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As we enter into the fall, we find ourselves putting away our shorts and lightweight clothes for the season, and bringing our coats, hats and gloves out of storage.

For when fall approaches, it means winter is around the corner.

There's plenty not to like about winter, namely the freezing cold and the shorter days.

Conversely, winter also means the holiday season, and the chance to hit the slopes and ski or snowboard.

Making it understandable why winter is many people's favorite season.

Redditor i-pace_around was eager to hear why some people loved winter best of the four seasons, leaving them to ask:
"People who like winter, why?"

No Chance Of Bug Bites!

"No mosquitoes."- Aggra_Photo_

Some People Just Prefer The Cold...

"I'm not sweating in bed anymore."- drgn2009

"I hate being hot and I enjoy snow."- gomper

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No Chance Of Overheating

"I'm fat and work outside."- jamiethered


"Winter air smells so crisp and calm."

"The cold air on my skin makes me feel alive and inspired, like anything is possible."

"I can't really explain it."

"Have you ever walked alone in the woods during a light snowfall?"

"I highly recommend it."

"Everything is quiet and still, except for the sharp crackle of underbrush under your feet as you walk."

"It's like being the only person in the world."

"Sorry, I think my introversion is showing."- whenthecatmeows

Easier To Enjoy The Great Outdoors...

"My allergies aren’t bothering me in winter and I’m not sweating after a 5 minute walk outside."- Verily_indubitably

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Turn , Turn, Turn...

"Fall is the beauty of dying."

"Winter is the peace of death."- PatientlyNostalgic

Just A Matter Of Personal Taste

"Just like some people enjoy summer and feel more alive."

"It is the same for winter."

"The smell of nature after it rains, the sound of rain, feeling cold."

"I think part of it is that I prefer night to day so having a gray wether is heaven plus winter clothes are prettier and more comfy."- metcxtubc

Just About Sums It Up

"Winter is cold, so the mosquitos are dead."

"The days are shorter, more time in bed."

"Staying warm by the fire, with the one you desire,

"And far less restrictions on bread :)."- rity5yender

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Take Your Pick!

"The sun isn't as bright."

"The world is quieter."

"Especially at 3am."

"There is no pollen in the air."

"The sun isn't out near as much."

"People stay indoors more."

"Fires are nicer in winter."- dragon_book_hoarder

Who doesn't love snuggling up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate?

Perhaps people who prefer lounging by a pool with a frozen margarita?

To each, their own...