People are killed every single day. Some are murdered in horrific fashion, feeding the insatiable appetites of true crime fanatics but traumatizing the victim's surviving family members.

Many murders happen in cities of course but others happen in small towns, which many people consider idyllic safe havens from urban crime. Of course, you or your loved ones can be the victim of a crime at any time. A sad and scary fact.

People shared some info with us after Redditor RookTheBlindSnake asked the online community,

"What's your small town murder story?"

"They broke in at night..."

"The Stove Top Murder."

In Northern Ontario, in the '40s, four men got it into their heads that an old woman had a bunch of money hidden in her house. They broke in at night and tortured her for the money's location by pushing her face onto a hot stove top. She didn't have any money and died later at the hospital. Three of the men were hanged and one got life in prison."


This is horrific. That poor woman.

"No one saw enough of the person..."

"An elderly woman's house was broken into and she was beaten to death inside. Nothing was stolen, she didn't have any living family to suspect, and according to neighbors she was very kind but generally kept to herself.

No one saw enough of the person leaving her house to be much help. The only info the police got was "probably male" and "left in a car or suv no one recognized". No updates or news stories on the case since about a month after it happened."


This is incredibly heartbreaking for the victim's family.

"There was an old woman..."

"There was an old woman in a small town just north of Toronto who was decapitated and her house set on fire. They still don't know who did it and this was just a couple months ago."


Scary! The killer is likely still out there, barring extraordinary events.

"He was murdered..."

"In the 90s I went to elementary school with Kirsten Hatfield- an 8-year-old girl who was abducted from her bedroom while she slept next to her three-year-old sister. The girls’ mom was on drugs and hung out with sketchy people so the community wrongly assumed her mom had something to do with her disappearance."

"In 2015, Kristen’s neighbor Anthony Palma was arrested for her abduction and murder after her bloody panties were found buried in his backyard. In 2019, two years after being sentenced to life in prison, Palma was found dead in his cell. He was murdered by another inmate."


This is awful. That poor child.

"Johnny Cash's great niece..."

"Johnny Cash's great niece was murdered next to my grandma's house. Dude stuffed her body into a box."


And the family is still seeking answers in the murder case.

"My parents..."

"My parents got a good deal on a house because the lady that lived there killed her two kids, sister and herself in a very very small town."


That's often how it works. Many people don't want to live in homes where murders occurred.

"In 1988 William Mellin, the man who owned and ran the general store in the very small town of Millican, OR was murdered by a shot to the back of the head."

"Not really a particularly remarkable story except for the fact that Millican was such a very, very small town. So small, in fact, that the official population was "1" - William Mellin. And then, after his demise, the population of Millican was "0."


Wonder how in the world that happened. How will we ever know?

"I was good friends with..."

"I was good friends with the mayor's son growing up, but after he left office, the former mayor got on heavy drugs and was later murdered by his sex worker's pimp."


This was a rollercoaster ride!

"I'm about 15 minutes away..."

"I’m about 15 minutes away from Delphi, IN. The murders of Abby Williams and Liberty German in 2017 are still unsolved and will probably remain that way. Such a sad and scary case."


This is a remarkably creepy case and it's so disturbing that there haven't been any significant developments.

"I remember helicopters..."

"Poughkeepsie Killer - Kendall Francois was a serial killer from Poughkeepsie, New York, convicted of killing eight women, from 1996 to 1998. I remember helicopters hovering over my neighborhood for days when he was arrested."



Francois died in prison in 2014 of an AIDS-related illness at the Wende Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

Chances are your own town has secrets of its own. It's awful when a town's claim to fame is something so horrific and painful.

Have stories of your own? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!