People Break Down The One Unsolved Mystery They'd Like To See Answered In Their Lifetime

When a tragedy happens it sticks with the community for a long time. However, when such an event goes unsolved then it becomes a point of interest.

One of the most famous disappearances from my childhood was what happened to Jonbenet Ramsey. As a young child, I didn't understand then what horrible things could have happened except that this beautiful girl about my age was missing and her parents missed her.

It is one of those unsolved cases that has always stuck with me and is so sad that her family never received any answers. One Redditor wanted to share which unsolved cases kept them up wondering.

bennnnnnieandthejets asked:

“What's one unsolved mystery you'd like to see solved before you die?"

The Delphi Murders…

“Delphi Murders. That video is too compelling for bridge guy to not be found.” MaleficentPicture773

“I agree with you 100% it drives me crazy. I know they keep saying it was someone from Delphi or familiar with the area but as time goes on I really feel like it wasn't. Surely if that was the case someone would have seen something and spoken up due to it being a small town. I've heard that the hardest murders to solve are the ones that are random. Random person goes to a random area and kills a random person(s) for no reason at all. Without history, motive, etc. its near impossible to solve if there aren't any witnesses and that's what this seems like to me.” earth_sandwhich

A deep family mystery…

​“What is the "disturbing hurtful event" that my uncle Bill won't talk about and what does it have to do with me ? I was adopted out. Found my birth mom after she had died and the rest of her family defers to uncle about not talking to me because of that "event". C'mon Uncle, it's been over 57 years. “ DeadSheepLane

Missing at just age 12…

​“A girl from my hometown (Tupelo, MS) disappeared under suspicious circumstances (blood and hair found, glasses left behind, etc.) on a school day when we were both about 12 y/o (I'm 39 now). Her name is Leigh Occhi. Her body was never found. She used to come to school with obvious signs of physical abuse. No one was ever charged. It still breaks my heart. I want... need to know what happened.” DebaucherousHeathen

A matter of matter…

​“Antimatter. Why is the universe almost entirely matter, when equal amounts of matter and antimatter should've annihilated each other? Where is the missing antimatter? Is there a slight difference between matter & antimatter particles that causes matter to last longer? Are there places in the universe primarily made of antimatter instead of matter, well outside the observable universe?” andret14

Ask and sometimes you’ll get an answer…

“What are the Mormons keeping in their vault that's surrounded in granite and heavily guarded?” ​klien_gang19

“I used to work in the vault a very long time ago. Yes, I walked inside the mountain, through the vault door, multiple times per week.”

“Here is the secret you've always wanted to know: inside the vault is genealogy records on microfiche. There are also antiques from the beginnings of the church that have some monetary value, but much more sentimental value to the church and its members.”

“It also has a 'reservoir' the size of a big room that collects water dripping from the bare rock. It is the most pure, oxygenated, delicious water I have ever tasted.”

It's a cool place, with bare rock for ceilings and walls, and a giant 'bank vault' door that locks at the push of a button. Definitely unique, but I have been to Europe and seen castles, towns many hundreds of years old, I've seen a couple of the seven natural wonders of the world, and all of those were more awe-inspiring than a man made hole in the rock.”

“But... its been damn near thirty years and I still crave that water! FYI, I no longer participate in the church, no bad feelings or trauma, just not a church-going personality. Everything I said is the truth.” MrFrogy

The search for the Nazi Amber room…

“Where did the Nazis stach the entire amber room from St Petersburg palace?” 2thnurse

“I used to work as a guide at a castle, where it was believed to have been hidden. Every once in a while, a tourist would ask about it. One day, a small group even managed to sneak away from the tour and hide for the night at the castle, searching for it. No success though.” lidskemasicko

went to the train station and bought a one way ticket to London…”

I'd like to know what happened to Andrew Gosden. A 14 year old boy left home in Yorkshire one morning in 2007 dressed in his school uniform, and then withdrew all his money from his bank account. He went back home after his parents had gone to work and changed out of his uniform, then went to the train station and bought a one way ticket to London (about two hours away by train).”

“There is CCTV footage of him leaving King's Cross station, but that's the last time he was seen. He didn't tell his parents he was planning to go to London, and it's never been established why he went there. I'd love to find out he's actually ok, or even if not for his parents to finally find out what happened to him.” kank84

The Alps Murders…

​“The Alps Murders as they're known in the UK. An English family on holiday in France are assassinated with an old pistol with accuracy that points towards a professional hit.”

“A cyclist is found murdered in the same lay by too by the same weapon. The assassin thought they had tied up all loose ends until after 8 hours on the scene the French police found their 4 year old daughter hiding under her dead mothers legs. 9 years later there's still no clue over who or why they were all murdered.” Shystakovich

​A glitch in the Matrix perhaps?

​“In 1994 I found a cinema ticket stub for Speed in my jacket pocket. I never saw Speed at the cinema, nor did I lend my jacket to anybody that had. I'd like to know where it came from so I can one day sit through the film without wondering about it.” Mikkidisco73

Is there anybody out there?

