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Everyone has a dream job, the career choice you have in the deep recesses of your mind that you're either working towards or wishing you could do for the rest of your life. The fascinating thing about "dream jobs" is the labor you love may not be something someone else loves, as evidenced by the stories below.

Reddit user, u/hopecountypreacher, wanted to hear what career choice would make you happiest when they asked:

What is your dream job? (Serious)

Expressing Your Creativity In A Narrow Way

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You know when you go to a candle shop and there's one called "tropical sunshine" or something vague? Or when you open a box of crayons and there's one in there called "Awesome" or some other bizarre name?

Yeah, I want to be the guy that names those.

Someone, somewhere, is sitting in their office proud of that board meeting where their boss said "We need a name for this bright yellow". That one where they answered "Happiness" and got a raise.

I want to be that.


Well, Yeah...

Lego designer and model tester


That'll Do, Pig


Just imagine. You herd a bunch of sheep over some mountains in Iceland. Its just so calming. The gentle jingles of the bells, you and the views offered by nature. You have a small wooden cabin in the woods and have the perfect companion, a dog. Not a human in sight. Waah!


I Want To Be Paid A Lot For Very Little

I really just want a boring office job, where I am doing well paid office things the whole time without anybody bothering me. And I want to work there only 20 hours per week. That would be awsome!


Then you should definitely look at state and/or federal jobs.

I'm in Finance for my local county and it's a pretty great gig: I get good health benefits, am considered "essential" so I haven't been out of work due to COVID-19, have mandatory state retirement, never work overtime, get lots of paid holidays off (if the post office is closed then so are we), and since I've been there for a while I would basically have to shoot up my office to get fired.

The pay is a bit lower than the private sector, but the job security and annual COL wage increases tend to make up for it.


Spend The Rest Of Your Life Educating

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A geology professor! With a particular interest in minerals. I love the science behind how minerals are formed, especially the ones that take eons to cool and crystalize inside of a magma chamber. I want to stand in front of bored college students and yammer on about these things all day.

The best time of my life was when I was in college. I think I'll be truly happy spending the rest of it at a college.


Living Off The Grid, Helping Nature

Park ranger living in an off the grid shack.


This is probably an overly-romanticized dream job characteristic.

I worked at a very remote park for several years, but we at least had slow internet (many remote parks do). I love reading, hiking, hobbies, etc. but internet was like gold to everyone who worked there. One time the internet went out for 3 weeks and we all almost went crazy.

Also, try working in a few different parks with differing government park housing, and you definitely won't want a "shack." ;)


Yeah probably. I already live pretty minimally in a small house and still feel like I can downsize more. So living out of a tiny house is something I'm relatively confident about.


Serving Food To People On The Go

I want to run a food truck near the beach


Not OP, but I want the same job, but closer to mountains instead. I'd love to do sandwiches. Just a bus to appreciate the sh-t out of really good sandwiches. Make my own pickles, giardiniera and hot sauces (which I already do). Call it the Sub.buS - build it from an old school bus and make it look like a sandwich. That'd be rad


Good Honest Labor

I would love to make a living wage just mopping and buffing floors. I find it incredibly relaxing. Other than that, being a writer would be a cool job as well.


I clean houses occasionally and it's therapeutic. I hate cleaning my own house because I end of being pissed at my family for being slobs, but I really like the instant gratification when I clean someone else's. It's a lot of work so I couldn't do it every day.


Don't Let A Thing Like Location Be The Thing To Stop You

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist. Only two problems are that I live in a land locked state and I am deathly afraid of deep water.


Why is this such a common dream job for kids?


Going to the aquarium is a pretty common family activity


That's A Radical Change

Detective or someone who focuses on Fraud detection. I love discovering how corporate criminal's mind works.

Edit: It seemed stressful, I wanna be a PANDA CARETAKER instead.


Is This Too Much To Ask?

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One where I have a close knit group of coworkers and bosses that become like family. (ETA: many commenters have pointed out that this is a double edged sword. You are correct, however I don't have a lot of friends outside of work, so having some at work would be a nice change. Just one or two. I definitely don't want a toxic, drama-filled work environment)

One that doesn't completely drain me both physically and mentally so that I can have hobbies after work besides napping or passing out by 8:30

One that pays me enough to live, and maybe even gives benefits (such as reimbursement for gas or bus fare for my commute).

One that lets me be creative and use my talents

One that is flexible with me, letting me leave early, work from home, or go to appointments as long as my work gets done

I don't know how to keep selling my labor without losing my soul


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