People Who Have Hooked Up With Their Friends' Parents Reveal How It Went Down

People Who Have Hooked Up With Their Friends' Parents Reveal How It Went Down

People Who Have Hooked Up With Their Friends' Parents Reveal How It Went Down

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Talk about awkward... people share their hookup stories but involving sex with friends' parents. Just... no. Ok maybe.

sirferrell asked, Those of you who've actually had sex with a friends mom or dad, how did it go down?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

WTF dad?

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I know a girl who cheated on her BF of 5 years with his dad.

She and the dad are married now.

No offense, but... Florida.

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I got an IRL story like this. Dude I'm distantly related to was expecting a baby with his wife. Pretty normal.

He and wife start fighting. Wife tells him it's not his baby. It's... dun, dun, duh... his dad's. Dude doesn't really believe it, confronts dad, dad cops to it. This causes issues with dudes parents and they separate. Dudes separated from his wife. So... the wife and dad move in together.

Long story short, dude suddenly doesn't have a wife or family or child, goes on big alcohol/drug binge (we're pretty redneck down here). Lots of intoxicated driving. Dude gets in an accident and is killed.

Mom and dad reconcile while grieving, now Mom and Dad and Wife and a new baby all live together.

Welcome to Central Florida.

Women can be creeps too ya know.

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Had sex with my mom's friends, pretty traumatic experience in all honesty.

She had always been the "cool mom" out of my moms friend group, hooked me up with my first job at a catering company she worked for, snuck me and my friends alcohol from time to time, etc. it was also pretty apparent her marriage was on the rocks for some time.

One night we were both working a catering event together that had an open bar, and she had quite a bit to drink and began flirting a little. She would ask me questions about if I had ever been with an older woman.

Fast forward to the end of the night she was my ride home and was too drunk to drive so I drove her car home to my dad's place, as soon as I parked the car she forced my hands on her breasts and started fondling.

I eventually caved in and proceeded to receive the most painful blow job of my life that left actual marks and awkward van sex.

Not quite the wild pool boy story, but I was hoping to shed some light on how ugly these scenarios can wind up.

He was the breathalyzer.

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So he wasn't really a friend per se...

I used to buy weed from him in my mid-20s and he was about 20 and lived with his mom.

She was late 40s... Went by once and he was just leaving, his mom asked if I wanted to drive her to the bar. Turns out she had had a few and currently had a breathalyzer in her car... I knew I was getting laid whether I wanted it or not.

Anyway, fun night. Never went by there again.

There's an age of consent for a reason...

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My friend's mom in high school went through a nasty divorce and his dad quickly married his much younger girlfriend. She began flirting with me a few weeks later and eventually it led to us hooking up. Over the following months I learned nearly everything I know about sex from her. I found out later that year I was one of several friends she'd been hooking up with. I was devastated as my young mind thought I was in love. It sent me into a pretty serious depression and f_cked up my views of sex since.

Please let me out of the car.

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I didn't know he was her dad, he was just someone I was sleeping with but one night when we were out driving, we drove past my old high school and he mentioned that his daughter went there. I made the connection with the surname and asked, he confirmed.

And he learned Spanish!

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I was 23 and she was 44. Her son and I were friends and in college together. She was 5'2", thin, really cute and originally from the Dominican Republic. She had always kind of flirted with me, but I just thought that's all it was. I was wrong.

A bunch of us got together and went out to have dinner on NYE, and she went with us. We all had fun and went back to her house. Her son and his girlfriend went to bed and before I was able to get out the door, she asked me to sit beside her, by the fireplace. She leaned her head on my shoulder and looked up at me and asked: "Do you want to?". Couldn't say yes fast enough.

She and I dated for two and half years. As a bonus, I learned a good deal of Spanish from her.

Some serious NSFW revenge.

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Her daughter dumped me for a guy she didn't like and I fell on hard times with my mom, so I would occasionally go over there to shower and eat something. She was in her 40's, very thin but had a very nice face and was always very nice to me. I was 18 and always very complimentary to her and thankful for her helping me out. She was helping me without her daughter's knowledge as well. One day a hug goodbye got really long. She wouldn't let go, but she wasn't doing anything else. Just hanging on very tight. Being 18 and because of our relationship, I developed an instant erection. I guess she felt it and nuzzled closer. I started kissing her neck. Pulled her dress up. I guess her husband didn't really pay attention to her. (Something I didn't notice or pay attention to while I was dating her daughter.) We went at it for a few hours as the house was empty. She must've been pent up. It was honestly surreal. It didn't set in for a few days. My ex and my friends were all intertwined. I couldn't tell anyone and never have. Happened a few more times until I had my life in order and it seemed like she was starting to regret cheating on her husband.

"Come see my artwork and chill."

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I had sex with an ex-girlfriend's mom. She broke up with me and a couple of weeks later I ran into her mom in the grocery store. Her mom commented that she missed me being around and I said I missed her too, she was a pretty cool mom. She told me that her divorce got finalized, her sister was going to move in and some other small talk type stuff that we both shared as we walked around the store.

I helped her put her groceries in her car and she hugged me. She told me I should come over sometime and see her new paintings, she was an artist. I went over a week or so later and she served me some wine and basically seduced me and introduced me to role play at the same time. We saw each other for over a year and then she moved, I miss her sometimes.

Yeah dude that counts.

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I had sex with my son's girlfriends mom. Does that count?

Revenge, blissful revenge.

