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People Imagine How Their Ex Would Tell The Story Of Their Relationship's Demise

"Reddit user U_PassButter asked: 'Let your Ex tell the story; why did your relationship end?'"

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Breaking up is hard to do.

In fact, it's one of life's hardest things.

It sucks when love is over.

But the story is always interesting.

And there is always more than one side to the tale.

When couples retell the fall of their fairytale there is always different aspects and details mentioned.

Everyone has their own view.

And it's always best to hear both.

Or is it?

Redditor U_PassButter wanted to hear several sides of a break-up story, so they asked:

"Let your Ex tell the story; why did your relationship end?"

I don't want to know what embellishments my exes would say.

I was perfect.

Just Stop

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"He needs to stop being so possessive and controlling. If I wanna f**k my coworker after a shift and take him back to the house and have you catch us. I fully expect you to be okay with all of it."


The Privilege

“Well, the real problem was that that a**hole, aknightwhosaysnope, didn’t trust me. If he had trusted me, he never would have looked at my phone and uncovered the affair I’ve been having with one of his best friends, and I could continue to f**k that dude while allowing aknightwhosaysnope the privilege of paying my bills. What a d**k.”


In April

“'I changed my phone password because I felt like it. If you need to use it I’ll open it for you.'”

"Cut to April she’s living in NY with her new boyfriend and I’m being served divorce papers. They had been dating for 6 months while we were married."

"The pandemic definitely changed some people, some for the better, but not all."


On a Saturday...

"I deliberately picked a fight just like I do every Saturday, to force him to apologize and treat me like a princess for the rest of the weekend. But this time, when I suggested that he didn't love me and we should just break up, he actually had the nerve to agree! I couldn't believe it - that line had always worked in the past to at least get roses and a gift."

"He's such an a**hole - I even refused to leave for a while, giving him the chance to apologize to me and take it back, but he was so stubborn and just flat-out refused!"

"Even when I kept calling his phone over and over from my car, insisting that we spend one last night together, he wouldn't let me back inside his place. I still can't believe that. He owed it to me to at least hold me one more time. I even told him that, and he was still a stubborn jacka** about it."


Why can't people just go to therapy?

Find yourself in trouble.

That's where you're heading.

Not Loyal

Its Over GIFGiphy

"It was long distance, I avoided all girls as she said, stayed loyal, yet one day I felt she was down, asked what's worrying you? She told me she kissed her BFF and cheated on me, a day later she ended it."



"I didn't try hard enough because I couldn't handle the pressure and stress of raising 4 children all under 9 years old, a full-time job, a part-time job, all household maintenance and upkeep, and an alcoholic partner who contributed nothing to the family or the household and drank his entire paycheck every week."


Nothing Happened

"For some reason, he didn't like that I was cuddling with my best friend on the couch. He got it into his head that I was cheating on him (or close to doing it) and decided to end the relationship. Nothing ever happened with my friend, nor did I want it to. The fact that I immediately moved with him to another country was just a coincidence."


10 Years Later

"My ex (34 F) after our ten-year marriage ended: 'He was a lovely partner, most of the time. But, his depression got a hold and he just quit enjoying anything at all, including time with me. He hated himself. I couldn't put myself through it anymore'...

"Thankfully, I've (34 M) done a ton of work and found a sense of peace, and I finally love myself. It's been a couple of years now, so, the hurt has (mostly) worn off. We have to co-parent anyway, but, I've found a new friend in my ex. She really did always care about me, even if we struggled to communicate this to each other, while we were together."



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"Apparently being committed to one person while dating is obsessive and to care about them even a little bit after the fact is an unforgivable sin."


Dating will be the death of everyone.

And apparently, so will love.

People Divulge Which Things They Regret Ever Telling Their Ex

Reddit user Quintowne asked: 'What do you regret telling your ex?'

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Romance isn't easy and, sometimes, leads to regret.

A lot of times, those regrets are about something you said to or told your ex.

Sometimes, it's regret about the relationship altogether. Other times, it's regretting saying something that led to a breakup. And others it's regretting saying something when you should've just said nothing and left.

Whatever the case, we all have those regrets. Redditors certainly do, and they are ready to share what they regret saying to their ex.

It all started when Redditor Quintowne asked:

"What do you regret telling your ex?"

Cheater, Cheater

"Saying anything after finding out he cheated. Shoulda just left silently tbh"

– tornteddie

"I wish I had done this, too. Looking back, it would have been not only more satisfying but also reduced the trauma in general."

"Well over it now, but man, I wish I had just disappeared."

– eeEmmerich

"I found out my ex was cheating 4 hours into a 5 hour drive to a theme park when she gave me her phone to text her mum back."

She threatened to leave me there unless I got back with her so I wish I just hadn’t said anything until we got home."

She still denied it despite overwhelming evidence and blamed me for all of it."

