People Share Their Honest Thoughts On Pornography
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Let's talk about a fun but uncomfortable topic...

Pornography has been around for generations.

Now it's everywhere and free.

There is a lot to unpack here.

But feel no shame.

Redditor TinyLampBandit wanted to have a sassy chat... about adult entertainment. They asked:

"What are your thoughts on porn?"


Porn is fun. There is a dish on the menu for everyone and that's nice.

Bad Discovery

"Honestly I wish I hadn't discovered it."


"Same here, been watching it since I was 11 and having a hard time stopping now."


Month to Month

"It is pretty hard to quit. I mean I can get away from watching it for like a month, but the temptation keeps kicking in after the month."


"I've noticed that I get tempted in stages and it's 3 days, then 5-7 days, then after 2 weeks. I don't think I've made it to a month but Ramadhan is coming up and I'm currently doing pretty well and hoping I can use the month to launchpad into cold turkey since I've been cutting back slowly over the last 2 years."



"I didn’t used to mind it until my ex became addicted to it. It ruined our relationship after that."


"Addiction is real. So sorry for you. I’ve fallen into the trap myself. I’m working every day to get out. My wife is understanding, though hurt. She still loves me and wants to help me which is all the motivation I need."


Bad Ideas

"Having access to porn at a very young age damaged my view of women. I see absolutely no value in the porn industry (it is well known for sex trafficking and drug abuse). There is literally no upside other than instant gratification."


Nothing There

life show GIF Giphy

"It is so empty."


"The people that want realistic meaningful porn generally aren't able to make their own. If they could, I doubt they'd be watching porn."


So Artsy

"I don’t watch it but I read erotica more. I find it less fake and better."



"Can't be satisfied without specific triggers anymore. Ever seen someone on page 34 of Pornhub? That's me."


"This is honestly terrible to hear, good luck. Breaking addictions is hard but if you believe in yourself, you can do it."


unrealistic standards...

"As a 26 year old male, I benefit a lot from not using it. I’m not one of those pro “no fapp” kinda people, but I do think not using porn is better for you. It sets unrealistic standards and it’s just a dopamine chase."


"I still watch occasionally, but honestly not using it is best. There are some forms I prefer to videos with real people, but not using is the best option. On top of that, learning how awful the industry is should make everyone want to quit. I'm glad to have lowered my consumption compared to where it used to be."



"And even though it’s fake it’s very impressionable on young boys. Imagine their first time having sex. Don’t tell me that porn doesn’t affect young boys in negative ways especially with how they view and treat women later in life."


No thank you...

Saturday Night Live Ugh GIF by HULU Giphy

"We're the first generation of men who grew up with widespread high definition porn. And no one publicly talks about it. I think its messed up our brains a lot. Kinda like we think back to when doctors used to prescribe cocaine or smoking for things, and only decades later did they discover how bad it is."


Well... a very interesting read indeed.

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