People Reveal The Real Reasons They Sleep Naked

People Reveal The Real Reasons They Sleep Naked
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So many people love to go natural.

Nudists have been trying to make us see their ways for decades.

For some, sleeping in the buff can be one of the best ways to sleep.

Sheets cool on the flesh is such a great feeling.

Redditor Etore_the_not_smart wanted to hear from all the people who love to slumber in nothing, so they asked:

"People who sleep naked why do you sleep naked?"

I am a nude sleeper.

It changed my life.

Good Thinking

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"My husband sleeps naked."

"I asked him: Dude, what if there’s a fire and we have to just run out???"

"He said: Well, my pajamas won’t catch fire… because I’m naked."

"I had no valid argument. So, there’s that."


So alas...

"I hate clothes. If I could choose to just never wear clothes that would be ideal. Unfortunately I was born with pasty, ghost skin and I freeze in the winter even in clothes. So alas I will keep wearing them outside the house and get nude as soon as I get home. When I am at the beach with my pasty a** ghost skin, I wear long sleeve rashguards, swim leggings, and a giant sun hat because again, pasty ghost skin. Cute swimsuits are for indoor pools imo!"


Hold Me

"Home security. Any person who breaks into my house will have to deal with a balding, hairy, naked man running at them and yelling 'I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE!'"


"It is one thing to get your a** kicked after you break into a house. It is a completely different thing to get your a** kicked by a naked 40 year old with a beer belly."


"That's way too terrifying to be honest."


The Slam

"I don’t like the feeling of clothes getting all bunched up as I toss and turn at night like I normally do before my sleep wrestling starts. My wife says that I will suddenly body slam the mattress with my upper torso in the middle of the night at random."


"My wife just calls it a 'Whale Breaching!'"



In Bed Hentai GIF by ROSALÍAGiphy

"It makes me feel free and comfy."


"If I wear clothes, they get all knotted and twisted up."


Comfy on the skin is a must for most folks, it seems.


Scary GIF by Imagine DragonsGiphy

"I was born naked."


"We come into this world screaming, naked, and covered in blood. Play your cards right and it doesn't have to stop there."


Everyone Do It!

"It's too hot where I live. Plus it's good for your private parts health, especially for females."


"I always slept naked and turned my ex wife onto sleeping naked when we first met. She never did before. She said she was worried spiders or snakes would crawl into you know where"

"I explained that this wouldn’t happen, and she realized how wonderful sleeping naked is. From what she’s told me, she still does."

"Everyone should sleep naked! Clean sheets against your skin are the best feeling ever!"


It's a Crime

"Wearing clothing in bed just feels... wrong. I'd feel claustrophobic. Plus it's just such a delicious feeling to climb into high thread count cotton sheets and a down comforter - I don't want anything interfering with the sensuous pleasure of it."



"It’s more comfortable. I run hot. I hate the idea of adding more clothes to my laundry. And if someone breaks in, I’ve always imagined a naked hairy man with a hatchet will make them double think their decision. (Hatchet in nightstand)."


The Feels

"Sensory issues. Clothes feel weird on my skin when I’m lying on a mattress. They bunch up, they stick to the skin, they rub against the sheets and twist when I move positions. Plus I get hot very easily. Cannot stand sleeping with clothes on."


"Same. Can’t handle the friction of fabric on fabric. Can’t stand when my clothes get twisted because I toss and turn. If I must wear clothes, the only thing I can somewhat tolerate is a sports bra/stretchy cami and panties."



relaxing ranveer singh GIFGiphy

"I'm 42. Till about 5 years ago I thought everyone (well about 95%) of people slept naked. But I was wrong. I think the question should be why do people wear clothes in bed?! Crazy to me."



"I get tangled in my jammies and sheets."

"It feels nicer."

"I have a naked woman beside me and cuddling feels way better naked."


Well that settles it, these folks make some good points.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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