People Who Love Their Jobs Describe What They Do

People Who Love Their Jobs Describe What They Do
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It is the dream of everyone. Maybe not the main dream, but one of the big ones.

To have a career or just a day to day survival job you love.

Or at least a temporary thing you don't hate and despise going to.

How can we find them? Where do we look?

There are people out there who love their jobs.

They actually wake up with a smile ready to... "get to work."


RedditorAcidHVwanted to hear about all the careers that make people smile.

They asked:

"People who actually like their jobs, what do you do?"

I guess I can't complain.

I have this job.

But I have a side hustle that only brings tears.

Toy Story

"I am an engineer for high tech toys." ~ frank26080115


Wide Open Spaces

"I am a park ranger. Just me and the trees." ~ bibas4d

"I work as a ranger in the UK pay isn't the best around 20k however you spend everyday outside, a lot of my work is conservation orientated so basically managing habitats for wildlife and making sure they are as diverse as possible. There's such a vast range of aspects to a rangers job it's hard to pin point as everyday is completely different. Hope that helps." ~ 5awb0nes

Finding the Land

"I’m an environmental geologist. I like uncovering the history of a property and working outdoors is enjoyable when the weather is nice. I don’t love every aspect, of course—paperwork can be tedious, often the weather is bad, and telling clients bad news is intimidating—but it’s satisfying when the pieces of a problem fall together." ~ hypo-osmotic

In the Wild

"Wildlife biologist. Long hours but amazing experiences that I usually enjoy waking up for." ~ vimap5

"Currently getting a degree in Ecology/Conservation Biology with a GIS certification. I want to do a master's program for wildlife bio/management down the road. I am trying to get most of my higher level electives wildlife bio focused. Eventually want to work in western big game management or research!" ~ AGib04


"I shelve books at the library." ~ purple_yosher

"School librarian checking in. I love my job to the core." ~ BookDragon3ryn




It's so quiet.

But hey, if silence is your savior, more power to you.


"I’m a flight attendant. Absolutely love my job. Thinking about going to flight school to be a pilot though. But nothing beats getting paid to travel the world." ~ TastyAssBiscuit



"Year round paramedic, summer lifeguard." ~ harinonfireagain

"12 year Paramedic. Job's dope. If your agency allows for a high scope of practice and you like solving problems, it's an excellent way to solve that itch... sometimes."

"Lately it's been a bit bullcrap with Covid. When the answer is always covid, you don't get to enjoy problem solving as much." ~ MedicManDan


"I have had my own detailing business almost 28 years now." ~ scottwax

"I'm 18 and this is my dream job. I can binge watch car detailing videos for hours and it never bores me. might take aeronautical engineering in college but hoping to open an auto-detailing shop in the future too. good luck to me."

"To be honest I'm more into restoring those old and rusty bad boys and trucks of the 80s-90s making them look fresh and new. good luck to your business!!" ~ MuffinBasic500

That is my real passion...

"I am a loader for a distribution warehouse as my 40-hour job. I like it, but I keep it for the money and health insurance. But my second job, I am the Regional Director for a non-for-profit that helps guys with Transitional housing when they get out of prison."

"We also help homeless guys on occasion and people who just need a hand up. That is my real passion." ~ RepresentativeCrow77

Just Cool

"Receptionist at a very small company where I also fill in when other departments are shorthanded. Everyone is nice (with very few exceptions) and no one cares if I have an AirPod in and Netflix playing as long as crap gets done." ~ invisible_23



"Surgical technologist."


"You basically become the surgeon’s second pair of hands. It doesn’t require any specialized education beyond tech school. But it does involve become very advanced at your skills on the job."

"My stepdad and mom both did this before my mom became a nurse. They both performed incisions, sutured, and more. My stepdad went on to create his own contract business where he would work for specific surgeons rather than the hospital. Made his own schedule and made really good money for the education required."



"I teach kids welding."


"When I was an electrical apprentice, welding was a required class. My instructor said I was the worst welder he ever taught. I kept asking for darker and darker lenses because the arc hurt my eyes. I think I pissed him off. I did manage to make some stands for my stackable washer and dryer. I've been using them for 15 years now without issue so I couldn't have been that bad at welding."



"Make wood for construction site. Only have to work roughly 16 days a month and make more than I ever did as an electrician and without any of the stress. Four on, Four off swings should really be the norm for work/ life balance and I'm unsure if I'll ever be able to go back to working Monday to Friday."



"I'm an accountant. Grew up as the 'artsy' type that everyone thought would be a traveling musician or music teacher. I thought I hated math and that I was bad at it growing up. Turns out I had untreated ADHD. I took a job as a teller in my early 20s and realized I really loved balancing things."

"Got my degree, and now I enjoy a job where every day I'm problem solving and investigating. Everything is a puzzle, and I love it. Accounting is way more than numbers and balancing. I'm so happy in my job. (I work in industry. I did not like public accounting)."



"I was a phlebotomist at a blood bank. People came in to donate blood voluntarily, so I never had to hold any nervous kid down to take their blood. And you’re literally saving lives."


The Simpsons Beer GIFGiphy

Build It

"I’m a carpenter. Building stuff is fun."


"If I wasn't so crap at it, I'd switch careers today. But I love it as a hobby... kind of gave it up for a bunch of years after my dad died, but recently got back into it. Can't express how much I missed it. Was like having my dad back in the room with me."


Anything stimulating...

"Rec Therapist for Alzheimer Patients. I would say it's a health/wellness approach to implementing programs to maintain their activities of daily living. So, exercise programs, memory games, educational programs, having volunteers come in (many of my patients can't go out). Musical entertainment, Pet therapy etc... Anything stimulating."


Readers are Great

"Library clerk. Basically means I’m at the front desk all day every day, answering every question under the sun, watching how the joy lights up a person’s face when I unite them with a book they want to read, helping people in dark times, and being around a bunch of other people who do the same thing and love it, too."



"Helping adults obtain their high school equivalency and learn computer/customer service skills. :) It's very rewarding helping those students who didn't finish high school because of personal family matters or undiagnosed learning disabilities. On the other end of the spectrum, it is very humbling teaching students more educated than me (e.g. graduate degrees from their home country)."


Scary Times

"Fabrication at a company that sells products for haunt attractions and escape rooms."


"My son would go bananas at your job. He loves all the Spirit Halloween animatronics. Seeing the real deal good stuff would melt his face off. What a cool job."


Trick Or Treat Halloween GIF by Craft RecordingsGiphy

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