Who hasn't looked at a scarf someone knitted for a loved one, a flawless homemade birthday cake, or an immaculately planted garden and thought, "I wish I could do that"?

But you'd never dare try to attempt it yourself, knowing that it's well beyond your personal skill set.

But is it?

Intimidating as they may seem, some skills might be deceptively easier than they appear to be, or might come more naturally to you than to many others.

Redditor halfmoon599 was curious to hear what skills people believed to be much easier than they seem, leading them to ask:

"What skill is actually easier to learn than what other people think?"

Everyone can be ambidextrous!

"I'm left handed and and I wanted to learn to write with my right hand."

"it was much easier than I thought and now I can write with it making it look somewhat decent."- JE3V4N_

"Using your off hand skillfully."

"I worked on this when I owned a woodworking business and it has helped so many times over the years."- karg_the_fergus

Should you ever forget your keys...

"Picking a lock."

"It only takes about 1 or 2 hours to learn, contrary to popular belief." - DifficultAd5113

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Can't get to the genius stand? No problem!

"Fixing computers."

"It's just a lot of googling and YouTubing."- theassassintherapist

"Basic IT troubleshooting."- usmarine7041

You'll have a blanket done in no time!


"It looked really difficult to me but I was really pleased how easy it was to pick up."

"Especially with YouTube tutorials."- geeltulpen

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But do get a license first...

"Flying a small airplane is actually very simple."

"It's everything else like weather and flight planning, emergency mindfulness, airspace and traffic, and confidence in yourself that gets tricky, but any person with eyeballs and a pulse could fly a plane."- Clyde-MacTavish

With practice, of course

"Parallel parking."- Feels2old

Give your arms a rest!


"It takes just 10-20 minutes a day for 3-10 days.'

"Find a railing you can lean on to start."

"At some point, you'll be able to let go and ride!'- Vegan_BTW_VR

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... Is it though?...

"Driving a stick shift."- fantazja1

Need a new chair? Well, get to work!


"Understanding the machinery isn’t easy at all, but woodworking by itself with files or a knife is very easy to learn."

"And there’s youtube."- SaikageBeast

Give Zuckerberg a run for his money...


"Easy to get into but hard to master, also most of it is just debugging."- ousz


"Specially web and mobile programming."- FrancoRATOVOSON

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Galleries will be vying for your work!

"I’m gonna get hate but DRAWING!"

"Literally, practice genuinely makes perfect with drawing."

"Look at other’s works, trace for a little to get the hang of certain shapes, i swear it’s not that hard and so easy once you understand the basics."- arthropodlover


"Start by tracing pictures you like, get the feel for it and start practicing your sketches."- knipmes

We all have to face our fears...

"Fighting your fear against spiders."

"All you need to do is hold one in your hand you’ll realize that there is no need to fear them."- huet_fan

Drive safely!

"Definitely using your blinker while changing lanes."- Fluid_Fig9070

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Safety first

"Balisong knife flipping, if you’re starting safe with a trainer then honestly just fidgeting around you can get some cool tricks cracked down."- StormoQuake

It's not so difficult to be bilingual

"A language."

"When you are completely immersed in another culture, it comes really quick."

"I learned several languages fluently within 6 months when I lived in their countries"- WieBentUEigenlijk

It's just a numbers game...


"So much of the time is explained in an overly complex way, these textbooks need to chill."- Erect_Teeth

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