​“Are we alone in the universe?” Rylof

Same, like existence itself does not make sense at all. Like why does the universe exist in the first place? So interesting. This is the question that I want its answer the most, too.” ArtificialThinker

"Whether he killed his family?"

"Did David Bain kill his family? It famous local New Zealand history. I highly recommend listening to the podcast Black Hands about the event and investigation."tomazinak

"Whether he killed his family?"

"From sitting in and watching there was little more to be picked up than what you would have seen on TV. Although, I do remember Dad having a massive rant about something being misrepresented by the reporter (I can't remember exactly what it was, something to do with Laniette I think). Even the jury didn't figure it out. My Dad and another mathy guy mapped out the whole time line in the jurors room and they were certain David couldn't have made it home in time."

"There wasn't enough evidence, and with evidence thrown out and the house burnt down, it's one of those things we'll never know. Your guess is as good as mine really. The jury really struggled with this one, they had to look through and study all the photographic evidence and it was absolutely revolting. Most of the jurors needed some form of counseling after/during."Excluded_Apple

The Great Escape

"What happened to the famous Alcatraz escapees."Ph4ntomiD

"I watched a documentary which suggests that the two brothers lived for many years after, and that a school friend of theirs even met them years after the escape. He even got a picture of them, and they possibly went in drag to their mother's funeral. Two unknown 'women' were certainly there, and disappeared, with the FBI agents who attended the funeral looking for them afterwards."

"Edit: This is the documentary I mentioned:

Edit 2: Link to the picture:

Which is from here:".CeliaEquus


"Where Ian Brady buried Keith Bennett. I doubt we'll ever know now unless someone happens to stumble over his remains. But my heart aches when I think of that poor boy's mother being tormented by his killer until the end of her life." fairkatrina

"Yeah that was awful. I know Myra Hindley went back to moors a few times with the police to find him but I honestly believe she was doing it more for her image. Her and Brady knew exactly where every body was so there's no way Hindley "forgot"." FluffyMarshmallow90

Rest in Peace

"The murder of my father. He wasn't anyone famous or influential. Wasn't rich or connected to any big wigs, but he was a good man. I feel his wife got away with murdering him. Made a good life for herself on his corpse."delaneyhannareddit

"He might have been influential to you. may your father Rest In Peace and I hope you seek the answers you're looking for. I know this is 4 days late but I just wanted to say that." StraightToJail__

In Columbus

"As someone from Columbus, the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. It kills me that all these years later there still isn't a definitive answer to what happened to him. I really hope the case gets solved in my lifetime." sleeplessincolumbus7

"For those who have never heard about this before... Tbh sounds like a Netflix documentary to come." the_421_Rob

(Yes, he was an idiot)

"I have a half brother. I'd love to know who he is and what his family was like. He would have been born shortly after my mother divorced my father and fled the state." kpsdarlin

"Don't give up hope. At my parent's divorce trial, my scumbag father showed up with a visibly pregnant woman he claimed was his new wife. (Yes, he was an idiot.). I was 8 years old, and stuck on the idea of that half-sibling, wondering all the same things as you are. I started checking every phone book I could find. As time went on, I started checking year books, and eventually the internet. I was 38 years old when I found my sister. Thirty years of searching, but it finally happened. Don't lose hope."NothingReallyAndYou

We'll Never Know...

"Who killed JonBenét Ramsey?"Fluffybunnyballs

"I think it was Burke but it was an accident and he hit her in childish anger (being a kid and all) but did NOT mean to kill her, and either or both parents covered up for him by making it look like murder. I'm not sure if I think they knew it was a tragic accident or if they feared he did it intentionally. I believe he's likely had so much therapy and protection that he's basically repressed it and genuinely does not consider himself at all at fault or responsible - I'm not making a judgment call over whether this is just or appropriate though." M_Ad

The 3 year old...

"The disappearance of Willian Tyrell, basically a 3 yr old kid was kidnapped in his front yard after the foster grandma went inside for a glass of water and she heard screaming from the sister and when she ran out he was gone. This happens around 2014 and I still remember his face on the news in his Spider-Man costume."blazeforever1234

Terry Hobbs...

"Who the hell was responsible for the child murders at Robin Hood hills?" Shay_Cormac_

"Being from Memphis and the same age as the boys, that event changed life dramatically. Before those murders I'd leave home on my bike in the morning and be back by dinner. Life was fun and full of outdoors. Then all of a sudden parents were scared, the doors got locked, and we could barely leave the house for more than an hour without parents getting worried. Terry Hobbs."motleybrews2

the sea people...

"What happened at the end of the Bronze Age? Like, who were the sea people?" irontoaster

"I, for one, believe systems collapse theory explains the bronze age collapse pretty well. The sea people were probably famine refugees from elsewhere in Europe and Africa and may not even have been affiliated with each other but still attacked the rich bronze age nations at around the same time anyway." darkkn1te

Although most of these are tragedies some really got our sleuth senses tingling. Which rabbit hole are you going down today?

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