People Who Have Actually Objected During A Wedding Break Down The Aftermath

People Who Have Actually Objected During A Wedding Break Down The Aftermath
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One of the best dramatic events in soap operas is weddings. You just know something crazy is going to happen.

And some of the best drama is when someone, a villain or romantic rival or busy body who is exposing shameful secrets, leaps up to loudly object.

You watch and cheer and say... "this is great, but in real life that would never happen!"

But it does happen.

RedditorBooney3721was dying to hear about the times people actually dared to make a wedding a true soap opera moment when they asked:

"People who stood up during "speak now or forever hold your peace" at a wedding, how did things turn out?"

40 years later...

"When my parents got married, my dad's whole family loudly stormed out at that point as my mum was originally a Protestant. He has 10 siblings so I imagine it was pretty awful and long winded. They've been married 40 years though and we don't speak to that side of the family, no great loss." ~ mooncat333

I've never heard an objection, but I have been witness to some uncomfortable toasts. If you have nothing nice to say, be quiet and come tell me.

Move On

"I was recently married. I asked this of my officiant. They never dealt with it, but they've seen it. Protocol for them (state laws, religious views, and other factors can effect how it is played) is to pause. Take person who raises concern, and bride/groom to private chambers for chat."

"Most of the time it's nothing, and they move on. Occasionally a party is legally below marriage age, or already married, in which case things are called off." ~ tour79

Oh Sister

"During one of my sister's weddings my sister in law leaned over and right when they said their vows whispered to me "I give it 6 months." Damn you could've set a clock by it, dead on. I have another sister who has also been married 3 times. And that sister in law? No longer my sister in law… I on the other hand learn from the mistakes of others, happily married 21 years." ~ dewayneestes


Sick Friends Tv GIFGiphy

"Always cough, scrape a chair on the floor and look around. It adds to the experience!" ~ Cmdr_Monzo

Dear Brother...

No Way Smh GIFGiphy

"At his own wedding my brother responded with "don't worry, she isn't here". Very funny, but he got a ticking off from the registrar." ~ PullUpAPew

People really are shameless. That has to be better moments to speak up, or better ways to be less dramatic about it all.

"Okay you can go on."

Happy Four Weddings GIF by TLCGiphy

"A cute one I saw:"

"Pastor: Speak now, or forever hold your peace!"

"Little kid, maybe 6 years old. "Stop!" He then ran up to the groom handed him a small jewelry box, and said, "You forgot the ring." The kid wasn't loud, but you could hear a pin drop in the church. He ran back to his seat, and at his mother's prompting, he said, "Okay you can go on."

"Everyone just lost it laughing, and it was a couple of minutes before the pastor could continue." ~ Smokey_Katt

"I object!"

"Went to a wedding for some friends of mine. The beautiful bride and awesome groom were saying the vows. Unbeknownst to the family, the bride's ex-boyfriend snuck into the church all dressed up as a guest and blended in. Priest says his line, and the ex-boyfriend stands up and says "I object!" Some of the male family members escorted the guy out of the church by his feet and his back and head dragging on the ground. Was pretty epic." ~ mrsheikh

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dead silent...

"I was singing at a wedding once (hired in, did not know the couple at all) and when we got to this bit of the service, a dude said "yes, I have something to say." The minister called him up to the front, and the couple, guy who spoke up, minister and best man went into the vestry."

"Everyone in the congregation was just dead silent. After about 5 mins, the best man came out, and said "Sorry everyone, it's off. Please feel free to go to the reception if you like, it's all paid for, but no wedding today." Obviously the congregation, who knew and presumably loved the couple, were really upset."

"If those are your pals, that's an awful thing, and you'd be worried about them. In the choir, however, we were LOVING the drama. We got paid, so we weren't too fussed about going home early! Still have no idea what the complainer said sadly, but we had fun speculating on the way home!" ~ Caro_Da_Boss


"Not exactly at that part. However while saying the vows. My family is sitting on those wooden bench chairs. So certain sounds echo. My uncle farted so hard I felt the rumble on the other side of the bench. The bride was visibly ultra freaking pissed. The rest of the ceremony and all of us were trying hard not to laugh. Good times." ~ vcrbetamax

Cut to the wedding...

