People Break Down The Reason They Just Quit Their Job On The Spot
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We in the United States are in the middle of an "employment crisis" - and some people believe the narrative that it's because people don't want to work. Data hasn't supported that, but it has absolutely found that people learning to support themselves means they are no longer willing to work under certain conditions.

Let's take a look at what those conditions might be.

Reddit user "Sketch99" asked:

What made you quit a job on the spot?

There are some things more important than money. There are things people just will not tolerate.

Employers and future-employers - pay special attention here. It's important to learn what not to do or allow in your organization.


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"Nothing dramatic."

"After working my butt off during the pandemic and promised an additional bonus. I received a 'low performance' review conveniently timed a day before my bonus was to be paid."

"The low performance feedback canceled my bonus. Given all the other BS I was putting up with, I broke and quit."

"I had a nice month off and my new job pays significantly more. Never work for people that don't appreciate you, there are always others that will." - grasshenge

"I unfortunately work for a company that is currently doing this to me. I can't quit yet, but I'm already gone mentally."

"Busted my butt all through the pandemic (I work on healthcare equipment), working 12-15 hour days regularly. Got the attaboys from the company and managers and was promised a pretty substantial bonus."

"The end of the fiscal year rolls around and we got our overtime cut instead of the bonus due to 'unprotected expenditures' yet the corporate guys and managers got 5 figure bonuses for 'weathering out the storm of the pandemic and succeeding beyond expectations.' "

"This was the final confirmation I needed to start looking for a different position." - acidbass32

Thanks, Leroy

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"I used to cut grass in a cemetery."

"I used a push lawnmower and had to lift it up onto the elevated graves, and then back down and on to the next one. Over and over and over."

"Minimum wage was $4.25 an hour."

"After an hour of cutting grass in the August heat, I sit down for my break, and this guy named Leroy asks, 'Was that worth $4.25 to you?' I quit the next day. Thanks Leroy." - nobodytoldme

Surprise Surprise?

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"Asked for a raise and was told okay. Next morning (Friday) I was told by the same person who agreed with the raise that I should put a few more years in and then we'll talk again."

"Locked my toolbox at the end of the day and called a tow truck to pick it up. Shop manager was shocked that next Monday to find a empty spot where my tools were and couldn't understand why I left." - NotSurprised92

"Lol, sure I'll give you a raise. Wait, no raise. We will talk in 6 years."

"That's some ahole sh*t. He had to realize mechanics can find jobs super quick. I walked out on a Thursday, had a job by Saturday. Started work on Monday." - xabhax

Figure It Out

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"My grand-father, who I considered like a father, passed away after a long stay in hospital. We were closer than he was with his own kids, and our bond was quite special."

"I spoke to my manager about getting the day of his funeral off, since I was organizing part of the arrangements, and having a day or two of bereavement leave, and he agreed."

"The day of the funeral finally comes and the staff start calling me, leaving me messages asking why I'm not at my shift, and telling me, while I'm in a suit hosting family members at the funeral home, that I have to find someone to replace me or face repercussions."

"Needless to say, I told them to figure it out, and never looked back." - Cavalleria-Rustica

"This happened to my wife. She was at work when her mom called to say my wife's grandma had died."

"My wife, sobbing, told her manager that she needed to go home. The manager said 'if you leave now, don't bother coming back.' "

"My wife took off her work apron, handed it to the manager, and said 'I'll come by for my final paycheck.' "

"The manager had the nerve to call and pester her at home: 'so you're not covering your shift tomorrow?' No, Frank."

"This was a summer job when she was in college way back when. I'm proud of how assertive she is." - GummyKibble

Dollars And Deceit

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"Walked in to the interview, everything went well, accepted the job offer."

"Went to the front desk to do the paperwork and noticed that the contract had a different pay amount, and that I would be 'interning' for the first month for $100/week."

"I asked first about the amount difference, was told 'oh, this the standard contract, it just hasn't been updated for your specific offer.' "

"I told them they'd need to edit and initial the changes before I would sign. 'Oh...that's not how things work here." "

"I thanked them for their time and left without signing anything. They called me back on the day I was supposed to have started asking where I was."

