People Divulge The Terrifying Confessions Someone Told Them While Intoxicated

People Divulge The Terrifying Confessions Someone Told Them While Intoxicated
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They always say that whatever falls out of your mouth when your drunk or high is the truth.

The next day we always try to combat that lie with an "I don't know what I said that!" But... it's the truth.

Once the intoxicated brain feels no boundaries, all the secrets tend to be freed.

Some of those secrets good, most, bad.

It does prove that we're all hiding a lot of ourselves.

Maybe we should be coming to terms with our lives in sober hours.

Redditorsencecorewanted to hear about the secrets they've been told that have left them SHOOKETH!

They asked:

"[Serious] What terrifying confession has someone told you while intoxicated?"

Situations like this thread are the reasons I drink at home and alone. I only cry to a mirror.


"My dad told me while he was drunk that the reason him and my mom divorced is because she slept with his best friend (who is now my step dad and they have my brother). I nearly freaking fainted as I spent the last 20 years being lied to as I had no idea."


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"Gay man dying of AIDS said I could charge my entire bar tab to his credit card cause he was going to die soon. It was me and a few friends watching football so our tab was probably +$200; but I was talking to him for awhile before he said this. Think he was lonely and scared."

"So we just watched football with him for the rest of the afternoon. Made him feel welcome and normal at least for a while. Just wanted what the rest of us do; to not feel alone and that someone cares. I believe his name was Ron."


He Had To

"Coworker told me he killed a dude. The other guy had a bad reputation for being a violent a**hole and made it pretty clear that only one of them would be leaving the room alive. My coworker decided that he would prefer to be the one who didn’t die. He did turn himself in and spent some time in prison."


In the Driveway...

"Someone told me that their dad would go out intoxicated and sleep on their porch. One night their mom went out searching for him because he wasn’t there. Got in the car and pulled out of the driveway. Turns out, their dad fell asleep on the driveway and was ran over my the car, killed."

"I don’t know if the story is true, don’t even know the person who told me. Just some random dude who went out drinking sometime later that week. Still think about that story from time to time, really stuck with me."


Damn Diego

"Ages back I was helping a blackout drunk coworker to his apartment etc, he was needing to be carried one second and sprinting across the parking lot the next. As we’re getting close to his room he starts breaking down 'why did I hit him? I shouldn’t have run etc.' turns out Drunk Diego is pretty convinced he hit a kid with his car one day. Sober Diego has no idea what he was talking about."


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We really are holding onto some deep, dark secrets. I feel like I can't trust anyone.

In Cold Blood...

"A friend of mine likes to drink, a lot, but he knows he has a limit because when he goes over it he becomes very talkative. He also doesn't date, at all, and for a long time we all wondered why. He's a good looking guy, he's really nice, he's fun to be around (when he isn't drinking, anyway), never wants to date."

"Well, one time he got absolutely s**t-faced and I found out why. It turns out that when we was a kid, he saw his aunt murder his uncle in cold blood. Ever since, he's been terrified of being alone with a woman and feels like he could never truly be safe around them."


Bad Mom

"My mom told me she wished she aborted me when I was 8 or 9 or so. She's doing better now after a long struggle with alcoholism. our relationship is much better and when I told her this a few months ago she hugged me tightly and keeps apologizing to this day."



"My grandpa never talked about his Korean War service. He had severe PTSD though. Would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Then one night he came home absolutely crapfaced, laid down on the couch, then told me that his entire unit had been wiped out before his eyes. He was the sole survivor and got caught behind enemy lines but made it out. He was their sergeant and blamed himself. He eventually got into veteran's therapy in his 60s though."



"I drunkenly confessed to my aunt at Christmas about how unhappy I’ve been feeling for the last two years and that I’ve got a bit of a coke addiction. The phone call from my sister the next morning was awkward as hell to have I’m currently two weeks cold turkey and today has been rough one. Reading these comments but and having people dm me advice or just generally asking if I’m okay has given me the motivation I’ve needed to keep at it."


The Mountains

"My uncle said that my grandfather wasn’t exactly a caring/loving father because of working in the coal mines. He said my pap was terrified everyday because he didn’t know if he was coming home or not cause he’d hear the mountains above him crack."


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Off the Coast

"I was at a bar one night in an affluent town. An old guy next to me started talking about his sailing days. He had a 60 foot sailboat and used to sail all over North and South America. His story was from the mid-1980's. He said one night he was anchored near an island off the coast of Venezuela. He was with his girlfriend and they had just fallen asleep, when he heard a bump."

"At first, he didn't think much of it. Barely noticed it, but decided to check it out. He left the sleeping berth and, like in most sailboats, there are a set of steep stairs to climb to get from the cabin to the aft deck. He said he always kept a pistol holstered and hanging from the side of the stair rail. As an afterthought, he grabbed his pistol as he was climbing the stairs."

"Once he was about halfway out on deck, he saw a man coming over the railing with an automatic weapon. Like an assault rifle. AR15 or something like that. He said he put 2 rounds into the guy and he fell back over the railing. He ran over and looked down. The guy had fallen into his boat and there was another guy there also armed with an assault rifle."

"He said he shot that guy a couple of times, pulled up anchor, and got out of there. He said that pirate activity was not unheard of around there and people like this would board your boat, tie you up and take everything. Then they would torch the boat with you on it. The bump he had heard was the other boat coming up aside his boat. He said that was his last visit to South America."


The Past

"Not terrifying, more… depressing. A few years ago my dad came to me while he was a bit tipsy and tried to talk to me about my depression (back then it was very new to us and it was a struggle to open up about it) when out of the blue he starts sobbing. Keep in mind I had never seen my dad cry before."

