People Share The Best Absolutely Random Facts They Know
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Knowledge is power and there is always more knowledge to acquire.

You never know when Jeopardy! is going to call.

Just because we're out of school, doesn't mean we stop learning.

Learn facts and then share facts—it can make you popular at parties.

Redditorevery1isstupidwanted to hear about all the things people think we all need to know.

So they asked:

"What’s a random fact you think is worth sharing?"

I just learned the origin of Valentine's Day and I love it.

Nothing to do with love.

Fascinating fact.


"That the patent for the fire hydrant was lost in a fire."




"It was forbidden to ride on moose in Sweden until 1973. An old law forbade such for fear of rebels."


"That’s fair. Anybody who could get a moose to let them ride it into battle could definitely overthrow a government."


4 Points

"If you find a four leaf clover then there is a good chance you'll find more not too far away."


"My sister has this crazy talent of just being able to spot them ANYWHERE. I will look for hours and not find anything and she’ll walk by and point out 4."


"I found a patch of them as a kid. Plucked a few to show everyone, but they got squat in my hand and I wasn't able to find the patch again. Nobody believed me, but I knew what I'd found."


Alive and Well

"There was a short period of time when Picasso and Snoop Dogg were both alive together."


"In a similar vein, there are people alive today who heard firsthand accounts from family members about what life was like at the time of the American Civil War. E.g., someone born around 1930 having been told stories by a grandparent or great grandparent born around 1850."


As it Should

"The first 1080p video on YouTube was the Muppet's rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'."



The Muppets should begin everything.


Get A Hobby, Dude!

"When an octopus is stressed or bored, it often starts eating its own tentacles."



One a Day

"There are so many different varieties of apple that if you ate a different one every day for 20 years you will still not have eaten them all."


"Humans have created a ton of them. We still are fairly often. Apples also have a lot of natural variance and diversity. One of the most interesting things about them is that much like a human being can have multiple children at once that are not identical, each seed in a single apple could also produce a completely different tree bearing a different type of apple than the other seeds from the same apple."


Sniff it Out...

"Honeybees can be trained to sniff out land mines in war zones! Obviously dogs can do it but to avoid blowing up poor unsuspecting doggos, they figured out that bees could do the same thing and swarm the area without setting the mine off to alert people to its presence."


So Deep

"A cave in Vietnam called Son Doong is over 600 feet deep and miles long. It's so big and open it has its own ecosystem with a rainforest growing in it."

"In Thailand there is a rock formation called Hin Sam Wan which looks like three whales jumping out of the cliff."



"The figure in Munch's 'The Scream' is not screaming but is, in fact, reacting to hearing the scream."



I hate that 'Scream' painting.

It freaks me out.

So it's clearly doing its job.

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