"I told them because didn't sign the contract, I was never an employee....hooo boy that was a fun call." - CowboyFleeborg

"Similar situation for me."

"Back in 2012 I was looking for a job in anything other than food, but got desperate. This burger place had just opened up and was desperate for workers. They advertised on their window $11.75 and hour starting for all positions."

"I applied, had an interview basically the second I turned in my application and got hired 20 minutes later. At the end of my shift (which was about 3 hours), they said they would start me at minimum wage, 'because you haven't finished your bachelor's degree yet.' "

"I was speechless. If I had finished my bachelors degree why would I be working here?! And for such low pay!"

"I told them to cash out my pay immediately and I would not be returning because of their deceit. There weren't any stipulations anywhere on the sign that said anything about needing an undergrad degree for that much pay."

"They cashed me out at $11.25 per hour and I left. They closed down back in 2018 and every year Spirit Halloween takes over the location. F*ck'em!" - Embershot89

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The Owner's Son

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"Worked for a privately owned bakery for exactly 1 week."

"The owner's son comes in, walks passed the counter and into the bathroom. He comes out a few minutes later without acknowledging me or my coworker, gets into his car and drives away."

"We both looked at each other then opened the door only to find this guy literally sh*t all over the toilet seat and the toilet paper holder."

"I called the owner, told her what happened and she said to 'Deal with it.' So I asked my coworker if she wanted to clean it up because I wasn't going to."

"She declined and I told her I was walking out. She did as well."

"We locked up the store and told the owner we quit, but would reconsider staying if her son came back to clean up his own mess. She yelled and berated us for 20 seconds before I said goodbye and hung up."

"He was 22 at the time and I'm pretty sure he had a drug problem. When I started working there he was an employee for a day or two before his mom came in and told him to leave after finding out he was taking money from the register."

"I think on that day he had enough and decided to do what he did to get back at her. My coworker and I were caught in the crossfire and bailed out of that situation fast." - Edge80

Denying The Commission

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"I worked for a T-mobile store (authorized reseller, not an actual dealer). One week, I had an amazing week (sold 55 phones, brand new activations on a business account with 55 high end phones at that time)."

"When I got my next check, they said my paperwork was not in order and thus they couldn't pay me."

"As a side note, they always told us to make copies of all paperwork in case this happened so you can show it to the manager and get it resolved within a day."

"I went over my back up paperwork with my boss, he said everything looked to be in order and he would have the office cut me a check."

"I went to the office, and they told me it was still not in order. I immediately gave them my store key and quit on the spot."

"I did go through collections and they did settle before I took them to court."

"The company did go out of business after a few years because they tried that with many other employees and eventually lead to an investigation by the government (according to an old coworker I bumped into years later)." - Jim105

Very Unprofessional

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"Worked as a cashier in a local shop, one night 2 guys came at me with knives trying to get in the till."

"I just walked away and said have at it as it wasn't worth the minimum wage to get into it with a couple of guys waving knives at me."

"After they ran out of the store, I picked up my mobile and called the police then called the store manager."

"The next day, the district manager meets me as I turn up for my shift the very next day. Her first words were not to ask if I was okay, but to tell me that it was 'very unprofessional' of me to have been on my phone while at work."

"I laughed at her and told her she could take this as my notice and walked out. I never had a problem with being held up but the sheer gall of that got me."

"I later got a message from the supervisor that was scheduled with me that evening. They were asking why I wasn't there as it wasn't like me to miss a shift. (Only time I dipped was when I got took to hospital for a night)"

"After I explained to him what happened, he and his partner put their notice in within the week. Along with the other cashier they got in to cover that shift."

"That district manager got made 'redundant' the following month, the manager of the store messaged me explaining that they have been looking at getting rid of her for a while and me walking out was the catalyst."

"Near enough sunk the store." - Voidsleets

Hopefully, more and more businesses truly lean in on the idea of people as actual humans rather than resources. If they don't, we expect to see a lot more of those angry "nobody wants to work" signs - so at least we'll get some laughs.

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