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Friend of mine slept with my sister and kept making a big deal about it (I honestly could've cared less), and his mom was always making offhand sexual comments when I was around her so I decided to go for it. She had him when she was 16, we were around 18-19, so she wasn't old and still looked pretty good. Came through one day knowing he wasn't there after flirting with her pretty hard for a few weeks and she almost immediately jumped my bones. We slept together for a while after and neither of us ever said a word about it. It was fun while it lasted and I didn't stay friends with the guy for other reasons.

And then some follow up...

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My buddy does this about my sister he f_cked after I moved away to college. But I don't mention that I used to f_ck his now-wife right before they started dating.

This is some real game.

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I was 18 and my GF and I went to the zoo with her mom and my GF ended up throwing some kind of temper tantrum. Since her mother drove it was an awkward car ride home. I wouldn't even talk to her, and I looked over and she was giving me a death stare and said: do you want to break up. I sat there for a second and her mom said she was going to drop her, my GF and drive me the rest of the way home. I said yeah, yeah I do.

She dropped her daughter off and drove me home. I joked that my plan to get to her via her daughter had worked. She laughed at that and said I'd be lost and have no idea what to do with her. I blushed so hard at that and she saw it.

It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts and figured: I'm going to flirt. Her mom since the day I met her would always wear tighter shirts and hip-hugging jeans around me. She was a recently divorced woman who may have been lonely, who knows. So I made a flirty comment about her looking fitter every time I came over.

We get back to my house, my parents aren't there and she had joked about taking the day off to come and use my pool. So I used that and said, it's a great night for night swimming. I fully expected her to just laugh and tell me to get out. But she said ok and there I was with my now ex GFs mother in my pool, she's in her undies and we are making out. The following weekend my now ex went to her dad's for the weekend and I stayed the weekend with her mother and we messed around. It went on for a few weeks more but broke it off when her daughter started suspecting it.

I don't regret it and we both had a lot of fun.

What a classy account.

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I went from a known screw up to "the guy with his s*** together," at least in my town. I graduated, joined the military, got out and started a business. After my business stabilized a few months ago, I went home and visited an old HS friend who's mooching off of his mom, just like his dad. Anyway, the friend invited me over for dinner but I showed up early and he ended up flaking. So mom, dad and I had dinner together. It got pretty tense because dad didn't like me too much. He thought I was home just to show off my new life (kind of was), and he didn't care to hear about it at all. But she wouldn't stop asking me about it, causing him to get super annoyed and leave. Our conversation carried on into the evening, and my friend finally stumbled in clearly drunk. His mom just looked embarrassed and disappointed. I took him up to his room and tucked him into bed. When I came downstairs she hugged me telling me how proud of me she was and that watching me turn out like this was heartwarming. She was the first person to say anything of the sort, since to my parents I'm still a screw-up. While hugging my lips touched her neck and she squeezed me closer. From there you can all figure out what happened next. I was still home for a few more days after that and since my parents didn't appreciate my presence, I stayed with them. Interestingly enough, staying with them made the dad warm up to me. As of now, no one else knows except my business partner and the lovely people of Reddit.

He listened to the right head.

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No sex, because I stopped myself. I was 18 and it was my very hot aunt by marriage who was my uncle's wife and my mom's good friend. I visited her sometimes when the uncle wasn't around because she was the "cool aunt" who was always telling me, "hey, stop by anytime and use my place like a crash pad during the day. Bring your gf if I'm not around and do whatever you guys do. I'll give you a key. You know me, I'm cool." I found out just how cool she was.

I stopped by one day and she was drinking a bit and she made a little joke about me being a big boy and then pushed up HARD. I had very little self-control and dove at her. She laughed and we started to get into it but she pushed me back slightly and told me to slow down because we had time. That snapped me out of it enough to make me realize that if I did this, at some point, she was going to pissed off at my uncle and let it slip as a "F--- you" to him, and I was eventually going to have to deal with my uncle & cousin & mom. Not worth it. Noped out of there.

Would've been hot but could've wrecked a lot of stuff. Much better not to have.

...there are some unanswered questions here.

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My buddy's mom had recently gotten divorced, I went to his house looking for him so we could go play baseball. He had already left but she invited me in anyway, it escalated quick. Other one was a woman I worked with, she asked if I wanted to go out for drinks one night, I had a fake ID so I went for it. Went back to her place and did the deed. Woke up the next morning to her making breakfast, went into the kitchen to see her and her two kids were sitting at the kitchen table. Recognized them instantly, I previously dated her daughter freshman year and I played football with her son. I had no idea how old she was when I went out with her and didn't know her kids were older.

Her username is totally misleading.

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When I was nineteen, I ended up in a mental hospital for a suicide attempt and one of the ladies in one of my group therapy groups was the mom of this guy I had gone to high school with. She was separated from her husband at the time and she and I got along well.

After I got out of the hospital she and I would hang out and talk or go to the movies. One day, I apparently seduced her (not exactly on purpose) and we sorta started sleeping together a lot. She divorced her husband told her family she was a lesbian and said she felt like she always had been gay but didn't know it. She went full on LGBT empowerment! This was the early nineties in the Bible Belt and she was a just out 48-year-old. She starting dating different women and last I saw her, she seemed very happy

Well he tried, but you know how these things go.

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I always had the hots for her. Nothing happened except some decent text messages and one other make out session for another year, and I moved away.

I'm 21 and living back in my hometown. She had three kids, all my age, and we hung out occasionally.

We got drunk one night and I promised my friend I wasn't gonna bang his mom. Well, she started cuddling up close to me and it was game over

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