People Reveal The Strangest Internet Rabbit Holes They've Ever Gone Down

People Reveal The Strangest Internet Rabbit Holes They've Ever Gone Down
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The internet is so fascinating.

And messy.

Thanks to YouTube and TikTok, so many hours can be spent lost in the world of video.

You pick a simple topic or name to check, and then it's tomorrow... and you've binged every army family reunion story.

And so much time to waste, depending on your keystroke choices.

Redditor imboredaa wanted to discuss all the ways so many of us get lost watching things on the internet, so they asked:

"What are some of the craziest/strangest rabbit holes you’ve ever been down?"

I constantly get lost on talent show audition rabbit holes.

And I am proud!


Serial Killer Chainsaw GIF by Rise RecordsGiphy

"YouTube videos of old chainsaw restorations. No idea why, but I guess that’s why it’s a rabbit hole. I don’t even own a chainsaw or have a need for one."



"I really enjoy going on a city’s Craigslist, then to 'rooms/shared' (or whatever it is for finding a room mate) and then typing words like 'warning' or 'beware' in the search to see what kind of horror show nightmare room mate scenarios people have decided to write about... it's usually some juicy headline like 'warning!!!'"

"Do NOT rent from this woman!!!! She is a PSYCHO!!….'"

"And after reading it, it’s always a guess to decide who is the actual crazy person, the landlord or tenant. Could be a bitter ex, tenant, or a scam, or whatever. But it’s an easy way to dive quick into some weird corners of the internet that are filled with drama."


After the Ice

"I spent a bunch of time about 12 years or so ago reading about all the details of the Titanic, how it sunk, what happened as it was sinking, who died, who survived. I got into the life stories of the people who died, and what became of the people who survived. And then I very nearly bought a piece of carpet from the Titanic."



"Andrée's Arctic balloon expedition"

"Dumb, then numb, a** thought he could fly a balloon to the North Pole. They had cyanide capsules and all, in case they crashed and were about to freeze to death. Or get eaten by a polar bear during a three month night. He and his assistants somehow managed to do both."

"Plot twist: Andree, the worst captain of all time, noticed the balloon was leaking the night before they were about to leave, pumped it up a bit, and said 'f**k it that'll do.' It did not do."


Thanks John

"An Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Started with 1 and ended up with a 20+ collection."


"Uncle John's Bathroom Readers are so addictive."


Toilet time can be knowledge time.

Living Sky High

City In The Sky Vfx GIF by PBSGiphy

"Turning old planes into houses! About 10 years ago I found a company that would do it for you. The wings were decks and the plane was mounted to a pedestal that allowed it to be rotate with the sun!"



"Mega tsunamis. Thousand foot walls of water moving at hundreds of mph? It happens more than you would think. The Azore-Gibraltar fault will cause one one day. There evidence they happened a few times in the Pacific. It doesn't take a meteor to happen, it could be an underwater landslide (Doggerland), or a large section of a volcanic island shearing off and falling into the ocean (Oahu). Doggerland is another rabbit hole that is worth googling."


Hitting the Keys

"Mechanical keyboards. I wanted to buy one, so I started researching and watching videos of reviews. I went deeper and deeper, seeing special cables, obscure companies, the tons of switches, etc etc."

"I stopped when a Youtuber I watched made a video asking her viewers and discord users to stop bullying and harassing her for using some kind of switches or keycaps. I bought my keyboard and never went back to that crazy fandom."


In the Sky

"I worked in administration at an aviation academy for a few years and decided I’d start listening to aviation podcasts since I didn’t know much about it. I came across a plane crash podcast that talks about crashes in history and how it improved the safety of flying."

"I was fascinated by it, and found myself gradually needing to know more and listening to more of the same type of podcasts, watching videos, and listening to black box recordings. It was eerie but interesting at the time. Now, I regret it tremendously because since then I’ve developed horrible anxiety when flying."


The Big Questions

steve harvey lol GIF by TV Land ClassicGiphy

"Spent a lot of time in the 'quantum consciousness' rabbit hole. I had just deconstructed from religion and wanted answers about life, death, and reality. It was long before I made peace with not knowing. I spent around a year obsessed with quantum experiments, psychedelics, and the general philosophy of consciousness."


Lives (and chores) can be put on serious hold when you find a juicy enough topic to research!

Well, what rabbit holes have you gotten lost in? Let us know in the comments below.

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