People Who Quit Their Job On The First Day Break Down What Happened

People Who Quit Their Job On The First Day Break Down What Happened
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The labor of workers is what keeps the world running. As we entered into the pandemic in 2020 it became clear just how essential workers from even less glamorized jobs are to our everyday life.

While we had brief shows of appreciation and special weeks for different jobs, there are two basic things employers quickly forget would show the best appreciation of all—treating employees with respect and fair pay.

In my early twenties I had a job working at a fast food style coffee shop. The owner —former now— always worked way too close with the ladies in the drive thru. He did this so he could monitor us during peak hours. Not for our performance really, but so he could berate his female workers who had to use the bathroom anytime between the hours of 5am-10am.

He would tell us to not drink water before bed prior to an early morning shift and become upset if we stopped to get a drink of water during work. He would make comments daily along the lines of “I’ve never seen a group of women who have to pee so much” or “women must all have weak bladders”. It was humiliating.

To this day none of us ever figured out what his fixation with women and bathrooms was about, it wasn’t the time as we were always fully staffed. It was creepy and I hoped right out of there after a short time.

Knowing there were many other people out there with horrible first-day experiences, Redditor redmambo_no6 asked the question:

People who quit their jobs on the first day, what was your 'I'm outta here' moment?"

People from all different types of work shared the moments that made them nope right out of the job.

This was a job , not volunteer work...

“It was a petrol station and the manager wanted me to work for free until I had learned their computer systems to what he deemed a satisfactory extent. I agreed to do it, because I needed a job, and he brought me in at 7am on my first day, however he was not present to go through the training with me, so I was just standing around kind of helping out on the forecourt but not really knowing what I should be doing.”

“Not learning anything. After about an hour and a half without the manager showing up or anyone training me on anything, I decided that I wasn't going to continue to be taken advantage of and told the cashier to pass on the message to the manager that I had quit.”


“...and pull me around like it was a leash."

“I was a waitress, the only waitress, at a just opened diner. The boss didn't have me sign any paperwork. Everything was under the table. But that wasn't what made me quit at the end of the night. In order to get me where he wanted me to go, he would pinch my skirt at my upper thigh, not quite the butt but very close, and pull me around like it was a leash.”

Needed me in the kitchen? Rather than call me. He would come out, pinch my skirt and pull to the kitchen. Needed me at the cash machine? Again, come over to where ever I was, didn't matter if I was serving a customer, and would grab my skirt to pull me.”

“That act in itself, made some customers uncomfortable. Mind you, one couple left an almost 50% tip in the end. But I think it was more out of pity and embarrassment on my behalf.”

“I was supposed to come in the next day but I called that night and said the job wasn't for me. I came in a couple days later to turn in my apron and he just took a wad of cash out of his pocket and paid me then and there. God, he was creepy. I think it was a smart move to quit.”


They wanted the nanny without the pay...

“I answered an ad for a baby sitting job. I was already working on a casual basis but it was sporadic so I thought some after hours baby sitting would be welcome extra cash. The couple were both in the military and proceeded to tell me that I would be staying in the spare room and looking after their 6 mth old child around the clock as well as doing the housework.”

“I would have one day off every two weeks. They said it is cash in hand so I could sign onto the dole (unemployment benifit) to make up the rest of the money. I left on the spot. They wanted a live in housemaid and nanny not a baby sitter and they were not able to pay for one. Why they thought it was up to me to illegally collect the dole to subsidise them I don't know.”


“I imagined working my *ss off only to be told I couldn't have a chair.”

Worked at McDonald's years ago in their Assistant Manager training program. Had gotten hired right out of the Army. First day I met with the Store Manager where I'd be working and training and noted that she spent the majority of the time doing entry-level work and then working OT to do store manager work. She told me this was pretty common because of the type of people they'd hire."

“Her 'office' was a counter and she told me she had bought a chair but corporate made her remove it. She was really nice, worked her butt off and was intelligent and told me she'd been at McDonald's for 10 years. I imagined working my *ss off only to be told I couldn't have a chair and decided that night I wasn't going to work for a company like that."


