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There are a lot of reasons to quit a job, especially during a pandemic. Not being appreciated, being overworked, burnout—even simple boredom.

Staying in a job you hate is soul-sucking, so it's no surprise that a lot of folks have decided to move on to bigger and better things recently.

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Quitting your job, ideally, should be something done with forethought and planning. It's a career shift that can take months, if not years to make and that "minimally requires" two weeks notice.


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We in the United States are in the middle of an "employment crisis" - and some people believe the narrative that it's because people don't want to work. Data hasn't supported that, but it has absolutely found that people learning to support themselves means they are no longer willing to work under certain conditions.

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We are living in times when job opportunities have been scarce due to global health concerns. And when an opportunity for employment arises, we go for it.

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The labor of workers is what keeps the world running. As we entered into the pandemic in 2020 it became clear just how essential workers from even less glamorized jobs are to our everyday life.

While we had brief shows of appreciation and special weeks for different jobs, there are two basic things employers quickly forget would show the best appreciation of all—treating employees with respect and fair pay.

In my early twenties I had a job working at a fast food style coffee shop. The owner —former now— always worked way too close with the ladies in the drive thru. He did this so he could monitor us during peak hours. Not for our performance really, but so he could berate his female workers who had to use the bathroom anytime between the hours of 5am-10am.

He would tell us to not drink water before bed prior to an early morning shift and become upset if we stopped to get a drink of water during work. He would make comments daily along the lines of “I’ve never seen a group of women who have to pee so much” or “women must all have weak bladders”. It was humiliating.

To this day none of us ever figured out what his fixation with women and bathrooms was about, it wasn’t the time as we were always fully staffed. It was creepy and I hoped right out of there after a short time.

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