People Who Attended A Wedding Where Someone Objected Share Their Experiences
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We see it in movies all the time. At the very last second, someone comes bursting through the doors of the church, or stands up in the back row, and pronounces their love for one of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

The whole room gasps in shock that someone would object in the middle of the couple's big moment.

But does that actually happen in real life?

Apparently, it does.

We went to Reddit to find out what that's like for people.

Redditor summeralexander14 asked:

"People that have had someone object at your wedding, what happened?"

These will make you think twice about how ficticious your favorite rom-com is.

The cutest objection.

"My dad marrying his third wife."

"My step brother and I were in the wedding party. He was about 6, I was 10. The preacher asks if anyone objects and my brother raises his hand so very politely. My dad asks why, and my step brother replies, 'Because I want you to promise to take me fishing whenever I want, first.'"

- vogera

"That’s honestly pretty cute."

- summeralexander14

"Yes but it seems pretty fishy to me."

- poopellar

The childhood sweetheart.

"My cousin was marrying a Korean guy she went to grad school with. His family had come in from abroad and were sitting all together on one side of the room. When they got to the objection part, this Korean girl yells out "NO!" and stands up and starts screaming in Korean at the groom. As everyone is trying to figure out what the hell is going on, an old lady calmly walks up to the girl and slaps her face. The girl starts sobbing as some more older women grab her and pull her outside."

"The explanation was that she was just a drunk friend that didn't want him marrying an American. Found out later that the girl was actually a childhood sweetheart that was screaming how the groom promised to marry her-- which was awkward since the two were related to each other in some way (was not quite sure how). Anyway, cousin and her husband are quite happy, so no harm in the end."

- ShoddyEvent420

"Didn't know this happened in East Asian countries as well but it is not out of the ordinary for kinda distant but not so very distant relatives to get married in Asian countries. Some place even have first cousins getting hitched. Mostly because of the family oriented culture in those parts."

- poopellar

"Apparently it's really taboo in Korean culture which is why they were so embarrassed by her."

- ShoddyEvent420

"I mean.... It's pretty taboo in nearly all cultures."

- jimbris

"Well, moderately taboo. Cousin marriage is legal in most countries, and more than 10 percent of marriages worldwide are first or second cousins. Depending on what 'kinda distant' means, it might not be that big a deal. But South Korea is among the strictest in the world, banning even third cousins."

- Merinther

They saw the moment, and ceased it.

"I was at my cousin’s wedding and someone screamed at the top of their lungs 'OBJECTION, your honor' because my cousin is a judge."

- Day283

"Did he respond with 'Overruled'?"

- HipsterSlug

"Explains how he was successful in courting his now wife."

- poopellar

Vegas wedding.

"First wedding in Vegas, found a homeless guy to be a witness in exchange for a sandwich from subway, objected because it didn’t have olives like he wanted."

- TheseVirginEars

"Olives fair in love and war."

- poopellar

"First wedding in Vegas? How many Vegas marriages do you have??"

- eighteen_18

A very important detail missing.

"My dad's seen an objection - he volunteers at a church. The bride and groom were siblings, and their father hadn't told them until he objected (I believe he was estranged to both of them). They already had a kid apparently."

- Any_Lake_288

"Kinda sh*t to tell them last minute don't you think?"

- PumpkinKing2020

"Last minute?? It was way passed that, they already had a kid!"

- AlanaK168

They tried to avoid it.

"I grew up in a super fundamentalist Christian community. My best friend fell in love, but her parents were pissed because they wanted to do an arranged marriage for her, so they locked her in the house for months. Finally I helped her escape and she got married in a very small ceremony."

"She used to be very close to her brother, so she invited him. He was also angry about her eloping, so he wore all black, including black sunglasses, and stood there looking p*ssed the whole time."

"We specifically asked the pastor to not do the 'does anyone object' thing because we didn't want to give anyone the chance. When her brother realized the pastor wasn't going to say it, he tried to stop the wedding anyway. My brothers had to escort him out."

"It was f*cking heartbreaking."

- JamesandtheGiantA**

Poor excuse for a prank.

"Not my wedding but at a friends, a family member paid some kid $20 to run in and say "Daddy don't marry that woman!" like it was his child. Did not go over well as a prank at all...."

"From what I'm told its laughed about today by everyone except the bride and groom."

- bourbonisall

"Whoa easy there Satan!"

- xorbe

He was already married.

"Priest here. Where I am, the only objection people can make is a legal one. It doesn’t matter if they merely don’t approve."

"I had one objection at a wedding, where the person who spoke claimed the groom was already married. That’s enough to stop the wedding. Turned out they were Serbian (which I knew) and didn’t know our legal system. The groom hadn’t realized the church wedding was also the legal wedding, so they’d married each other in a civil ceremony a few days before. That was fun to sort out!"

- Peteat6

"How did you sort it out?"

- Lakersrock111

"I had to contact the registry office and check on the status of the groom. I was shocked that legally only one person was required to give the information and sign. So if that one person didn’t know about the other person's previous marriage, they could sign in all honesty, and still find themselves in a bigamous marriage. In my case the registry office found out who the groom had married, so there was relief and laughter, and not too much delay."

- Peteat6

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Not an official objection.

"Not an official objection, but when my mum was marrying my dad, my grandpa (her dad) circled her around the church over and over again telling her he didn’t have to stop, she didn’t have to go in, and they could just drive away."

