People Reveal Which Smells Make Them Instantly Happy

People Reveal Which Smells Make Them Instantly Happy

People Reveal Which Smells Make Them Instantly Happy

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Scents have been said to be the strongest sense that is linked to memory, which might be why many of us have a favorite scent that takes us away to our happy place. Whether it's a specific smell that reminds us of a vacation or a smell like vanilla that reminds us of delicious baked goods, getting a whiff of your favorite scent can really take you to a happy place.

nottodaybathtub asks:

Redditors, what smell instantly makes you happy?

A primal smell

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The smell of dust in the air just before a storm. That really gets my blood pumping. It's like a primal excitement.

The vivid scenery that comes with smells

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Pine trees. I like me some time in the Northern woods.

And the ocean, especially on a hot day when it's carried in on a cooler breeze. That salty tang and freshness, and I can almost hear the waves crashing and feel the mist....

Summer time and the living is easy

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Summer air, when it's been baking hot all day and it's just starting to cool in the evening. You can smell the grass and the trees and it's all balmy and it makes me feel so happy


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Fresh cookies :)

Not everyone's cup of tea, but very meaningful

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Gasoline and sawdust, reminds me of my grandfather

There is something about camp fires that are magical

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Burned wood. Like campfire smell. Sometimes it just smells like campfire outside and I stay outside all day.

That new book smell

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The smell of a brand new book is a pretty nice smell

Rainy days aren't always bad

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Smell of the rain, especially if you're from an arid land. Or the smell of the sea, even if I personally do not like the sea.

That bakery smell

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Fresh Bread. Whenever I buy/bake a loaf, I constantly smell it, its the best thing in the world. Toast is also a fantastic smell.

Clean smell goodness

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That clean house smell - not that chemical cleaning s***, but like, 3 hours after you've cleaned, and the windows are open on a nice cool breezy day. S*** is heavenly.

There is nothing better than a sleep in clean sheets

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Freshly washed sheets

The smells that take us back

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Tomato vines. My grandmother always grew them and the vines have such a distinct smell, she's been gone for a while now but it takes me immediately back to being a kid at her house

The really takes you back to your childhood

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New crayons. It's my mother's favorite smell. Whenever I'd get a new box of crayons, my mother would smell them and reminisce about her own childhood, the excitement of new school supplies, etc. Now whenever I smell new crayons, I think about my mother smiling.

The invigorating smell

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Recently cut grass, it just makes me feel so alive.

The home cooking smell

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"Just cooked" food

That love scent

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Gonna sound sappy but my wife wore a certain body spray on our first date, Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret. It was the most exciting and happiest night of my life so whenever I smell that scent, I have intense memories of us. Brings a smile to my face every time.

The smells that cue hunger

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The smell when you start frying onion and garlic. Always makes me hungry.

Simple and a bit generic, but so right

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Animal friends!

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Horses, due a wonderful time spent with them in my youth.

Definitely a distinct smell

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The smell of chlorine from a pool

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