I literally showed her a text of her say to him that “thanks for letting me take you to the Xmas party as my boyfriend..." Her response to me was basically “lalalalalalala” every time I tried to talk or that I was taking it out of context."

This was a party she had said a ton of times that you weren’t allowed to take a partner with you."

It was the most awkward day of my life, and once she had gotten over the part where she wanted to leave me there, she kept me there until 10pm until I said I would take her back after falsely “accusing her.""

"We only left because security in the car park said they would tow her car if she didn’t leave. Then we drove 5 hours back with work the next day so I only had an hour or two sleep."

"I dumped her a** once I got it in a text that she admitted it and somehow her friends and family still took her side saying she wouldn’t ever do that."

"She then stalked me for 2 years."

"Yeah my first relationship was a wild ride for years."

"I really wish I had just ghosted her and left without explanation."

– Interesting_Tone6532

Money For Nothing

"The combination to my wall safe. She took about $40,000 in gold and silver."

"Then I had to take her back and get her to trust me before she gave it back (which was a little over 3 more months). Then I had to dump her again. And then she broke all the windows in my house. But she got arrested since it was on camera. She spent 12 days in jail and had to do 100 hours of community service. As soon as it was done, she tried to set me house on fire. She ended up in jail for 3 years for attempted arson. And last I heard, she met a guy, got dumped, and tried to burn down the bar he owned. She’s in prison now. Not sure how long. Don’t care. I moved out of state. Hope she doesn’t find me."

– Myzyri

Did You Know...?

"Opening up about anything. Turns out whenever I said anything to her, she would spread it to her friends and other lover."

– Goose_Gamer_26

"Mine as well, terrible people."

– AcanthocephalaAny78


"“Sure we can get a joint bank account.”"

– Reddit

"Man I don’t even have a joint bank account with my wife :-D haha. That’s levels of crazy trust."

– Paratwa

Speak Now

""I do.""

– Hemenucha

"I regret asking “will you marry me?” more."

– MohawkElGato

""We both made mistakes", she said when she left me."

""We did. You, lied and cheated on me. I, married you.""

– daniu

Dumb Love

""I forgive you" (after the first time she cheated). - It was dumb, dumb, dumb - just f**king stupid - as in I should not be allowed out of the house without adult supervision stupid. Did I mention it was dumb? And that I was a f**king idiot?"

– Deleted User

"Lmao it’s okay. Love makes us dumb, blind and basically incapable of functioning. We learn tho :)"

– the_ocean_in_a_drop

What's In A Name?

"My name."

"I wish I'd never met him."

– stardust591


"She told me that I was angry."

"I told her that I stopped being angry months before."

"She asked if I wasn’t angry, what was I?"

"I told her that I was bored."

"We’d been separated for 6 months at that point and I was waiting for her to deal with some of her issues so we could actually move towards divorce. A year later nothing has changed and I’m still bored, but recognise that it wasn’t a helpful thing to say."

– inactiveuser247

"The opposite of love isnt hate, its apathy."

– Trapped_Mechanic

A Heavy Loss

"“I’ll store my sh*t here for now and will pick it up later.”"

"...crazy ex sells my pristine childhood collection of consoles/videogames and a bunch of sh*t after we breakup."

– loztriforce

"Old games and consoles!? And they were pristine!? Dude, you gotta sell her organs at that point."

– Goose_Gamer_26

Went On For Too Long

"I have a pretty weird one."

"I dated someone from out of country until COVID. But the thing is - we didn't really break up. She just tried to lure me to move to where she was.. during a pandemic... when I was newly unemployed.. and without health insurance in the US. Even with that, I said I would - and then I just didn't hear from her for months."

"I finally get an email response in mid summer indicating that she loved me and misses me, and her life is miserable and that she left Colorado for NC. I respond back. Crickets afterwards."

"We were "reddit friends", meaning we followed one another back then. A post comes up that November 2020 asking a mail related question, because her and her SO moved in together and were not getting mail for several weeks."

"My mistake was that I reached out to her and I told her exactly what I thought about what she did. That it wasn't wrong to break up with me, but it was wrong to not break up with me, keep me hanging, and then not tell me that she really just met someone else."

"What followed after that was several months of shoddy communication. She completely tried to gaslight me. But in actuality - she was creating a fake life story to cover up the fact that she basically just left me for someone else. In the end, she said some pretty nasty things to me, I said some pretty nasty things to her, and we haven't spoken since. But I could've avoided several months of emotional discomfort if I just let it be."

"She's now married to the guy she swore was just a figment of my imagination."

"If someone is going to lie to you like that, gaslight you, throw your feelings in the trash so callously - they don't deserve your time in any capacity."

– Fausto_Alarcon

I Can Hear You!

"That I am hard of hearing. The AH would use it to gaslight me by claiming I didn't hear him or his tone of voice accurately. His speaking voice was loud and he yelled a lot - I WISH I couldn't hear him."

– lawgirlamy

Talk about gaslighting!

Do you have any regrets to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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