People Describe What Students Refer To As 'The Incident' At Their Schools


Every school has its mythos. Its past students, their shenanigans, dance nights, crazy times...

And then some schools have that one, infamous event that defines the school's history to its current students. Have you heard of the "incident"? It may have taken place while you were at school, or when your parents were in school, or what-not; but it happened. Oh yes, and it changed the face of that place forever.

The student body will forever live by the "incident."

u/imnotcreativesoya asked:

What was "The Incident" at your school?

Here were some of those answers.

Cliques R Not Kuhl

Rich clique vs low income clique 20 person brawl that ended with both cliques teaming up and fighting administration/security when they stepped in because STICK IT TO THE MAN


The Worst Kind Of Deja Vu

A teacher at my school walked in on a couple having sex in the bathroom one year. Then again the next year. Same teacher. Same couple. Same bathroom. Cannot confirm if the stall was the same. Sorry.



We got a couple.

  1. Our assistant principle walked into the female locker room, while they were changing, looking for vapers. (He was fully aware of them being in there, and of them changing)
  2. One of our history teachers slept with a foreign exchange student. She went back home, tried to blackmail him...and then released texts and other media's onto Facebook. Someone alerted the school and they forced him to resign.
  3. My boy was spooked and snitched on a dude who pulled a gun on him in the back of a classroom. It turns out it was an airsoft gun, and the dude got expelled.
  4. Someone used some type of drug and was all out of it, walking in the halls...and then told the staff who gave him the drugs. He had to get an ambulance cus he was so out of it. Both expelled.
  5. My boy (same one from no. 3) got sprayed by a skunk...and he put his bag in my locker. The whole hall smelled like skunk for a week...and my locker needed a few febreeze cans before it went away.

Powerful Farts

A girl took some "fart spray" and was spraying little squirts of it on people. Now one little squirt of this spray is more than enough to clear a room. After the bell rang to send us to class, she put a hairband around the trigger and threw it in one of her friend's locker. Every classroom in that hallway was cleared within 15 minutes, and within about an hour they sent everyone home because the school was unbearable. They were able to get most of the school back to smelling fine within the next few days, but the hallway where it happened still had a strange smell to it nearly a decade later.


It Keeps Getting Worse

A girl in my class got knocked up by this skeezy 28-year-old cook who had a reputation for messing around with teenage girls. The parents didn't press charges. Last I heard, they ended up getting married and had three more kids (they're now divorced.)

Today, she's a semi-well-known Instagram influencer.


The Worst Way To Learn Bad News

Coming back from a playoff basketball game, best player who happened to hit the winning shot at the buzzer, is in the team bus when it comes upon an obviously fatal car accident scene. Player recognized the license plate laying on the ground as his mom's. A drunk driver was going the wrong way on the highway. The player's grandfather, his baby brother, his mother (who was a teacher at our school), and his girlfriend (a very popular and super nice cheerleader at our school), all died in the crash.


This Doesn't Seem Like It Should Have Ever Happened

Hazing of new students was not only allowed, but it was even encouraged by the teachers. Putting kids in trashcans was a common one. One morning a group of seniors took it a step further by placing an eighth grader in one and pushing him down the road in front of the school. He rolled further than anyone expected, got hit by a car and very seriously injured. As expected all hazing was stopped immidiately. Being the jerk school it was, it separated all the grades to prevent any hazing. This happened probably 20 years ago and even now, the different grades are kept separate from each other.


Fire In The Disco

At primary school - there was a fire just before Christmas. A class (not mine) had made Christmas cards and they'd been put on display on a wall. In front of that wall was a counter that the teacher used to display the advent wreath.

One day the class lit the wreath just before lunch and said a prayer, the teacher must have not blown it out properly before going to lunch and the cards on the wall caught fire and that made it spread really quickly. It was one of those fabric covered wooden/MDF display boards mounted on the wall, just asking for trouble really.


Not Fiction

A few years before I was at my high school, a male professor had a sexual relationship with a female student. It was very hush-hush by the time I entered.

The professor ended up writing a book - classified as fiction, but all of the characters and descriptions were easily identifiable as real places and people from our school, some of whom I knew personally. It became a best-seller, and some (including myself) believe that the school's initials were included in the graphic design on the cover.


Racism? In MY Privileged White Community?

Some lady called the police on a black student because she taught "some gangster is walking into a highschool with an assault rifle." Whole schools is put on lock down. They find the kid in class, search him, and find no gun. We collectively agree the lady was being racist.


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