What kind of person would have the nerve to interrupt a wedding in real life?

Well, there are a quite a few people out there who wouldn't hesitate to ruin a couples' most special day. Imagine having spent tons of money and time to make your wedding day as flawless as possible, only for a disgruntled relative or jilted lover to trigger the most awkward moment possible during the ceremony? In the best case scenario, the objections are planned out pranks to get a good laugh out of the crowd.

Redditor u/Bowling_Cabbages never got to see such an event in person, and so asked people... "Have you ever witnessed a wedding objection? What was it like?"

10. This bitter guest did their research

"The most dramatic objection came from a guy seated further back in a church filled with people. (As an organist, I've witnessed innumerable weddings.)

He said the groom was still legally married to another woman in California - that a decree of divorce had not been finalized by the judicial system.

(Turns out the guy was correct - some glitch in the process prevented the divorce from becoming official, even though the groom thought it had long been resolved.)

Apparently, the man who spoke at the east coast wedding ceremony was related to the groom's wife, and the guy was intent on spoiling the occasion out of some bitterness he held toward the groom."


9. It was just a jest


"Only once. They were lawyers being married by one of the judges they appeared before a lot. It was done as a joke. The judge overruled the objection."


8. The nephew with good instincts

"When asked if there were any objections, right on cue, the groom's two year old nephew squealed and banged his toy car on the floor a couple of times like he was trying to make a point.

The marriage didn't last, I guess he's the only one who was perceptive enough to know."


7. This very funny gag

"I didn't go to this wedding but my father is a pastor and to this day claims this to be the craziest ceremony he's done.

The couple wanted a redneck-but-not-redneck wedding. They rented him a big rich cowboy suit. Think Doug Dimmadome. They then proceeded to give him a holstered revolver with a blank in it and told him when he got to the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit, the groom's brother would stand up to object and they wanted him to pull the gun and shoot him. According to my dad, it was the stupidest request he ever had but it was fun and the crowd loved it."


6. The cranky mother in law silently objected

"My MIL showed up to my wedding in a black funeral type fundamentalist Mormon looking dress in protest. She was supposed to wear purple, silver or teal to match wedding colors and had shown me two outfits she bought in those colors.

But she got mad at me for not letting BIL give the blessing at the rehearsal dinner because I wanted the actual pastor in attendance to do it and threw a fit and threatened not to come to the wedding. She ended up coming but in that funeral dress and frowned in all the wedding pictures and pretty much ruined my wedding."


5. Nature's objection


"I was at an outdoor wedding. During the ceremony we get to the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit and during the pause a squirrel had been walking across a tree branch causing it to crack, break, and fall to the floor. It was loud.

I turned to my wife and said 'I guess God is trying to tell us something.' to which I got hit on the arm by her as others around us chuckled. Apparently I said it a little too loudly!

Turned out that squirrel was on to something. They split up after 5 years."


4. The aggressive uninvited guest

"Wasn't necessarily and objection, but a friend of mine was getting married and his fiancées mother wasn't invited. Idk all the details of why but from what I understood she sort of dropped her as a child for a few years then when she heard she was getting married she tried to show up. Anyways the mom and her boyfriend show up and makes a huge scene about how her daughter is getting married and she has a right to be there. She ends up getting pushed down the stairs by security because she was throwing punches at security trying to get into the chapel. It was a crazy experience."


3. A declaration of love

"Ok, my sister and her best friend went to a mutual friend's wedding and they told me this story.

Everything was going normally and the bride walked down the aisle and it was all good. then the officiator asked if anyone had any objections and the best man came forward and just started roasting the bride like he held nothing back. so the groom got really upset and was like 'why are you insulting my wife?' so the best mn answered 'she's not your wife yet' it went back and forth for a bit before the best man shouted, 'I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU DEREK!' the whole place went silent like in a movie. Then the maid of honour dragged the best man away and they continued on with the wedding like nothing happened."


2. This mom didn't hold back

"I was on wedding of my mom's cousin (J). When the guy asked if there was any objections, the mother of J said: i never wanted my daughter to date such a ******* like him. Everyone started whispering and J was holding her tears back. I was something around 11 when that happened, still old enough to understand that J didn't want her mother there. The mother had to leave, and the ceremony continued. After that a went to hug J. She was 20 at the time, really young. She started to tear up while hugging me. Imagine getting married, and your mother would talk **** about your future husband, when she was this young, she seemed to regret going that fast. They are still married, happy and healthy, but if i'm ever gonna get married this is going to be my biggest fear."


1. This very awkward moment

"I got my license to marry people online. It's kinda cool. I was marrying this sweet couple and when I got to 'Does anyone object this marriage?' Someone did. The uncle of the GROOM. He stood up, said he objected because 'I love you more than your girlfriend does! Marry me instead.' It was kinda weird. I am not going to lie."


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