"It didn’t work. They’re still married 30+ years later. Eventually grandpa learned to like dad."

- anewae

"My dad did the same thing!!! As the 2 of us were driving to the ceremony he kept saying 'I don't have to stop. We can go WHEREVER you want, you know it's not too late.' We lasted 11 years before I couldn't take his abuse any longer."

"The one time in my life I should have listened to my father."

- drakiedoodle

"My ex-wife's Aunt said to me on the wedding day... 'You don't have to do this ya know.'"

"I should have listened."

- Dorothy_The_Winosaur

"My great-grandmother showed up on my mom's wedding day while she was getting ready, handed her a tallboy of beer, and said, 'Here, you'll need this.'"

"Both sides of the family were pissed my parents lived together before marriage, so some drama was expected. The marriage has outlived almost all of them, though. Except that great-grandmother. She's still inexplicably alive."

- Dangercakes13

"My maternal granddad said to my mum on her wedding day to not marry my dad as he wasn’t good enough for her. He was right of course, but if she’d listened I wouldn’t exist."

- trev2234

"Wow same! He didn't try on her wedding day, but apparently my mom wouldn't listen and one day my Boppa got pulled over by a cop. Somehow they ended up talking about their daughters and he said, 'My daughter is marrying a selfish man and I can't stop it.'"

"Spoiler: my dad is the most selfish person I've seen in my life. They are divorced and I'm no contact with him. Glad to exist though."

- Siabhre

He made a Facebook page.

"My dad objected leading upto my wedding. Even went as far as making a Facebook(he's 60+) and letting a bunch of people know he was against it."

"There was no way he could object at the wedding cause he didn't come."

- i8bonelesschicken

"What was it that he didn't like about your partner? And are you still together?"

- free-crude-oil

"He felt she was trying to take advantage of me. We both came from poor family's and I had skipped education and started working full time when I was 17 and moved up fairly quickly."

"We had known each other for a while and she was like a "child" slept 10-12 hours a day, needed help with doing basic chores and wouldn't do anything challenging. She was and is always encouraging me no matter what I try and she convinced me to seek out a promotion when I only met 1 out of 10 qualifications and I got the job which launched my career."

"As terrible as this may sound but I'm a pretty ugly guy and I've had a tough time with girls cause of that but she never treated me weird and was with me."

"We are still together and have one kid about to hit our 5 yr anniversary and are closer than we were when we first got married."

- i8bonelesschicken

The plot twist.

"I was at the wedding of that rare beast - a work colleague who was actually a good friend as well. Only a couple of work people were invited by her, including a guy we'll call Matt, because that is his name. Matt and the bride had dated for a while a few years ago, but had remained good friends after."

"So the ceremony starts, no sign of Matt... we get to the bit 'does anyone have any lawful objections etc' and the church goes quiet, then the heavy wooden door to the church door bangs open and there is Matt, looking red faced, flustered and upset and you could see the thoughts run through everyone's mind... 'Oh sh*t'... and Matt limped awkwardly to a pew in the back and sat down quietly."

"He'd overslept and twisted his ankle running to the church, that was all - so no objection, no drama, but damn we all thought for a second it was going to kick off. My friend the bride even saw the funny side, about 3 months later."

- WiredAndTeary

"Matt is the king of comedic timing."

- onelonelywhumperfly

He offered her money.

"I was at a wedding where there were three parties: the bride's, the groom's, and the groom's mother's. She hated the bride, thought she was not good enough for her son, etc. I was friends with both bride and groom, and they had to invite the groom's mom and dad, but they had the priest avoid the 'Objection' part of the ceremony."

"At the reception, there was a moment where the groom's father danced with the bride, and a few minutes later she stormed off the dance floor. The groom's dad had offered her $5,000 cash to walk away right then and there and have the marriage annulled. The reception featured a flambeau entrée, and everybody was watching the groom's mother, half expecting her to grab one of the flaming skewers from one of the waiters and hurl it at the bride."

"They're still married 30 years later and have two kids, but I believe they are estranged from the groom's family for some reason..."

- AAlHazred

He cheated and still got married.

"Ex-girlfriend's coworker's wedding. The groom’s side-chick shows up absolutely hammered right when the ceremony started. Screaming at him saying she’s supposed to marry him. She was carried out by a few of the groomsmen. Ceremony went on like nothing happened."

"Find out about 1 year later that he was still cheating (with that chick and another one)."

- ok_koreal

"You'd think that her needing to be carried out would be a sign to the groom that he should've stopped then and there."

- FloorGangMan1

An objection to save the wedding.

"My wife's uncle (who owned the farm we were getting married) stood up at the objection part. Immediately, his son (who was the man of honor) yelled at him to sit down. To his credit he did. For about 12 seconds then stood up again. He objected because there was a big f*cking storm coming up the driveway and about to smack the ceremony and all of our hurrying couldn't beat it. My wife made it inside before getting one else did. Got married inside instead."

"We knew it was coming within the next 15 minutes when we started the ceremony. We tried to hurry. But it was right at the objection part when the wall of rain was coming up the driveway. He knew the sound better than anyone (since he's lived there 35 years). Wife had just walked out to 'Here comes the Sun.'"

- nutrap

The wedding objection bit might happen in real life more than we think it does.

Hopefully it doesn't happen at your wedding, but it would definitely be memorable.

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