There's something to be said about being street smart, which is often defined as the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment.

Staying aware of your surroundings and knowing how to blend in are really important skills that protect you and help you read the room successfully. Street smarts are designed to minimize risk – but not everyone has them!

People shared their best tips after Redditor lofisky asked the online community,

"People with ‘street smarts,’ what is your most street tip?"

"If you feel like..."

"If you feel like you’re in an unsafe area, keep your head up, look angry and look like you know where you’re going even when you don’t. You’re much more likely to be a target if you’re looking around or showing signs that you’re lost."


This is very true. For the angry thing though it might not be the best idea, some people might take it the wrong way. Just keep a relaxed and confident face, know what you are doing.

"If you're talking to a stranger..."

If you're talking to a stranger and they start looking around (as if checking for witnesses) you gotta leave, quickly."


I feel like some people just do this out of habit! Social awkwardness can definitely affect this.

"If you ever get pulled over..."

"If you ever get pulled over at night, immediately turn on all your lights inside your car. In my experience it tends to relieve what ever tension the officer may have since they can see you a little bit more clearly. Plus it's better than having a flashlight shined in your face."


As a courtesy, it's probably best to also take your keys out, put them on the dash and put your hands through the wheel on the dash until the officer comes.

"Never count..."

"Never count your cash in public even if in singles."


And wrap the big bills with a $1 bill!

"In crowded areas..."

"In crowded areas, carry bags, purses and packages in front of you rather than behind you."


And put your wallet and other important stuff in a zippered compartment deep inside!

"Never yell back..."

"Never yell back at a group of guys verbally harassing you. Just keep walking. Don’t make a face, don’t change your walking pace, keep going as if they’re not there."


Just keep walking and say nothing. Trust me: It's not worth it.

"If something feels wrong..."

"If something feels wrong, it's probably about to be really wrong. Listen to your gut."


To second this, when everyone starts leaving, you get your butt out of there. Listen to your gut, you see those people getting out, you should make sure you get out too.

"Lock your doors..."

"Lock your doors as soon as you’re in a car."


Most cars unlock the driver door with one button push and all doors with two. Don't hit it more than once if you're alone, someone can get in the back seat way too easily.

"Security guards..."

"Security guards, doormen, food cart operators, and blue collar workers in general are well-versed about the location of the nearest restrooms."


I like that all these top comments are about how not to get murdered and then there's just one about finding a toilet. Absolutely important though, especially in a big city!

"Walk on the road..."

"Walk on the road if you’re in a real shady neighborhood and it’s late at night. Not in traffic but away from alleyway entrances."


Rough neighborhoods also often have poorly maintained sidewalks and / or a bunch of junk or litter on them, so walking in the street is often too the path of least resistance.

Now that you know some important tips, you can head out into the world with a little more confidence in your step. Stay safe out there!

Have some tips of your own? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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