Couples Who Shower Together Share Their Experiences

The longer couples are together, the more creative they have to be to have quality time together.

But quality time isn't always what other people think it will be.

Curious about the deeply intimate moments, Redditor Glittering_Age_9045 asked:

"What do couples do when they shower together?"

Personal Care

"I have disabilities that make standing for more than 60 seconds (especially in a hot, humid environment like a shower) very painful for me, so my husband showers with me to help me get clean."

"He washes my hair, scrubs me down, and makes sure I'm all taken care of. Do sexy things happen?? Occasionally, but for us, showering together is an act of deep love and care. I appreciate him endlessly for it."

- v_4_valhalla

Greatest Form of Intimacy

"This is what showers and baths turned into for me and my husband as he approached the end. During our last shower together, I shaved his facial hair for him, and it was just very intimate. I knew I had to cherish that moment, even though I didn't know it would be the last one."

"We'd always joked to each other that washing each other's hair is the greatest form of intimacy (quote from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'), even way before he got sick, but it really was true."

"Oops, now I'm tearing up at work!"

"We were both 30 when he passed, only four months ago. F**k cancer!"

- go-with-the-flo

Romantic Jokes

"One says, 'This is so romantic,' while the other nods and shivers."

- churchin222999111

Support System

"I bought a shower chair, because if I'm gonna freeze, I'm gonna be comfortable. Then I bought a shower head with a stationary head AND an extended one."

"We talk about stuff, we play, we laugh, everything. It started during the pandemic when I was extremely depressed. I'd take a shower to cry away from the kids. Then he'd start taking them with me at night and just hold me while I cried."

"Now our showers are much happier."

- ThrowMeAway_8844

How the Time Flies

"I awkwardly wait there while waiting for my girl to finish with her hair."

- BurningRoast

Water Temperature Disagreements

"My husband pretty much boils himself, it's crazy, and then he calls my regular warm water 'ice cold.' I love showering together but I do wish he would be a bit less of a hot water person."

- OddCupofTea

Define "Hot"

"My husband walked in on me taking a bath the other night and the first thing he said was, 'Woah. It's super hot in here,' to which I, of course, replied, 'It isn't even that warm."

- AnnieBannieFoFannie

Hot Girl Problem

"You take your first shower together, and you realize your girlfriend is actually the spawn of Satan and connects with her homeland through the boiling of her own flesh until her mask has been washed away and her skin is as red as the devil himself."

"A milestone in every relationship."

- Anymonimous

Shower Jokes

"Spin in circles, making silly noises, while the other person says, 'Rotisserie chicken!'"

- GastontheBeast

Unique Shower Set-Ups

"We have two shower heads. It is great. And seats built into each side. Came with the house."

"It is glorious to be able to sit down and relax with one shower running over your head and back while the second shower keeps your front and legs warm."

"But you run out of hot water twice as fast. SIGH. And every kid in the house insists on using the ensuite cause the shower is “better.” Can’t really disagree with their logic, to be fair."

- stiletto929

Taking Turns

"Shuffle round and round, taking turns to be cold and warm like f**king penguins."

- Defiant_Hawk_9892

Enjoying Each Other's Company

"10 years together, married a year, and lived together for about six years. We always shower together, and that’s where we catch up on each other's day, vent, or just talk and enjoy each other's company."

- doggiechewtoy

Good Memories

"Shower conversations are the best. My ex and I would end up just holding each other under the running water, talking about bills or plans or some such nonsense. I miss that. It was incredibly cathartic."

- saintlyknighted

Married Routine

​"My husband and I shower together every single day. It's not even sexual or romantic, it's literally for hygienic reasons. We started showering together when we were dating and it never stopped."

"Even when we're fighting, which forces us to talk about the issue. It's kind of nice being trapped in a small area with no other distractions."

- redwhiteandchill

Good Conversations

"This made me remember the time my husband and I spent half an hour in the shower discussing whether or not lobsters are sentient."

- kincaidinator12

While many people may think of two people to get into a shower together for far more intimate activities, these couples might argue that their showers together are already intimate enough. All aspects of a couple's relationship are important, but it's nice to set aside time specifically to talk and reconnect.

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