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The cast of Game of Thrones really knows how to get us to bring out the tissues––and that's even after we've somehow survived yet another emotional and gobsmacking episode.

Picture it: The moment Bran Stark, better known as the Three-Eyed Raven, waited for the Night King to approach him in the godswood. Protecting Bran to the bitter end was Theon Greyjoy, whose attempt to spear the iciest bad guy in all of Westeros proved fruitless.

But this doesn't mean Theon died without honor. He went to his death––in fact, he charged right at it––after Bran, a young man of few words, thanked him and called him "a good man."

Theon's death, beautifully acted by actor Alfie Allen, was a profoundly emotional one for fans across the world.

Allen's costar Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, the Lady of the North herself, soon paid tribute to him on Instagram.

Theon's come a long way from his days as Ned Stark's ward, but his life was an often emotionally and physically torturous one. He lived with the Starks after he was taken captive following the failed Greyjoy rebellion. He remained loyal to the Starks even after the war against the Lannisters began.

But his story took ever darker turns once he was captured, castrated and kept prisoner by Ramsay Snow, the bastard son of Roose Bolton. Along the way, Theon reacquainted himself with the Greyjoys and the remaining Ironborn, but never felt like he truly had a home, and often found himself on the receiving end of backlash amidst increasing political tension.

Yet, he saved many of our favorite characters more than once, and he returned to Winterfell, where he died a hero, a "good man" in the company of people who considered him family in a world of fractured alliances.

Turner's post hit us all right in the feelings.

He definitely did.


An epic moment for one of the most well-written characters in the series.


Ours too.


We raise our glasses to him.


You can say that again.


No, you're definitely crying.


Tributes to Theon––and Allen's stellar performance––have also rolled in on social media.

Farewell, Theon. What is dead may never die.

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