"My father has done many weddings and he says usually he'll ask the couple if they want it reworded so nobody says anything but he said one time the couple said it was fine and nobody was gonna say anything. Cut to the wedding, my father asks the question and one of the groomsmen steps forward (I think it was the groom's cousin) and goes into a big long speech about how they shouldn't get married without really explaining why he thought so other then don't get married."

"He finally finished and my father said the groom looked like he was gonna murder the man and the bride just looked shocked. My father ended up asking them if they wanted to continue and they both agreed so they finished the ceremony. My father said the last time he saw the couple they signed the marriage certificate and neither seemed mad at each other and he still has no clue why the guy objected other than he objected." ~ Mangobunny98

"I was there first!"

"I was three years old, it was my mum's cousin's wedding. I was arguing with my older brother (would have been about seven) after he took my seat during the service and I was very determined to get it back. During the silence as the vicar asks if anyone has any objections, a cry was heard from me, "I was there first!" so perfect timing on my part. I have no memory of it but family still likes to tell the story." ~ sadielilia

Good Cops

"Only vaguely related but, at my cousins wedding they had to have the groomsmen basically as security, with us bridesmaids as a greeting crew. We were told to watch out for cousin's crazy ex who had been threatening to ruin the wedding."

"He apparently did show up for the reception, and was quietly escorted away. Well, maybe not so quiet but I'm fairly sure only the 2 groomsmen, myself, and one guest who were out smoking knew he'd showed up until much later. But the cops were very kind!" ~ nangatan

Not Cute

spank dragons' den GIF by CBCGiphy

"Did it as a joke when I was like 11. My mum yanked me down so hard I've been humble ever since." ~ creepygyal69

"Oh crap! Right!"

"I once went to a wedding where the bride had planned for a bunch of the grooms closest friends to all stand up and object at the same time as a joke. It was obvious it was a joke cause we all heard the first one say "Oh crap! Right!" Before he stood up, either as part of the script or cause he'd actually forgotten. It was a pretty funny and sweet performance." ~ Arcinbiblo12


"I was five, and at the time, I thought it was the flower girl getting married (she was five too). So I run down the aisle saying "don't get married I love you" (just like I'd seen in the movies). Everyone was dying laughing. What I didn't know at the time was that SHE WAS MY COUSIN." ~ jdsayshello

I've fainted!

"At my wedding I did not allow my grandmother to attend the ceremony. Everyone was like oh she's 80 she's blind, she's got Parkinson's, what could she do? Object, faint, yell, idk but that lady is mean. She "fainted" at my high school graduation WHEN they called my name."

"So I wouldn't put it past her, my biggest fear was she would stand up an object for no reason. I only let her attend at all for my mother's sake. She was sat in the reception hall in front of the bathrooms. So many people were so confused as to who the old lady was, she would whisper to anyone who dared to go to the restrooms so maaaany stories."

"I'm the grandmother and I object becuase of X" "I'm the grandmother and I just love my grandson" (note I'm the bride). It made the evening entertaining as it made for innocent gossip. We just told everyone she had dementia (she didn't at the time just wanted the spotlight), and no one took her seriously." ~ Nancy2421

Me Next!

Angry Run The Jewels GIF by DJ ShadowGiphy

"When I was a kid I remember my cousin doing it, he didn't actually object, he just always wanted to do it since he was a kid." ~ Boudac123

My Buddy!

"I was the best man for my buddy, and I loved to stick it to him. So while he and his new wife were getting their pictures taken between the ceremony and dinner, I handed out a bunch of keys and cheap rings I'd collected and gave everyone at least one saying "I'm going to ask for this back later, please give it to me then."

"Then during my speech I said, "Now that (my friend) is married, anyone who had keys to his apartment, please give them back, and if he ever proposed to you, it's time to return your ring to him." He ended up with a pile of about 300 keys and rings." ~ ravageritual


Wild West Dance GIF by ADWEEKGiphy

"Saw a video of a couple who was having a wild west themed wedding."

"When the minister asked the question a guy stood up and objected. The bride grabbed the groom's revolver, shot a blank at him and asked if anyone else had something to say before the now dead objector was hauled out. It was a joke and everybody was in on it so it actually was kind of funny."

~ rhett342

A wild west wedding? Really? Ok, to each their own.

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