People Break Down The Best Responses To An Unsolicited Sexual Picture

Why can't people ask before they send graphic images?

And for the people who just send them willy-nilly...

Grow up.

Keep it decent, kids.

Redditor OhmMeGag wanted to hear about everyone's reactions to these types of photos. They asked:

"What's the best response to an unwanted d**k pic?"

Why are y'all STILL sending d**k pics in 2022? Like... decent.

Back at You...

"I read, I believe it was here on Reddit. This girl got an unsolicited d**k pic. So for her revenge, she sent penis pics back constantly. Big, small, anything she could find. This guy was telling her to stop, lol. She asked if he liked it."



“'Why does it look like that?' And answer none of their following texts."


"If you feel the need to respond, 'I'll ask my aunt, she's a nurse.'"


Are you Ok?

"When I was a teenager I had just gotten my first boyfriend, and back then nobody sent photos over text because camera phones weren't a common thing yet. Also texting cost a few cents per text. God, I feel old typing that out.

"I had never seen one before, so I panicked and said, 'Oh my god are you okay??' and he just like... got really sad because he thought I thought there was something wrong with the way it looked."


Send it Back

"What I used to do was take their profile picture and photoshop their face onto the head of their d**k and send it back. I never got a second d**k pic doing that lol."


"What she should do instead is make a public directory of unsolicited d**k pic offenders. Get the victim to edit their head on top, and then post it there with their number. Girls can then search their number to see if they've been a repeat offender in the past. Call the website the D**k Head."



Text Lol GIF by VTM.beGiphy

"'Oh hey, my ex had that disease too'"


I am loving the revenge response.


Angry Oh No GIF by CBCGiphy

"Google 'genital warts' and send them back any of those images that come up."


Freshman Year

"When I was a freshman in college I was home for Christmas break and the guy across the street, who was 4 years older than me and had recently moved back home, sent me one with the message that his family would be out of the house for a few hours if I wanted to come over."

"I knew him, we had lived on the same street for years, but it was completely out of the blue. I'm not even sure how he got my number. I had babysat his younger brother a few times however, which is why I had his mother's number. I took a screen shot of the message & pic and forwarded it to his mom, asking if she could please get Eric to stop sending me nudes."



"Why are you sending me a picture of your thumb?"


"So an old friend took a picture of his nuts**k and sent it to my husband as a joke. My husband genuinely responded 'Why did you send me a close up picture of your couch?' They had an old gray leather couch that had wrinkled over time."


Spot On

"I know this sounds crazy, but I am a doctor and this might be cancer."


"Because I know they know I’m not a doctor- I say 'that spot looked weird so I sent it to my dad (he’s a doctor) and he said you should definitely go get check out' then don’t respond to any other messages."

"Note- my dad is in fact, not a doctor, and of course don’t forward my father d**k picks. But I very much enjoy the panic from an a** that 1) I sent his penis pic to my dad and 2) that there’s something wrong with his junk."


Try This


"Share a penis enlargement ad."


Stop sending these types of pics unsolicited. It's gross. The end.

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