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The photographers, DJs, officiates, and planners of the wedding industry hold a unique perspective.

They get to witness the lead-up to the couple's important, deeply symbolic day. Sitting at the table in that context offers those industry professionals a glimpse of the mundane dynamics of couples before the big event.

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Image by Deborah Eilert from Pixabay

Public marriage proposals are such emotional events, even passersby stop what they are doing to applaud the presumably happy couple.

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Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Years ago I became an officiant to preside over my best friend's wedding. I was super excited because I love a good spotlight performance, let's be honest, the officiant is the principal lead, at least at my weddings. I am also an avid daytime and primetime soap opera junkie.

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Sometimes marriage is just another mistake we make on the long list of mistakes we make in our life. There's a lot of stigma surrounding failed marriages, so we hope that marriage won't end up on our list of mistakes, but sometimes, that's just the way of it.

But better to get out of a mistake quickly than to live through years of sorrow, right?

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Any walk of life will introduce you to extremes of people. Flight attendants will meet extreme travelers. Servers will meet extreme diners.

Therefore, even though your business is more specialized, you are likely to run into an extreme version of your chosen clientele.

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