A searing response...

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A long time ago, not long after getting my papers as a chef I had an interview at a hotel for a position in the kitchen. The Executive Chef and I chatted in his office for about 20 mins, at the time I remember him coming off as very arrogant which is quite common in this field, I didn't think much of it at the time as the pay was decent and the shift was what I wanted.”

“As I was leaving his office I turned to leave through the dining room (the way I had come in) which was closed at the time it was another hour or so before service started and he says to me ‘No not that way, go through the kitchen, you're not good enough to go through the dining room.’”

“I was so surprised by what he said, I just did what he asked without a word. Later on after I had got home I phoned him up and said that after having a close look I decided that his menu wasn't good enough and that I wouldn't be accepting his offer.”


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“...they got shut down after a riot...”

“I took a job at a lock down residential treatment center as I was desperate for a job. The interviewer said most of the kids were court ordered, and were a step away from juvie. The interview didn't go well so I was honestly surprised when they called me offer me the job.”

“The morning of training was going over all of the state and federal laws that governed the place, like resident rights and staff to resident ratios and the like. The afternoon was a tour of the facility where it became readily apparent that exact none of the laws we'd just covered were being followed.”

“I left at the end of the day and never came back. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen at that place. A few months later they got shut down after a riot that results in several serious injuries to both residents and staff. Glad I wasn't around for that.”


That’s got to hurt.

“I was 17 and working Pre-cast concrete. Refused to use a rusted ladder. Supervisor called me a p*ssy, got up about 7 rungs before his foot went through one, heard his foot snap as he fell. I called an ambulance and walked to my car in the parking lot."


​“Me and 2/3rds of the rest stood up and walked out."

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“Answered an ad in the paper (this was the mid 90s) what seemed to be an office job making sales calls when I was in college. Did a phone interview and was called back for an in person interview."

“When I go to the interview I'm led into a room with about 50 other people and a small stage at the front of the room. We're all somewhat confused as to what is going on. Finally a guy gets on the stage and informs us that we've been selected for the opportunity to sell Cutco. Me and 2/3rds of the rest stood up and walked out."


Anytime I see more than a dozen people for a job interview. I just nope right out. If it's not door-to-door sales paid only on commission it's some MLM. I wish some job interviews would be more forthcoming about that. Some places have outright lied to me."


Dig with your bare hands...what?

“Summer job working for a landscape architect. Got to the job site and he asked me to dig a hole in some rocky dirt. I asked for a shovel. He didn't have one. I asked for a hand spade. He didn't have one. He told me to just dig the hole with my bare hands and then he drove off to another site leaving me completely alone. I dug for a little bit and then said 'f*ck this' and left.”

“Had the job specified that I needed to supply my own tools I could've but it didn't and I wasn't going to work for somebody that expected folks to dig through hard, rocky soil with their hands.”


This company doesn’t like the U word for a reason...

Strike Organize GIF by Industrial Workers of the WorldGiphy

“On the first day of working at Amazon warehouse the managers broke down to Everyone how a 15 minute break works there. Walking to the break room is 2 1/2 minutes. 10 minutes of actual break and then 2 1/2 minutes to go back to your stations. It took me 2 1/2 minutes to walk to my car and I took a forever break.“


Some of the teens had set mattresses on fire in their cells."

My first internship was at a Brazilian teen detention center (it's akin to a prison, but Brazilian law has some distinctions between crimes committed while as an adult or as a teenager - teens go through socio-educational measures). I was walking through a courtyard with my supervisor when some doctors came running flailing their arms and screaming while officers came running from the opposite direction.”

“I get pulled by my supervisor who just tells me to run back to our office. These teens as young as 12 had escaped their block. A few minutes later an officer comes knocking on the doors of the offices and yelling for everyone to run outside because a fire had broken out. Some of the teens had set mattresses on fire in their cells.”

“I didn't really nope out. My teacher did (she hadn't even been there that day). So i was forced by the university to choose another place to intern at. Oh well.”


Quit the bad management...

