People Explain What Their Hometown Is Most Famous For
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Where are you from?

Everyone's hometown is full of a lot of stories. Some of those stories are hilarious and some are tragic.

So many places are plagued with the stain of murder and chaos. And some are home to geniuses and fun.

It's all a mixed bag. I'm sure for every ghost story from a town there is a success story to match.

Let's discuss...

Redditoritiswhatitisfriendswanted to hear about why your the place where you started is so great, by asking:

"What is your Town famous for?"

I'm from Astoria, Queens. We have a lot of celebrities that were birthed there, and we have great pizza. But, it's a major part of New York City so... that all sounds generic. But I'm still proud.

Simply the Best

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"It was voted the happiest place to live in the UK three years in a row. I can't think why." ~ CswBizzel


"Every year we have a wheel of cheese roll down an incredibly steep hill with a bunch of people running down to chase after it. Loads of spectators, plenty of people getting hurt and it's just generally funny as hell to watch. Google Gloucester cheese rolling. Being able to say you charged down Cooper's Hill and lived to tell the tale is enough to make hearts skip a beat here. Plus the cheese is pretty good." ~ schofield101


"A couple of years ago there was this small Chinese restaurant that was really popular. It was found out that the owners killed the daughter and hid the body in the ceiling above the freezer." ~ JohnXinaIceCream

"Canton, Ohio? Just looked up the story and the mother who killed her daughter seems an astonishing combination of psychopathic and stupid." ~ Harsimaja


"Getting hit by a big tornado. Xenia, Ohio." ~ darthjay81

"LOL I thought 'Xenia???' immediately. Then perhaps you might know mine, being known for the Potato Festival? :b I can only imagine there are many potato festivals out there so it probably doesn't mean much to redditors that don't live in this area." ~ Freohr-Datia


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"The defunct coal/iron mining industry, along with the canals that used to connect them, AND also related the mining industry also the oldest functioning steam powered beam engine/ pump to still be in its original place." ~ chease86

Well my list of places to visit is growing. And my list of places to avoid is as well. Let's continue...


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"Smelling really bad because of a leather tanning factory - Smellington. Being really warm - Hellington. And wine." ~ itsmuffintimei


"The biggest radioactive (not nuclear, different things) accident in the world. The whole city was under risk of radiation poisoning and a there was a stigma against my city that lasted till the 2000s (it happened in the 80s) Basically, some scrappers got into some abandoned hospital equipment, among them an X-ray machine, they broke the big box open and inside found this magical powder that glowed, Cesium-137."

"They took it home to show their family and friends, gifted it to some people, one of them gave it to his daughter and she played with it like it was glitter, some of them ate it. They washed it off their hands like you would anything else so it went down into the water supply of the city. You have an idea how it went down from there."

"That daughter that played with it died and was buried in a special lot with a lead coffin. The city was almost put under quarantine, military was deployed to contain it, football stadiums were turned into shelters and quarantine areas, took a big effort to clear it off from our water supply(I haven't looked into the specifics of it and I sure hope I haven't been drinking Cesium most of my life)." ~ Mon_erdon


"Balloon-boy." ~ original_4degrees

"I'm not sure how to feel about it anymore. The Internet Historian did a couple videos about the whole thing and I initially thought it was tongue-in-cheek, but even if it was he brought up some interesting points that had me doubting the whole 'f**k his parents, horrible people that they are' thing." ~ daviepancakes

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Hey Florida...

"The Gainesville Ripper, sadly." ~ ahoefordrphil

"Tom Petty is LIGHT YEARS more famous than that. Oh and a little band called Sister Hazel. Oh and a band called Less Than Jake. Oh and a guy named Don Felder or Bernie Leadon. Oh and Stephen Stills. Oh and maybe you’ve heard of Bo Diddley? Or a band called Against Me!? Or how’s about a little college called the University Of Florida?" ~ No_Aside_6730


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"The Black Panthers. Jonestown. Bash Brothers. Mc Hammer. TonyToni Tone. Jack London. Too $hort. Tom Hanks. Bruce Lee. Clint Eastwood. The Mai Tai." ~ KaiWren75

"Oakland... haven't thought of the Bash Brothers in years!" ~ Nobodyville

The Windy City

"Deep dish pizza, skyscrapers and A LOT of crime. If y'all were confused its Chicago lol." ~ tj2sweet

"I was there during this event once and it was insanity, there was a football game, a soccer game, and the Taste of Chicago all going on at the same time. I can say the food was good and my highlight was Exchequers for some deep dish."

"I don't know about the overpaying for stuff though cause we were there for my wife's family reunion and they rented Trinity College in Palos Heights (?) for like 4 days and we took the L train into actual Chicago, and only once (even though I wanted to explore more). The downtown reminds me of a less dark Gotham City." ~ McFryin


"Where Buddy Holly is from." ~ TheLittleRedd

"Lubbock has no right to Buddy Holly, they didn't want him when he was alive. Clovis has more right because that's where he recorded at." ~ familyman121712


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"A unique stone that is made of fossilized coral that you can't find anywhere else in the world." ~ jaybonepanda91

"I was a 400 million year old relic of the Devonian. Now I'm a fridge magnet in the shape of Michigan." ~ Detroit_Guy

"I have a bracelet made of Petoskey stone. Pretty." ~ Powerful-Knee3150


"White slender legged cryptids with no torsos." ~ LemonSalted

"The video evidence for their existence was very quickly debunked. However, people still believe in them based on very similar looking statues made by the natives of the surrounding areas. It was probably the debunking though, they lost a lot of popularity after that. Fresno high five though. :D" ~ LemonSalted

The Battleground

"Battle of Chickamauga, the first internment camp for German-Americans during WWI, the end of the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862, and Dolly Parton eloped here. That's where I grew up. Ringgold." ~ ProbablyABore

Love Her

"One of the cool things to happen in my town is that Pocahontas used to live here." ~ jmsld_

"Oh that is cool. Isn"t she buried in gravesend?" ~ pragmageek

"Yes, St George's Church. But there was a fire and the church was destroyed. They rebuilt it, and so no-one knows the exact location of her grave." ~ jmsld_


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"Dolly Parton. Born and raised here too! No family relation, but know several cousins and the previous pastors of their family church off Upper Middle Creek." ~ JPM092394

An Old Place

"A 10th century Norman Castle, a Knights templar caste, a church were 3 of the mayflower pilgrims came from (some guy called Sam Stone) we have George ezra, Rupert Grint and a man called Alfred Wallace who invented evolution with Charles Darwin, its a small town 26,000 people but people from here started a city in America named after there home town." ~ pillowcase99999

Yummy Town

"My hometown is the world headquarters and primary manufacturing site for one of the most well known manufacturers of deep fryers and pressure cookers. I worked at the KFC in town in my early 20's and we were basically a test kitchen for all of their new tech. We also supplied product to them so they could test in-house as well. Most KFC's and McDonald's use their deep fryers." ~ berserkr1979

Well, get me to Oakland.

As Adele personifies... "Hometown Glory" is always something to strive to have. The good, the bad and ugly.

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