People Share The Real Reasons They Just Up And Quit Their Jobs

People Share The Real Reasons They Just Up And Quit Their Jobs
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Quitting your job, ideally, should be something done with forethought and planning. It's a career shift that can take months, if not years to make and that "minimally requires" two weeks notice.


Now ... you and I both know we absolutely do not live in an "ideal" world and sometimes sh*t happens.

Reddit user Broad_post-6496 asked:

What made you quit your job?

Spoiler alert: It pretty much boils down to terrible bosses.

No Heat In Winter

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"I worked at a dry cleaners when I was in high school."

"The owner refused to turn the heat on in the middle of winter. She literally locked the thermostat with a key and I had to wear my winter jacket inside the whole shift. It got to the point where I could see my breath inside."

"After this happening multiple times, I called my city's health department to 'anonymously' report unsafe work conditions."

"Health inspector came that day and did a full inspection. Ended up writing multiple violations (fire hazards, unsafe worker conditions, etc.) which all came with a hefty fine."

"I was fully aware the owner would watch the cameras and see me giving the inspector a full tour. I never came back after that day and don't feel bad at all." - ta1234560

Family Business

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"The wide spread nepotism and narcissism."

"As a result, I'll never work for another family-owned business ever again, especially if they promote themselves as being a 'family-like' working environment."

"It just amounts to a lot of unpaid overtime, requests severely outside of your job description, and lots of begging for a minimal raise while the family members get fat checks." - ThatReaperGuy

"To avoid arbitration, our company's HR representative sent out a poll to unrelated departments asking them to 'vote' on the next admin assistant. The choice was between two women."

"The woman who 'won' was the HR rep's best friend." - LudwigWhitecollar

"I just assume everywhere that says they have a 'family-like' workplace means a highly dysfunctional and toxic family lol."

"No thanks. I've got my own family to deal with, I'd rather not add yours." - CappuccinoBoy

No Money, Mo' Problems

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"Not getting a raise."

"The 'seniors' that knew less and used me as a resource 24/7 for their important client meetings were all making $20k above me. I was also assigned the more technical and hard assignments."

"I asked for a raise and outlined why it was deserved. Boss said I made good points but his 'hands were tied' and I needed to 'Wait til annual reviews and we'll see what we can do.' "

"I put my two weeks in on the spot."

"Within 6 months all my peers, except for one person, were gone."

"Their reasoning? 'We knew if they wouldn't take care of YOU there was no way they'd do anything for us.' "

"They saw how little company valued an employee they heavily relied on, and decided they had no future there." - technical-reality-39


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"Once upon a time I was working as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. My boss, F*cking Dennis, liked to say that he didn't have to go to college because he went to Pizza Hut University. Yeah, he was THAT GUY."

"I had an old truck that was having some issues and I couldn't deliver pizza. He told me to let him know when I had a working vehicle and he would put me back on the schedule."

"This was right around the Super Bowl."

"He wrote me up for not showing up the day of the game. Another week goes by and he says if I can't show up, he's gonna terminate me."

"At this point, I had just managed to buy a used car and luck would have it, I found a much higher paying job. So I go in and tell him that I'm going to put in my two weeks."

"He replies, 'You got fired the moment your truck stopped working.' and hands me a piece of paper I have to sign to get my last tiny bit of pay."

"It says I was negligent, blah, blah, blah. So I rewrite it and say that he told me to call him when my truck was fixed."

"He flips out and almost comes to blows with me. So I call the general manager and tell him the whole story."

"Sad ending - Dennis lies and gets promoted. F*ck you Dennis; and your stupid dumb mustache." - jimmygibbler

Executives And Emails

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"In my case it was executives that drove me out."

"Managers were tolerable. My Local leadership was fine. Middle management could be at times Micro-managing but tolerable."

"It was when an Executive VP was calling me to yell at me cause he didn't like something I said in an Email to another employee - an email which this VP nor his staff were involved in. Guess they actually do go through all our Emails."

"That call is what made me start resenting that place. It showed such a lack of trust or respect and exactly how incompetent those execs were if they were spending their time reading low level employees emails rather than literally anything else." - AWACS_Bandog


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"I called my boss from the hospital to let her know I'd been rushed in because I stopped breathing and turned blue."

"I explained that I was, at that moment, sitting with a cannula in my nose and hooked up to multiple machines, which I know she heard because they kept going off because my oxygen was low and I was tachycardic."

