In this day and age of non-stop cameras, videos, personal information hacking, how is it possible people are still taking naughty pics, let alone sending them to anyone? Including romantic partners! Yes we want them to salivate for us while we're not in the vicinity but there is nobody, and mean NOBODY we should put that trust into. But yes, we've all done it, in moments when we're weak to pleasure. So if we're going to do it, be careful and pay attention to the name you're clicking on -- double, no triple -- check before you hit send!

Redditor u/Tosh007 wanted everyone to fess up to their wrong key clicks that exposed a bit more than originally intended by asking... People who accidentally sent nudes to the wrong people, how was the aftermath?

*** Warning- 18 & Over for this One! ***

Boys and their junk... 

My friend accidentally sent a picture of his penis to my other friend (intended for girlfriend). It was awkward for about a day and then it became a running joke in our group.


When in Church...

Really dumb and makes no sense but when I was with my ex (we dated for a long time and were super comfortable with each other), I used to send her a video of me peeing as a joke like I would say "oh my God there's a huge accident on the road I sent it to you through Snapchat" and it would just be a video of me peeing, I'd try to get her as often as I could during the day and try to get more and more elaborate with the excuses for making her open the snap. Anyway I was also messaging a co-worker of mine who I guess at the time was super into me, she just happened to snap me right as I was selecting the person I was to send my snap to which means she got bumped to the top of the list and I accidentally sent her the pee vid where dick is clearly visible.

I called her like 30 times in a row, tried texting and snap calling and she just responded with "I'm in church I'll open whatever you sent right now" and stopped responding, she opened and said "was that meant for me?" I said no and she said "then it never happened." Solid girl 10/10!!


Some group action... 

I accidentally sent one to my group chat of my best friends... still haven't heard the end of it. They all sent one back of the same pose I was in... kill me.


Did they commit fully or just clothed in the same pose? If clothed then that means you're now their ringleader. If nude then you're just one of many.


Sounds like you've got some really solid friends.


Oh my Auntie... 

I didn't send it, but had my aunt send graphic images and video to me through text. Immediately deleted and texted back that the images didn't go through and I assumed it was a picture of her living room setup since I had just given her my old entertainment center. I told her I'd stop by and see it soon since the picture didn't go through.


That's on you friend! 

"Dude don't open that!"


"It's my d**k."

"Dude the hell... I just opened it."

"You were warned and this is on you."


Liability mitigated.


"Not me, a friend"... Mhmmm...

Basically my course was very female-orientated and there was only one guy on the course who was super sweet and friendly with everyone. We had a group chat (on snapchat) which we all used multiple times a day to meet up with people/swap notes. You can see where this is going.

One day he sent a d**k pic to the group chat which was apparently intended for his girlfriend. He noped out of there real quick after deleting it but about half of us saw lmao. No one was angry at him but I remember there being a lot of bless him's and low key second hand embarrassment afterwards.


Woof! Woof! Grandma...

Years ago I had a phone that I often would accidentally choose someone's name while scrolling through to get to the name I wanted. Never really an issue until one day my GF asked for a nude pic, pressed send and saw "sending to (gf), grandma." I tried everything to stop it from going out, it sent. I spent 10 minutes thinking of time machines, faking my death, actually dying. Then my phone rang, it was my grandma, I ignored it because hell if I'm facing that head on. Listened to her voicemail, "hey I'm not sure what you were sending me but I don't have picture messaging on my phone. You'll have to email it." Jesus, emailed her a picture of my dog and moved on with my life.


Hide your bits... 

Was on the receiving end. Friend of mine had a habit of sending jokes and family updates to a group of people, which while annoying as hell, I still enjoyed the updates. One day he sent some meme out to us; that would be me, my wife, his wife, and most of his family and social group. A couple minutes later his wife replied with a close up full frontal and a reclined completely nude photo. To everyone. Friends, family, all of us got to see his wife's naughty bits.

Apparently she was trying to send to just him in another message but obviously messed up. There was a lot of surprised replies to that mistake. The group updates stopped after that.


I can die happy now...

Was the receiver of a topless/lingerie photo of a girl from work I had a crush on. She immediately called in a fit of hysterics and laughter begging me to delete the picture. It was meant for her bf, showing her what she was going to wear for the anniversary night.

I assured her it was no big deal. I did delete it immediately, and never bought it up again with her, or anyone else. Her and the guy are now married and continue to make each other happy. But that image is seared in my mind. And it's glorious.


Nothing to see here... literally! 

Co-worker send a nudie shot to his girlfriend while he was working away from home. His girlfriend and every other contact in his blackberry. Owners of the company, mother and daughter... etc, played it off as an honest mistake and carried on.



Kill Me

One chick from my HS (very good looking) accidentally sent her nudes to everyone in her address book (not sure how that even happens) like a year after she graduated. She deleted her FB and all social media and nobody that I know has heard from her since or knows what she's doing...


Fat-Fingered Mistake

Thought I sent a penis pic to GF. Sent it to some random number instead. One hour later, that person replies asking who it is. I explain that I meant to send it to somebody else and I fat-fingered the wrong number. They said "Can I keep it?", and I said it was fine with me. Never heard back from them after that. I hope they still have it, whoever and wherever they are.


Beware Your Snaps

I once sent a full body nude with a very graphic message to my boss through Snapchat. I immediately spammed his phone telling him not to open his snaps from me, and he said he wouldn't. We didn't work together for another week, and when I showed up a week after, he handed me his phone with Snapchat open and let me open the snap myself in private.

He was a really good guy.


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