When I was 20 or so I got hired to be a temporary floor member for Forever21 during the holiday season. My training started a week before Black Friday so the store was already kind of in chaos. On my first day of training, I walked in and the floor manager gave all the new hires a tour showing us the facility and layout of the store."

“After this, I was assigned to a veteran floor member to shadow and get an idea of what my job was and what my duties would be. As soon as I was assigned the manager dipped never to be seen again. An hour and a half into my shift my shadowee got an emergency family call and had to take off for a week."

“When this happened I found some other floor manager and explained the situation and asked them who else I should shadow. The manager's response was 'just do what you can by yourself you'll be fine, everyone else is busy.' Figured we'll ok I'll try…'"

“I don't know if any of you have shopped in the women's section of forever21 but during seasonal sales they will have multiple articles of clothing that all look almost exactly the same but with slight differences (ex. A white cardigan with 4 buttons that looked literally the same as a white cardigan with 5 buttons)."

"The best part was these different items were often placed in completely separate parts of the store and it was the job of the dressing room to return the unpurchased items to the correct section so the employees could put them back on the shelves. Well, these employees f**cking sucked and I didn't know if they were a part of my section or not."

"So I'd spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to find where they go before realizing 'wait this isn't even my section I've checked literally every rack' so I'd put it back on the sorting rack and move to the next item. More than 50% of the stuff I was told to reshelve wasn't my section. I just did as best as I could and got ready for my next miserable day."

"The next day I come in and the store manager pulls me to her office and tells me how slow I was the day before and if I want to keep working here I need to be very fast. I explained my lack of training and unfamiliarity with the store and she told me if I didn't know where the clothes were in sections I should come in my free time and memorize where stuff was at."

"I spent the rest of my shift putting clothes in random f**king places then never came back for a third shift. F**k that place and their management."


I spent the next six hours giving everyone who came to my register 20% off...”

“I used to work at a craft store as a cashier, but quit when I moved. Ended up going back a couple years later to make some extra cash, but this time in the framing department. During the interview they swore up and down I would only ever be a backup cashier because I said I refused to have full cashier shifts.”

“First shift after interview is listed as framing, but I'm put on cash and told that actually most of my shifts would be cash since they'd found someone else for framing. I spent the next six hours giving everyone who came to my register 20% off of everything and then never went back.”


Call the health inspector!

dishes lol GIF by Disney PixarGiphy

Wasn't exactly the first day but I didn't show up after the second shift. It was a rather popular cafe chain in my country. I was hired to work in the kitchen as a cook along with another, senior cook.”

“Let's put aside the fact that I had zero cooking knowledge whatsoever, the senior cook was leaving the kitchen every five minutes to smoke. So there I am, alone in the kitchen, orders are printing FAST, and I'm standing there not sure what to do first, and the waitress comes over yelling at me to cook sh*t I don't have any business cooking, definitely not on my own.”

“Later on the senior cook told me they had at least two rats running around the kitchen. Showed me they pooped on a plate. I never came back and I'm glad the place got shutdown.”


The unpaid internship stereotype fulfilled.

Got what was supposed to be a prestigious political internship that came with a security clearance and everything. Found out at orientation that the ‘part time’ internship was really 40-60 hours, unpaid and that no intern had gone on to work with the organization and weren't really given a leg up for other federal posts.”

“We were supposed to facilitate meetings with heads of state, coordinate conferences and assist the actual employees with composing published research papers for which we would not be credited. They were definitely drinking their own koolaid so I bounced right on out of there.”


“This restaurant closed down a couple weeks after I got that paycheck.”

Applied for a job at my longtime favorite restaurant(celebrated my birthday there every year). The owner asks me to come in for basically a try-out, as I communicated I was looking at other job possibilities. I come in and they just stick me on dishwashing for an hour, no biggie."

“Then their dishwasher doesn't show up, so the kitchen manager asks me to stay on for their lunch rush, says I'll get paid for the hours. I do, kitchen staff was nice so I was happy to help out even though I figured I'd be taking a different job. I fill out a time card at the end of the shift and tell the manager I probably wouldnt be back, he understands and thanks me for the help."

