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Unless you've been a member of the armed forces, you may only know drill sergeants as uncompassionate leaders who yell at privates all the time.

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For young people pondering at least a few years--or even an entire career--in the military, a military recruiter might be a key component in the early stages of the process.

And it's important to remember that their purpose is, above all, to recruit people.

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Nearly everyone lies—whether to get out of trouble, get what they want, or just to escape the awkwardness that can result from telling the truth when someone else only thinks they want to hear it.

Some people take things to extremes, though. Their lies can be so obvious that it's hard to do anything but laugh at the absurdity.

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While serving our country, soldiers are deprived of certain things that they were used to having as a civilian. They don't exactly have stuff like candy on the battlegrounds, so receiving packages with fun things is always a special treat. Here are some things that our troops crave the most while they're deployed.

u/ImNotF*ckingSerious asked: Soldiers of reddit, what are things that the military doesn't provide that would be good for people to send in care packages?

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The military is not for the average human.

Military officers often move from place to place, and have no home--troops go in and out of countries in varying states of war. In a state of peace, the military is still a dangerous job. In a time of war, there are no words to describe the horrors those in the military face daily.

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