Non-Sexual Things That Strangely Turn People On

Non-Sexual Things That Strangely Turn People On
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There is no one way to anybody's heart or libido.

Sexy doesn't always have to equal raunchy.

I've known people turned on by music, books, nature, and even funerals (don't ask).

What starts someone's engine is a mystery.

Redditor asexyjohn18 wanted to hear about all the things that get people in the mood, so they asked:

"What is a non sexual trait that turns you on?"

I love a walk. A little strut. Nothing like getting the heart racing.


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"Getting my head scratched or having someone run their fingers through my hair."


"Same. It’s so pleasant when the tingles run down your spine... ;-) "



"When a girl genuinely laughs at jokes I make."


"I remember being on a first date with a beautiful woman and I made a bit of corny joke/comment and she laughed at it. I remember thinking, damn, wait till I get to my good stuff. I did get to my good material apparently as we were married. She gives me as many laughs as I give her."


Do Right

"Kindness. When I see someone going out of their way to help others for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do… that is some truly attractive vibes."


"Apparently it's vanishing from this world really fast. People who show kindness often end up in losses (of course not everytime but most of the time yes). It really breaks my heart."


"Probably the sexiest thing out there. Someone can be smoking hot, funny, talented, etc. But if they're not kind, they're unattractive."


Oh Yes...

"Smiling right at me, and men stretching. LAWD HAVE MERCY!!"


"I have trouble smiling at women. Is this a turnoff for them? And ones I like are really hard to smile at. Because I know it's always going to be some really weird big smile if I am crushing which makes me feel like a super duper creep."



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"Sorry if this is too kinky but i like it when they care about me."


"Too far man. You need to rethink your choices."


Sometimes it's all about the heart.

Eye 2 Eye

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"When a guy explains something to you in a calm and understanding voice. Bonus points for gentle eye contact."



"Being crazily intelligent. Screw dirty talk, I want you to explain some unexplainable s**t in my ear."


"Heck yes. My best connections have been with a philosophy/history professor turned chancellor, an environmental engineer, and a neurosurgeon, all 3 Summa cum laude grads and conference speakers in their fields. The downside to genius though is complete absorption in their fields leaving little time for in person connection."



"Everyone should know how to cook. Hunger knows no gender. I like to eat good food so I learned how to cook. I asked my mom one day and she reacted surprised. She was more than grateful to have an opportunity to teach me the ‘finer’ aspects of cooking, as she called it. Lol. I love food."

"My girlfriend, now wife, likes to jokingly say I got her into bed with a well seasoned steak and homemade fries. I mean we did sleep together almost immediately after we finished dinner so maybe she’s right. That old saying comes to mind. 'The quickest way to the heart is though the stomach.'"


Getting Green

"When I ask my husband for help when I repot my plants and he delicately cleans and moves the leaves. He is a mechanical engineer and he works with huge pieces of industrial equipment, seeing him so tenderly caring for my plants just makes me melt."


Limbs A Lot

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"Men doing intricate work with their hands."


"I second this, also someone who can play guitar/bass real real well... just watching their hands, whoa mama."


Well, it seems that just about anything can get someone in the mood, especially if you're kind, courteous, and especially a good cook.

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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