"She yelled at me about how disrespectful it was for me to call in two hours before my shift, after I'd worked 12-14 hr days for three months straight. I hung up and emailed her my letter of resignation right then."

"I was a teacher at the time so taking abuse was a normal part of my routine, but I couldn't do it anymore."

"I had bruises from my students, I was so sick I couldn't move (they had to take me for imaging at one point and they had to transfer me onto the MRI bed because I couldn't lift myself), I was coming home in tears every day and dreading going to work."

"The hospital released me saying they couldn't find evidence of anything to explain why I couldn't breathe. I was at another hospital less than a week later where they found 'severe acute bronchitis.' My lungs were almost completely white on the image (which apparently means BAD)."

"I ended up with pneumonia a couple months later and I'm pretty sure it's because bronchitis went on for three months with no treatment because I couldn't get time out of the classroom to see a doctor."

"I'm an office admin now for a construction company and I'm 100% happier." - itsbadtonight

Boss After Boss

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"It's been bad bosses time after time."

"1st job - they stopped giving me hours to force me to quit."

"2nd job - boss got involved in my personal life and told me if I didn't apologize to a friend of hers, I'd have no more hours."

"3rd job - Company went bust, but I stayed til the last day when the doors closed for the last time because that's how I work."

"4th job - I was severely over worked and underpaid. I was trained as a receptionist and still expected to do that while taking over for a contracts administrator - with almost no training. Oh and all the IT work too. No pay raises despite doing 3 jobs."

"5th job - still here :) Hopefully I'll get to stay a while." - InnocenceBlue

Invaluable, But Only So Far As...

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"One, the 80 hour work weeks."

"Two, the 2 hour commute, and after having proven that I'm efficient AF working from home, still refusing to convert my position to a fully work from home one."

"But the final straw was my boss's boss's inability to promote me. When there was a vacancy at my boss's level, I worked my a$$ off and had more-than-proved that I could do my boss's job."

"Even so, when I applied for the position, I was told 'You're invaluable, but only so far as helping us hire the person goes.' Meaning: you're amazing at what you do, but you don't kiss our butt nearly as much as you should, so suck it."

"Joke's on them. I found a job that pays 40% more, is completely work from home AND at the level of my boss's boss. Exactly where I should have been. Who's sucking it now?" - sortitall6

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Hiring Someone With A Bladder

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"My boss constantly micromanaging my toilet breaks."

"Switched jobs where, surprise, boss doesn't give care about toilet breaks as long the work is in his inbox by the time he asked for it."

"Strange thing, now that I think about it... I don't really know WHAT my old boss wasn't happy about other than the fact that I went to the toilet occasionally and didn't respond within a minute after he messaged me."

"I mean, I still did all the reports he wanted within the time he wanted it, I joined all the weekend overtimes during crunch (also not during crunch)... Guess he just wasn't happy that he employed somebody who had a bladder." - TheDoorDoesntWork

Boss's Dating Life

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"My boss started dating my mom."

"We all worked for the same company, but my mom at a different location. Co-workers suddenly assumed I was getting special treatment- many left the location, always leaving us short staffed."

"Anytime my Mom or my Boss were fighting, my Boss would have a massive attitude change towards me and be cruel. I had a mental breakdown because of it."

"She made me work more doubles, too, and I missed a few therapy appointments (that she was very aware of) and didn't come to work for a few days, so she took me off the schedule. Had to get back on medications during this time."

"Asked her to place me back on the next week; she called me in one morning because someone quit, so I went in to cover with her. It was such a depressing morning working with her."

"She was so nasty to me for the two hours I had been there, then she sent me home because my 'attitude sucks.' I asked her to transfer me to a new location, but she told me that she didn't want another manager to deal with my mental problems because they're too problematic, so she refused my transfer request."

"I quit on her after she gave me 5 doubles for the next week, forcing her to work them all."

"I tried to complain to the district manager about my experiences working with her, but nothing happened because they didn't have anyone to fill her position." - AstronomicalArtisan


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"The company never really cared about its US branch, and always showed blatant favoritism towards the Singapore office."

"The CEO was toxic, and would always complain that we didn't work hard enough, and that he wanted everyone to work 9-9, and would mandate it for the US offices if he could."

