People Explain Which Things They Hate That Everyone Else Loves
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People's tastes are anything but universal, but there are some things that are distinctly more popular than others.

It can get pretty lonely when you're the only person you know who can't stand the current popular thing.

Reddit user Lil Crackerjack asked:

"What is something you hate that everyone loves?"


"Loud cars and motorcycles.

"Everybody seems to like them."

"Even non-enthusiasts but I absolutely despise them."



"Sweet tea is very popular where I live, I think it's foul."

"Also IPA style beer."



"Ever since I can remember I have always hated gum."

"I hate everything about it especially when people chew with their mouths open and you can see it swirling around i am instantly repulsed."



"Although it's a huge part of my generation I really hate U2.

"Always have and always will."

"Something about their music, Bono, and The Edge just drive me crazy."


Everyone loves him afterall



"Do you like Chris though?"




"I hate the story, I hate the characters, I hate the music, and I absolutely hate the message."

"I never saw the big deal as a kid, and the older I get, the more I hate it."


Love Island

"Probably too late for a UK entry: Love Island."

"Why, just why would anyone care?"


Unity Candles

"Unity candles at weddings."

"The thing you are symbolizing is literally the thing you are doing."


The Tingles


"The tingles are really uncomfortable for me and I just can't deal with it."

"I also can't deal with my neck being touched so that might have something to do with it—I dunno."


These Actors Seemed Miscast But Absolutely Nailed The Role

The Actors Who Seemed Miscast But Absolutely Nailed The Role


"Posing for pictures by myself."


"What do I do with my hands?"

"How big should I smile?"

"Should I wear a leotard? What even is a leotard?"

"It's all too much."


NYPD Blues

"Crime procedurals."

"Every single show is the same. All of them."

"Your Cast:"

"The Leader who knows it all"

"The quirky lab tech"

"The tough cop who the leader forms a romantic connection with."

"The goes against the rules renegade tech"

"The Newbie"



"The Bachelor/Bachelorette."

"What is the appeal of watching a bunch of the opposite sex basically lying, cheating and stealing for a random stranger?"

"I don't get it."


Gender Reveals

"Genital reveal parties."


"They're getting way too out of hand."

"Next they're literally going to blow up buildings just to uncover the coloured wall coinciding with the genitals of the fetus or something like that."



"Celebrity obsession and worship."

"It bothers me."



"Children, I guess."

"I don't hate them but my disinterest in my extended family member's kids borders on apathy."

"There are kids in my family I've never met and I'm ok with it."

I met one of the newest ones this weekend while I was a little tipsy and my aunt got mad when I said, 'there's another one?'."



"Tea even though I'm British (English)."

"Hate iced tea, coffee, mocha, lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccino's, anything like that."




"I know everyone loves guacamole, but I just hate it."



"Summer and it being sunny and hot."




"Any carbonation tastes like it's burning my tongue."

"I'd rather go thirsty for hours than drink one soda."

"My kids are the same way."




"I am apparently the only suburban mom who doesn't drink wine, and it makes other suburban moms incredibly uncomfortable."


Not everyone needs to love everything... but we all certainly hate something or other.

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