The Stupidest Things That Are Actually Considered A Crime

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Who hasn't either shared their password or used someone's password for Netflix?

It seems like a generous and cost efficient thing to do, right?

In reality, however, it's a federal offense.

Not one that will likely ever get you much trouble, however, as Netflix has even been caught red handed in the past encouraging people to share their password with others.

Indeed, people will likely only continue to share their password to Netflix, and many other streaming services, with absolutely no idea that they are committing a crime when doing so.

In fact, password sharing is only one of many things people partake in having absolutely no idea they are breaking the law while doing so.

Redditor LarxRAR was curious to learn about other seemingly harmless things people do which are, in fact, criminal offenses, leading them to ask:
"What is the stupidest thing that is considered a crime?

Shouldn't Be Illegal, but inadvisable none the less...

"Sleeping in your car while parked."- gchaudh2

I Mean, People Do Have Allergies...

"Here in Illinois, it's illegal to bring a ferret to work."- Living_Murphys_Law

So Much For Loving Thy Neighbor...

"There was a post I saw where a woman and her daughter were letting their elderly neighbor use their hose cause his water had been shut off, but the authorities found out and the mom and daughter were fined like $400 and had to pay or their water would be shut off."

"Any law that says you can't feed or help people because of some arbitrary or hateful reason."- painted_unicorn


"'What's he in for?'"

"'He gave an account of the Patriots game without the express permission of the National Football League'."- kms2547

Put Your Thumb Away!

"The only time I spent in a jail cell, I was arrested for hitchhiking."- renegentry

Full Service Or No Service!

"Pumping your own gas in NJ."- EyeWantItThatWay

Gas Station Cars GIF by University of CaliforniaGiphy

Never Trust A Man Carrying Salmon...

"In the uk, it’s illegal to handle a salmon 'suspiciously'."- BenidormSolana

Helping The Environment? The Very Thought!

"A lot of municipalities and HOAs prohibit the use of clotheslines."

"Very few places have 'right to dry' laws that preclude these prohibitions locally."

"I think bans on clotheslines are stupid, how dare we save energy in the name of making sure our neighborhood doesn't look trashy."

"I don't think clotheslines are trashy anyway."- llcucf80

No Charity Allowed!

"Feeding homeless people."- Cannibal_OX

One would like to think that all laws were instituted for a reason.

Nonetheless, this begs the question: just how many people in Illinois have ferrets?

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