"I saw the writing on the wall when they stopped hiring replacements in the US office. The last straw was when they said that we were no longer using C# for our software, despite the fact that it's what all the developers specialized in, and what all our software was written in."

"Apparently, the .NET runtime was just too much of a hassle to deal with, so we were switching to C++/JS effective immediately. There was some backpedaling when they realized how long it would take to migrate some of our larger services from C# to C++ (I guess they thought it would be a straight-port or something?)"

"Anyway, it was a good idea to jump ship. 6 months after I left that (during Christmas time) that they announced they were closing the US office, and moving all development to Singapore/China." - VeloxFox

Lost An Employee And A Customer

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"I was moving away for college."

"I actually left earlier than I'd originally planned because my coworkers started teasing me and being passive aggressive just because I was going to college and leaving them. I realized just how bitter they all were."

"I'm fortunate enough to get an education while they're spending their lives in a dead-end, minimum wage job, wasting all their money on booze and drugs. I'm glad I found out just how toxic a place that really was."

"It was a pit of misery, but I thought I at least had friends. I was fortunate enough to get out of it. If your wondering, it was just a local grocery store, but after working there I refuse to shop there anymore." - Arcinbiblo12


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"Worked at Wendy's - it was the first and only job I've ever quit. Nothing catastrophic, but they gave me like 4 hours a week during the summer when I requested more, and just stopped my training right in the middle of it."

"You're supposed to watch this series of videos; they start with basic stuff like food safety and sexual harassment, then go from there. Once I watched the one about manning the fry station they handed me a uniform and said 'ok get to work.' "

"I hadn't learned how to do anything else. Other employees rotated positions daily, making sandwiches and being at the register and whatnot."

"Quitting was frequent, and a lot of new hires came in during the brief time I worked there. I talked to them; they had all been trained on how to do everything."

"Not me. I spent my entire shift scooping fries and putting them in the containers, and they would yell at me because I wasn't fast enough."

"I had a panic attack once during a lunch rush and asked if I could go on break, they sent me home."

"It just was not worth the $15 per hour pay that was my sole motivation for accepting the job. Other duties were dull, but it's really demeaning to just scoop the whole shift." - chrisb0302


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"Spent 6 years recovering from a bad fall. Could have died. Nearly lost my leg. Still have almost constant severe pain."

"Boss was the CFO. I'm middle management."

"After a board meeting, my boss tells me I needed to 'improve how I sit in a chair and stop fidgeting.' I reminded the boss that I am disabled and fidget because I am trying not to scream in pain."

"Boss feigns regret, then essentially repeats the advice. Stop fidgeting."

"I live in a small town, so word gets around. This wasn't worth suing over; I just went to the nearest competitor, got hired, and dedicated myself to making my new company successful."

"New company CEO says I'm the best he's ever worked with. I apologized for being fidgety and he gave me the biggest 'so what?' look I've ever seen." - Powerful-Care-9964

Whatever THIS Is...

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"With my last job, it was definitely my manager."

"She insisted on having very graphic, adult conversations about sex and stuff which I tried to avoid and when I did, she would be like, 'What's WRONG with you? What, are you some kind of prude?' "

"She was also very passive-aggressive when it came to my husband and our relationship. She once asked me about my husband's job, how many hours he worked, etc."

"When I told her, she said, 'Well if that was MY husband, and he worked THAT many hours, I would tell him to just get the f*ck out, because I need him to be home more than THAT!' "

"My husband had a 2hr commute every day at that time, and worked about 50 hrs a week. This didn't bother me one bit because that had been the case for most of our marriage up to that point."

"She also acted like it was a crime for us to go on vacation (gasp!) as much as we do (2-3X per year) because she was (when she wasn't at work) a 'travel agent' and didn't get to go anywhere."

"She also kind of acted like there was something inherently wrong with me because I only have one kid."

"My body just did not handle pregnancy particularly well, getting pregnant wasn't ever easy for me and the second (and last time) I got pregnant, I had a miscarriage."

"I had accepted at that point that I was only ever going to have one child and was (and am) mostly OK with that."

"She acted like how dare I only have one child, that my son was going to grow up to be some kind of weirdo psychopath because he didn't have any siblings."

"She was 100% directly the reason I quit." - knockmeyourlobes

Response after response - Reddit basically just gave us different takes on the old idea that people don't leave jobs, they leave bosses.

So ask yourself, what was the reason YOU quit? Was it a management issue? Sound off in the comments!

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