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Two women gossiping
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Everyone has a secret–a shameful history, an embarrassing tendency, or a life hack they want to keep to themselves.

Whatever it is, secrets can either completely destroy one's reputation because of a regretful past or make them venerated for an admirable act done anonymously to avoid praise.

These mysterious qualities keep you from fully understanding who your friends really are.

Do you truly really know your boss, the person you've looked up to all your life, your child, or even your spouse?

What would happen if you discovered something about them that wasn't intended for you to find out?

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People Confess The Real Reason They Aren't Scared Of Death
Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Death is perhaps the world's greatest mystery.

As no one knows what happens after one takes their final breath.

The uncertainty of it all causes tremendous fear in many.

Others, however, don't fear death, on the belief that it is simply one of life's inevitable realities.

Redditor Animemesh was curious to hear a more in-depth explanation of why people aren't afraid of death, leading them to ask:

"People who aren’t scared of death, why?"
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People Who Take Long Showers Explain What They're Really Doing In There
Andrea Davis on Unsplash

For some, showering is a chore, and as a result, they will do their best to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible.

For others though, showering is an indulgence, and take their sweet time enjoying it.

It does beg the question, does it really take 20 minutes or more to wash one's hair and body?

Or do people get up to other things while enjoying the solitude and the (presumably) hot water.

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People Break Down The Most Disturbing Facts About The Human Body
Photo by Joel Ambass on Unsplash

The human body is still such a mystery.

How much do we really know?

Not a lot apparently. We're learning more all the time.

And most of it is gross.

RedditorBathNo7713wanted to discuss the ick factor of anatomy. So they asked:

"What is the most disturbing fact about the human body?"
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People Share Their All-Time Favorite Comfort TV Shows
Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Since TV was invented for commercial use in the 1920s people have extolled its virtues and decried its vices.

Love it or hate it, television is a big part of many people's lives.

As with other staples of pop culture, some TV shows gain a place in the hearts of viewers.

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