People Share The Best Examples Of 'It Can't Be That Easy' But It Really Was

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That pile of laundry has been sitting there, waiting to be folded and put away.

Those emails are waiting to be answered.

A form is waiting to be filled out.

We've all done the thing where we dread and put off something, only to discover later that completing it wasn't that big of a deal.

Redditor UnoAboveAll asked:

"What was your 'it can’t be that easy / it was that easy' moment in your life?"


"I Lived in Jersey and a friend invited me to a commercial audition at an NYC bar. I went because of the bar."

"I auditioned after two beers and left thinking it was a waste of time."

"A month later, I get a call that they want to use me for the commercial. The director was the guy who directed the original 'Space Jam.'"

"I got lines and ended up in two of their commercials and got a 40k payday where I thought someone made a clerical error. Started my acting career and am now a writer/director/flight attendant."

- ZDrev10

Home Repairs

"Fixing clogged drains."

"Started out because my sink drain plug wouldn't stay up. Poked around under the sink and found the pop-up rod had rusted completely through and broken. Cost me $5 for a new one at the plumbing supply store next to where I worked at the time. Took five minutes to figure out how to swap, and now I know how sink and shower drains come apart, which makes unclogging them simple."

"Maybe it's just me, but in my brain, it seemed like that was something I'd have to call a plumber to come to unclog, but it's all remarkably simple."

- figmaxwell

Small Claims Court

​"Suing someone in Small Claims. It was surprisingly easy because my case was rock solid and I had a professionally printed document of evidence, witness statements, and precise records sent over to the court while the Defendant did literally nothing but send unlabeled loose printouts of my Facebook page as her so-called evidence."

"It was a very quick judgment for the plaintiff!"

- Kelosaurus_Rex

Salary Request

"Got a salary request when applying for a job, accidentally wrote double what I meant to write since the number keys were right next to each other. They accepted anyway."

- ahjteam

Light and Sound

"Worked on an almost five-million dollar lighting rig for a concert as a junior guy on the job. We get it all plugged in and patched but none of it would turn on. All the guys were freaking out trying to figure out why. The team collectively had about 150 years of experience."

"No one checked to see if the generators were turned on."

"I was like no way this is why but I'll just go check if the generators are good. Flipped stuff on and voila."

- Firerobe

Dumpster Diving

"Found a 60” tv by the dumpster. Plugged it in, didn’t turn on. Looked up common problems with the model number, bought a part on eBay for $20, replaced the part, and had a huge TV."

- ThinkIGotHacked

You Can't Win If You Don't Apply

"In college, the professor advertised an internship and wrote the info on the board."

"Out of a class of 150 students, I was the only one to apply and I fulfilled my internship requirement for graduation."

- pendeltonskyforce

Test Retakes

"All the students pretty much bombed a networking final. The teacher said we could retake it but we would be alone (no group). Which worked out perfectly for me; they wouldn't get in my way and I wouldn't have to coordinate them."

"I was also the only person who showed up to retake and brought my final grade up to a 90."

- maiden_burma


"Tying shoe laces."

"When I was a kid, no one ever managed to teach me how to tie my shoes. I remember never being able to get that last step that ties it all together and in general, I suck with knots. I would have been garbage in the boy scouts. I got into my early 20's relying mostly on velcro shoes."

"But one day, I sat down with a pair of new shoes, determined to figure it out. I put one on and tied it correctly on the first try. I just sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes, wondering how it had been that easy all along."



"I was recently looking for an apartment and rent in my city, like most cities currently, is outrageous."

"So after three days of looking, I found this two-bedroom apartment with a price that normally would get you a roach-infested one-bedroom or studio s**thole in a bad part of town."

"But these apartments look nice, they're in a good part of town, the reviews online are all positive, I can't figure out the catch."

"Then I see there is a year-long wait list for this place, but I decided to go to the leasing office and after talking to the property manager, I get bumped to the top of the list for an apartment that becomes available next month."

"I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out. Most people spend months looking for places in my city and they'd be paying a third more than I'm paying at a minimum for a similar place. I looked for three days and found this place but I think I just got lucky and it was just that easy."

- C0nqueredW0rm

House Chores

"Actually doing the chore you put off for a few days."

- thebigjuicyman25


"I never slept well, ever."

"There’s an over-the-counter magnesium supplement called 'Calm.' I drink a cup every night and sleep like a hibernating bear."

"It was that easy."

- DomingoLee

Squeaky Doors

"I had a loose hinge on my door. It kind of drove me crazy for three years, but I had no idea how to fix the wood that had been stripped."

"Then I found a product on Amazon for $10 where you shove on a sleeve, break it off and then screw in the new screws. Bought two new hinges that don’t squeak."

"Took about 10 minutes and cost $20 and it’s no longer a problem!"

- captain-flak

Finding the Perfect Job

"I've hated every job I've ever had. At 18 I joined the military for six years... that sucked the whole time, then went into customer service at Walmart, and they were a bunch of a**holes to everyone. Tried security and they were just degrading."

"Job after job doing what I thought was the right thing. I decided to apply for a local HVAC company just working call center, nothing big, I think there's a total of nine of us on phones. Honestly, it's the best job I've ever had, we all get along, spend hours a day on our group chat sharing memes, and our management has one on one meetings every two weeks with the goal of 'this meeting is not work-related but we want to know just how you're doing, how life's treating you, what do you need?'"

"There's constant communication about expectations and how we can better meet them and how they can help us perform better. The majority of the company's profits are used to better employee lives (I get monthly commission and residuals, and $30 a month healthcare with BCBS) along with monthly potlucks, paid lunches, and competitive pay starting at $17 an hour."

"I haven't seen any turnover... literally none, my position was only hiring because too many people got promoted."

- zombiem00se


​"Self-improvement and reflection. Stopped looking at outside factors in my life and started looking at what I could control. Weight, time, who I spent time with, etc. I didn't need to change my whole life in one day. I needed to make small progress."

"Spending one day less a week on gaming and one day a week on improving myself is better than not improving at all. Allowing myself to fail *with intent* to improve is so much easier now that I don't spend time with negative people who demand perfection."

- livinglitch

This particular group of Redditors proved that not only is it possible to get ahead and to accomplish something, but it can be fairly easy to do so.

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