaTato



When I was in middle school my friends and I were kind of hippies, we were at a music festival and ran into the science and math teachers who were also visibly high. slakazz_

I just wanted to learn Spanish.

In high school, I was in a particularly awful Spanish class. I kid you not, we ran off like 3-4 teachers that year. One time someone threw a textbook through the ceiling tiles, another time someone jumped up onto a desk and started dancing in the middle of class, etc. It was terrible, and I felt bad for every teacher that had to endure us.

We finally just started getting a chain of substitute teachers. I'll never forget the time I walked into class (I was the first to arrive), and the newest substitute was huddled behind the computer. He heard me walk in, and immediately shot up, motioning me to come closer with his hand. I set my books down on my desk, and cautiously approached.

When I got close enough, he said "You're not going to believe this, but I promise you it's true." He then clicks play on a Youtube video. Of a flying saucer. Crashing into the World Trade Center.

He then reached into a roller bag, pulled out a 3 inch binder full of information on various conspiracy theories, effortlessly flipped to the exact page he wanted, and began trying to convince me of the "truth" of 9/11 - it was aliens!

Not surprisingly, the class didn't try to run this one off. Also not surprisingly, at least half the class was drinking the conspiracy Kool-Aid by the end of the semester.

I just wanted to learn Spanish. -RAdAbsurdum-

Oh Tinder.

My history teacher senior year on tinder chatting it up during our class presentations having to do with impactful inventions throughout history. Ivanbear445


Caught my 6th grade teacher eating her boogers once.

No one would ever call her out though because this was back in 1995 and she was the olde style fire and brimstone type teacher who yelled crazily at kids that were misbehaving. If it was allowed in public school she would've been at home with a stick to smack kids. _Goose_


In: Not exaggerating when I say our entire class failed a test for economics. Our teacher, not once, told us there would even be a test that week. He told us the government failed us then somehow spiraled into saying that animals don't have souls and exist for human companionship and consumption. Welcome to public school in the south.

Out: Saw my digital media teacher at a burger king going through two burgers like he was about to starve to death. Fucking inhaling those things. Finished it off by chugging his drink then leaving. He was in the process of this while I was waiting in line to order and was finished by the time I did. SheZowRaisedByWolves



I caught my math teacher playing Pokémon go at various popular Pokémon locations in our city a total of 11 times. The first time I agreed to meet him for an in game raid in the local discord server and we both showed up only to realize that we had been talking to each other on discord. Most awkward thing. tobasee

6th Grade Crazy. 

The last bell rung and I was walking on the hallway on my way home. When suddenly I see a teacher (not mine which adds more reason to not approach her) drops her purse and phone, Well 6th grade me goes to help the teacher pick up her stuff but as soon as I walk towards her she says "It's ok it's ok I got it!" and rapidly picks up everything. But the things she dropped were... not good.

I saw a juul, a tiny plastic bag (couldn't see through) Marlboro packet, a stack of cash and about 10 photos of men.

When I noticed these things I instantly turned around. next day I saw her again and didn't look at her to make it less obvious I knew what I saw. Next year she left the school and I could freely walk the halls again.

I never knew what school she went but now I wonder what she did after school. Pokassium

Honey Wine....


Ran into my gym teacher dressed as suit of armor at a medieval festival..... It was obvious that he have been sampling the Mead "honey wine." robva122

If you ever get into an argument you should challenge him to a joust. deldge

The Stench of Algebra.

When we complained about the distinct marker smell in his classroom he said "Yeah you can take a trip without ever leaving the farm" and took a deep huff from the extra smelly permanent marker he was holding. Still learned a lot about algebra that year though. MadTechnoWizard

Spin it Round....

My Latin teacher who was a 40 year old mom was also a DJ in her spare time, pretty cool. milanvlpd

Ok we need a rap battle her vs Nero! Nero can sing and play his harp as he watches Rome burn and the teacher can give Nero some sick Latin burns XD. ravenpotter3


I walked in on my Civics teacher, who was a known pothead, dancing to the Super Mario World overworld theme song at the back of the room. When he saw me & a friend of mine staring at the late 30's balding man dancing he just looked at us & said "What?" we then slowly left the classroom and went on with the rest of our day. a2j89

The Queen.


Grew up in the desert region of Southern California. We had this substitute teacher. He looked like the actor "David Cross."

Mid 40's. Dorky appearance, hairy arms/legs, glasses, facial hair, very quiet, kept to himself.

We had the county fair come in and the main event was a Madonna cover group.

So some girls in my class said they saw our conservative sub teacher at the concert, wearing a pair of daisy duke denim booty shorts, cowboy boots, and he was dancing his heart out to "like a virgin" as if no one was watching.

TL;DR: Quiet conservative substitute teacher is secretly Madonna.

Back in 2014....

Back in 2014, I went out to grab some lunch with my friend. He went to go use the bathroom at a Taco Bell when I spotted my film teacher. He was just casually sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee with Aaron Sorkin. I never asked him about it, I never questioned it, but for your film teacher to casually know one of the greatest screenwriters is kind of weird. Bellude

Sad but True.

Not weird, but it was super sad to see my English teacher working as a cashier at a failing bookstore in the mall as a second job. We don't pay teachers enough. HomeboySucks

My gym teacher worked as a cashier at an athletics store, but she made it sound cool because she got discounts for gym equipment for our school.... How is the bookstore doing though? Giant_Anteaters

​Oh boy I've been waiting for this.

Oh boy I've been waiting for this.

We have a course known for a high failure rate. People who don't make it, also tend to change subjects since the course is mandatory.

On my first lesson, the teacher starts presenting what the course will be about. He says that he is often pictured as the devil. He literally shows a power point slide with just his head, surrounded by fire on it. Proceeds to draw himself devil horns. Takes out a huge whip and whips it once in front of everyone. Then he puts it back, and continues with failure statistics like nothing happened.

He kept a straight face through the entire thing.

Honestly, he is a funny guy. He just has weird humor. The course i hard, but he is really doing a good job teaching it. MadCatGalaxy


When I was at university in California, I had a really smart professor as my English teacher. One day he came to class hammered. I don't mean buzzed; I'm talking falling down drunk. After a few minutes of extremely awkward conversation, he invited the class down to his favorite watering hole for a drink. 9 of us took him up on his invitation and had a great time. TaloneyeMan

Shake What your Mama gave Ya!!


No longer a student, but when I was in high school I found out my history teacher was also a belly dancer after seeing a performance at the Renaissance Faire. She was actually a really good belly dancer! She danced with swords too, pretty cool. PartTimeKhajiit


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