People Break Down How They Knew They Wouldn't Like Someone In Less Than A Minute

People Break Down How They Knew They Wouldn't Like Someone In Less Than A Minute
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Jane Austen famously taught readers not to judge others based on first impressions in her classic novel Pride and Prejudice.

As someone who may instantly turn you off when first meeting them could prove to be the love of your life.

That doesn't mean, however, that first impressions are always inaccurate.

Sometimes, we'll meet people who don't seem like the sort of person we would normally think we're going to be friends with but are willing to give them a second or third chance.

Only to discover that our suspicions were accurate, unfortunately.

Then, there are the times when it is loud and clear after one conversation that friendships with certain individuals are never going to pan out.

Redditor DDelirium46 was curious to hear about times where people instantly knew they didn't care for the person they were talking to, leading them to ask:
"Have you ever listened to a person talk for less than a minute and known you weren't going to get along with that person? What did they say?"

Merging Friend Groups Can Be Dangerous

"Yes this guy hopped into our discord group a few months back."

"He was a friend of a friend, but he didn't think to just add him to our server not our group chat."

"We all hop into a call and first thing he does is make some remarks that are very politically sensitive, sends some graphic photos and made some inappropriate remarks."

"Didn't expect to meet someone and have him offend 6 people in the span of 10 minutes."- tremors51000·

Offense Taken!

"Told me 'Yeah all women are b*tches, you included."

"No offense."

"Within the first 2 minutes of knowing me."- PotentialCranberry40

Lechery At It's Worst

"Years ago, me and my ex-husband went to see a movie with an older colleague of his."

"Before the movie we had dinner at like a chain restaurant/steakhouse type place, staff on the floor was all 20ish."

"I never met this man before but in the first few minutes of sitting down and looking at the menu he very confidently told us how he came there a lot and flirted with the female staff because 'they love the attention'."

"The best part?"

"His daughter worked there."

"All I could think was how I would literally cringe myself through the floor if I was 20 and my 50yo dad came into my place of work and perved on my co-workers because he didn't understand that they only put up with him 'cause they are paid to do so."- singingsilence

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Job Interviews Are A Two Way Street

"I was in a job interview once and the manager cut me off mid-sentence to jump to a weird conclusion.

"Him: 'What do you think the performance of this algorithm would be?'"

"Me: 'Oh, it'll be 'n' times--'"

"Him: 'Oh, you think it's going to be 'n'? You think it'll be 'n'??!! That's ridiculous, there's no way it would just be 'n'!'"

"Me: Uhhhh, you gotta let me finish speaking'."

"He then cut me off mid sentence twice more during our conversation."

"We... didn't get along."

"Dude was a total tool."- ArrenEnladCG

Meanwhile, They Could Tell They Wouldn't Be Friends

"'There are different levels to being a psychic, I'm on the purple level so I can talk to the dead'."

"Said a new employee at my previous job."

"Nope."- Lumisateessa

Duplicity Isn't A Good Look On Anyone

"They talk negatively about someone else in a very judgy way."

"There was this mom in my daughter's school who seemed to 'know" everyone, she talked to me and she spoke so bad about these people'."

"Then moments later I saw her interacting in a 'friendly' way, with those she was judging."

"My eyes rolled so much I could see my brain telling me not to get involved with her."

"And I was right, because by the time school year ends, her 'friends' hated her and they were talking behind her back too."- eveningsand14-1311

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Barely Attempting To Hide Their Bigotry...

"'I know I'm not supposed to ask, but I need to know'."

"It's not for work or anything-- what religion are you?'"

"HR manager."- l0R3-R

Why Was She Even Invited?

"She showed up to a little get-together and the person who invited her said that they would be taking bets on who could sit with her for more than 30 minutes."

"10 bucks per person. Winner kept the pot."

"I assumed they were just being rude and planned to tell her of her 'friends' plans as soon as she showed up."

"She walked in, looked at me and scoffed, and asked if the grey car outside belonged to me."

"I said yes."

"She told me that with the money that car cost, I could have bought something nicer."

"Ok, well whatever."

"I went to get a drink and sat to watch the crowd gather around her."

"I already didn't like her but she went on to tell everyone about how she could never date someone who had a crappy credit score or couldn't pay their vehicles off after buying it."

"Someone who wanted to quit the contest asked for a cigarette, she opened up her purse and showed everyone a fresh pack of smokes and then told everyone why she doesn't smoke and why anyone who asks for a cigarette is either too broke to buy them or doesn't plan ahead of times."

"The guy asked her for one of her cigarettes, she said no and put them back in her purse."

"She talked about all the cars she 'bought' basically her parents would co-sign for her and pay the car off to build her credit and she would give them a few thousand to pay them back."

"She was nuts and wouldn't stop talking."

"I disliked her but was also fascinated with her. She was super weird."

"There was something like 15-20 people there and most entered the 'contest' I think the pot got up to 100-120 bucks."

"The winner was just some guy who I didn't know, he spent the money getting every one McDonald's and beer, so he was pretty cool."

"She was about 22-23, she had just finished getting her High School Diploma because she had dropped out to 'make money' according to her."

"I think she sold some milk shake things and fitness plans with some MLM."

"I'm not 100% what happened to her."

"She wasn't a my friend but she did show up to a few parties I was at and she seemed calmer."

"She used to bring her own bottle of liquor and wouldn't share which was kind of funny because on one occasion they caught her filling her bottle with a bottle of jack that some one had brought and left on the kitchen counter, but she swore that all she drank was Hennessey and Fireball."- Commentingunreddit

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It Is Never Attractive To Gloat

"I was listening to the NEXIVM podcast and the clip of the founder saying he has 225 IQ."

"If I walked into a room and heard someone say that I’d walk right back out."- Fabulous-Bandicoot40

Can't Say The Same About You Though...

"'You don't scare me'."

"Wasn't trying to scare you in the slightest."- That49er

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...Both Could Still Be True...

“'Some people might say I’m an a**hole but I just tell it how it is'.”

"99% chance they are an a**hole that I don’t want to be around."- ProudMany9215

Negative Influence

"Was a customer at work, naturally I wouldn’t be friends."

"But even in a setting where we could become friends it wasn’t happening."

"I came up to her to see if she had any questions about our critters (I work in a pet shop) and the very first thing she asked was if parakeets could talk because she wanted to teach them racial slurs."

"Biggest nope of my life."- Quitechsol

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