“Fast forward a couple weeks and he tells me to email the owner after I ask him if i should pick up my measly paycheck. I do, she basically tells me to f**k off over text. Tells me it was 'staging' and that she told me I wouldn't be paid, I respond that I understand that but that I stayed an extra 3 hours which I WAS told I'd be paid for."

"She stops responding, I decide I want to be petty over the 40 bucks so I get the state labor department involved, dude goes in there and makes her pay me for the hours including the first "staging" hour. Couple of weeks later I got my 40 bucks, never went back to that restaurant."

"Edit: Firstly, "petty" is not how I see it two years later. I'm VERY glad I did this and sharing the story with others in my city I learned this practice was very common with local restaurants. Hopefully, others learned to stand up for their labor too from my small experience."

"Secondly, this restaurant closed down a couple weeks after I got that paycheck. The owner made a long-winded complaint on the FB page about how the food culture had "changed" in the city and her restaurant didn't fit in anymore"



“I was a cashier at Lowe's during college for less than a full day. I made it through the multiple day training but there was so much stupid stuff going on I almost thought I was on a hidden camera show. All of the employees complained about how hard they had to work while simultaneously not getting enough hours."

“Nobody understood why they were hiring like 4 new people (I was one of those 4). Turns out it's because they were progressing through a sexual harassment complaint that required restructuring of the store and firing of some employees. This was known to HR and explained to new hires (against company policy), but wasn't known to the employees, apparently some of whom still worked there, including the f**king person doing the training."

“She was really inappropriate and said not to worry about the sexual harassment stuff, that everything would 'go back to normal' soon enough and we wouldn't have to 'be so uptight.' They fired her the day before I started, along with one of the cashiers who trained me."

"She also offered me terrible guidance for the application process. They were looking for part-time help and two of the three days they needed help on I had off from school. I told them I could work nights most nights, but if they needed daytime help it had to be on those days."

"She said if I was too restrictive they wouldn't keep me on, lied to my boss about my availability to make me 'even more attractive than I already was' wink, and told me to schmooze them a bit and I'd make it further. She said in the end it wouldn't impact anything, and I'd get those days."

"My first week's schedule I was working mornings every day that I was in school, and I wasn't given any hours on my days off. Aside from the fact that I was given 2 times the hours the position called for (when other employees were shorted), my work schedule way literally impossible to consolidate with my school schedule."

"I only went to work on my 'first' day to tell them I was quitting and that their application process was a mess. They couldn't figure out how so much went wrong and then they asked who trained me and everything made sense. They thanked me for 'at least showing up to quit' unlike the other 3 they hired, who just stopped returning their calls and no-showed their first days."


Skeezy Salesmen...

“'Salesman' for Kirby vacuums. First sale call was to a single elderly woman who was supporting her son in hospital (they got us in the door by offering a free carpet clean as a demonstration). The supervisor training me pushed and pushed to make the sale until this old woman was in tears.”

“Just as she was about to sign the paperwork I asked if she actually wanted to vacuum and she said it was lovely but she couldn't afford it. I took the paperwork away from her and said not to worry. Outside I told the supervisor I quit to which he replied I would've been fired anyway. No love lost. I hung around for half an hour playing on my phone to make sure the supervisor left because he was a real piece of work.”


​Extra butter was his last straw?!

“I wasn't the person but I was training a new guy at a movie theater. A customer asked for extra butter. She was nice and normal. Not a mean or rude customer. The kind I would pay to handle all day long.”

“He puts the popcorn tub down, says I'm going to the bathroom, takes off his apron and walks out the front door and never came back.”


Twice over...

“Two times. Once I applied for and got a telemarketing job. I didn't know what it entailed. After an hour I knew it was a terrible dialing people during their dinners, trying to sell them stuff they didn't want, reading a horrible script while sitting in a soulless grey cubicle.”

“I got up, went to the manager, apologized and said it wasn't a good fit for me. He seemed understanding. Another time I attended a ‘make easy money at this job’ seminar and it turns out it was selling knives door to door. Idk if I technically ‘quit’ or just noped out at the end”


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