"He tells me that him and my mom met while she was a stripper and he was a bartender at the same club, that he always regretted where they came from (they also abused drugs before they got pregnant with me) and how he wished he could take the pain away from me and deal with it himself, because he knew how it felt. He talked about how he was so desperate to make sure our family was financially stable and happy, that he would have done anything to take the depression away."

"Before that, I’d only ever seen him as a slightly annoying dad and didn’t bond with him much - after, though, I took the time to really get to know him as more than just my dad. Now he’s my best friend. In a way, him being tipsy that afternoon and opening up to me is the reason I have such a healthy relationship with him. :)"



"Freshman year of college, among all the new friends I made that year, there was one guy who was always a goofball. Very laidback, casual, down for whatever. The biggest red flag we got from him was that whenever people were drinking and hanging out, he would always essentially black out."

"He drank way too much and would kind of spaghetti-noodle his way around the party. While also intoxicated, after the party had winded down one night, a few people and I asked him why he always goes so damn hard. While drooping his head a ton, sloshing around, and slurring everything, he told us about how a few months ago (the summer before college started), his best friend called him."

"They lived in a small town by the beach, and his friend asked him to come meet him to watch the sunset by the water. He biked over there, sat down, and they talked for a while, everything seemed fine. Then his friend took out a pistol and shot himself in the head, killing himself instantly."

"Apparently my friend had to call the police while covered in blood, brains, and skull fragments, just totally in shock. And then a few weeks later he went off to college a few states away, still in shock and unable to sleep or focus on anything. He didn’t remember telling us that story, and I don’t think any of us wanted to bring it up."

"His drinking habits didn’t change until he was about to graduate, by which point he started going to therapy, got a job right after graduation, and seems to be doing better in the years since (thank God)."


I changed my locks...

"A few nights ago a guy who I knew had a thing for me pretty much admitted to stalking me while he was drunk. He told me he walks by my room and considers barging in. (We live in student housing.)"

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"He admitted to looking through my desk. (I've never let him in my room, so this would mean he let himself in.) He admitted to stealing a flower hair clip I wear. And even more creepy, it reappeared in my room the next day. Needless to say, I changed my locks. But yeah. That's pretty terrifying to me."


"family Italian"

"Not 100% sure if the man was drunk or just needing to get it off his chest. Years ago I waited tables in a 'family Italian' restaurant. A family of 12 came in, had wine, appetizers, dinner and dessert. After the dinner the eldest man at the table pulled me aside and asked to pay."

"We walked over to the register, he says thank you the service and food were great. Ends up tipping around 40% I was blown away, said thank you probably 20 times. Anyway he waited till no one else was around. He leans close and says 'I was special forces in Vietnam, I had over 300 confirmed kills.' 'In one instance I had 50 kills in one mission holding off enemy forces.'"

"'We did some really sadistic sh*t over there.' 'I've never told anyone about this.' I was just so stunned by the randomness, and frankly causal way he said it. I couldn't even think of anything to say so I blurted out a forced thank you for your service, with an awkward shoulder pat."


"return the favor"

"They didn't tell me this while they were drunk, but I think it fits here. I am a volunteer at a nursing home. When one of the female residents was close to death, she confided it in me this. One time her husband cheated on her with the neighbor's wife. When the neighbor's husband found out he was very upset and was going to physically hurt her husband."

"They worked out a deal where the neighbor's husband would not hurt her husband if he was able to 'return the favor.' In essence her husband agreed to let the neighbor have her in order to save himself a righteous beating. It gets worse, she later became pregnant and told her husband for the rest of his life that it was his, but she honestly believed it to be the neighbor's."

"Her whole life she was carrying this burden about her son and what her husband had done to her, both with the cheating on her and with the trading her off like a cow. It was truly a heartbreaking conversation."


No Cares Given

"I had a colleague tell me 20 drinks in she was not only suicidal, but that she had unsuppressed HIV and was knowingly transmitting it to partners she was sleeping with and not telling them because she 'didn’t care about people.' I’m an HIV case manager so this was absolutely horrific for me."


Boot Camp

"My brother joined the Army in his early-20s following a very acrimonious divorce. Honestly, looking back we should have had harassment charges brought on his ex and her family. It had sent him spiraling into a deep depression and he wanted to get out of town and try to build a new life and he'd always wanted to join the service so he signed his papers for the Army."

"He got really drunk the night before the day he was to report to the hotel near the airport where he and his other recruits would fly out to Oklahoma where they'd be doing Boot Camp and told me that he was looking forward to Basic because he'd either do well and graduate and get to go somewhere far away from our town, or maybe during grenade practice he'd just keep holding the grenade after pulling the pin and it would all be other. Either way, he said, all of his problems would be solved and we'd get life insurance out of it."

"Up until then I'd had no idea just how bad he was doing mentally and emotionally. Fortunately he did well at Basic Training, got a bunch of commendation when he graduated. He'd also been dating a really nice girl before he left and he ended up marrying her when he got out and for three years they were very happy together, until she passed away in 2020."


And now he's a butcher...

"Was chilling with an older dude with whom i recently started working as a butcher in a grocery store. A couple of beers down and he starts telling me he's been in prison for 17 years. Came out 2 years ago and it's his first ever job at 64 years old. I got curious and asked him what happened if it wasn't too private. Without hesitation, he simply answered " i cut him down with an axe this piece of crap." And now he's a butcher. Dude must really like his job i guess lmao."



"That their uncle made them help bury a body."


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Well if this isn't a PSA for sobriety, I don't know what is. We all have a lot to share. Find a priest or a therapist.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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