People Share The Places You Should Never Have Sex
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There's a time and place for things. Generally speaking, that's a valid sentiment.

However, when it comes to giving your sex life a boost, spontaneously getting your groove on at any given time or place–other than in a bedroom–can be passionate.

Making love in the shower can be hot and also convenient after climax. Getting busy inside your boss' office after hours can be risky but highly erotic. And there's always the mile-high club for those unconcerned about being claustrophobic.

While some like to think there's no limit to having discreet sex anywhere, others believe there are places that should be off-limits.

Curious to hear where those are, Redditor scriptdog1 asked:

"Where should you never have sex?"

There are safety concerns.

Pounding The Pavement

"in the middle of the streets at 2pm?"

– shonenpunk

Doesn't Get Any Dirtier

"In a dumpster."

– notbluuet

"The one behind the Wendy's?"

– BobDogGo

Cinematic Trope

"In a horror movie. You're #2-3 to die."

– PoliticalScienceDoge

"Exactly, there’s a very simple formula for surviving a horror movie."

  1. "Don’t have sex."
  2. "Don’t do drugs."
  3. "Don’t say, 'I’ll be right back.'"


You Gotta Hear This One

"In the ear."

– TicsDaily

There Will Be Blood

"On a roof."

"Shingles are not good wingmen. They will cut you the f'k up."

– Onederbat67

"Friday The 13th" Fans Know About This

"Camp Crystal Lake."

– Cockydjinn

Downward Spiral

"School staircase."

"You don’t know how many videos there are of students f'king in them…"

– jaybankzz

There were consequences.

Going Mental

"At a psychiatric hospital. Two students from my med school just got expelled for being THAT horny."

– Unfair_Fortune_4504


"Chief of police in my town got fired for having sex in the township court room… so…there."

– Were-All-F'ked

Waking The Dead

"Twice removed Sheriff of my county was dismissed for having sex in a graveyard with a realtor. That's a pretty good place not to too."

– Semesto

Olfactory Assault

"In another specific food answer, in a room where you ate hummus before sex. The smell combo of sex and hummus is not good."

– timesuck897

It seems hot on paper but disappoints in execution.

Going Nowhere Fast

"A rowing boat. I promise, it is not romantic."

– dustlandfairytale100

"Even if you go gently….down the stream?"

– JnthnDJP

It May Look Hot...

"Sandy beach without a blanket."

– mdkubit

"Oh the friction. Yeah, don't do that."

– holy-f0ck

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Orgasm

"Space station, spheres of juices floating around could be a problem."

– Hushwater

It's All Relative

"My Aunt Joan’s house when you’re visiting. 25 years and it’s still not forgotten."

"No I did not have sex with my Aunt Joan. I had sex with my ex. wife in Aunt Joan’s house while taking a nap."

"My ex and I were visiting elderly out of state relatives. We all ran around a lot in the summer heat one day and so we all decided to rest for a couple of hours."

"Ex and I closed the door, climbed into the guest bed and went at it quietly though not quiet enough it would seem. They had elbow to elbow figurines on every flat surface of their house except for their dining room table (Not exaggerating; over every square inch). That included the bed side tables. I suspect the rattling little bedside figurines gave us away."

"When we came out of the room later they acted strange particularly my Aunt Joan. It was very awkward. You could tell they knew. They acted that way for the next three days. We’d be at a bbq place eating together and the looks on their faces said it all: 'You had sex in our guest room.'”

"We never got another invite to their house for a vacation."

– TheMadIrishman327

Snack Attack

"In a bed where somebody just ate crackers."

– waterballoontits

Live Sin

"In a confessional booth in a Catholic Church."

– Workingclass_owl

I may or may not have engaged in an intimately sensual act while inside a car.

But if I were to impart wisdom based on whether or not I had this experience, I would suggest the safest way to do the deed in the driver's seat is while the vehicle is parked–not when it's cruising over 55 mph.

As you were.

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