People Break Down Which Pieces Of Life Advice Can F*** Right Off

People Break Down Which Pieces Of Life Advice Can F*** Right Off
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Most people have become conditioned to invoke cliches when consoling or encouraging others.

While their intentions are good, sometimes the words of wisdom friends throw around are so hackneyed, that the person feeling dejected over their circumstances is better off without them.

Do they truly mean what they say as it applies to the situation, or do they just want them to "get over it?"

It depends on the situation, of course, but many of us are keen to identify the fake niceties.

Curious to hear from strangers online, Redditor Noiv3rn asked:

"What life advice can just f'k off?"

When it comes to bullies, some people think confronting the issue head on is always best.

Ignorance Is A Miss

"If you just ignore, they will go away."

– whaldener

Lesson For Bullies

"School is prison rules. Hurt your bully. Make them scared of you."

"You land one really solid punch, and take the punishment the school gives you. Whatever suspension or whatever you have to deal with is worth getting your bullies to lay off."

– coleosis1414

Not About Winning

"My dad told me to fight back with everything I have, while paying for karate lessons for me. When I told him I didn’t think I could win the fight because my bully was so much bigger, he said 'You don’t have to win. You just have to be more trouble than you’re worth.'"

– Incongruent

Love makes people do crazy things, said a famous person recently. Crazy things shouldn't involve pain, however.

Tainted Love

“'He’s only picking on you because he likes you.' It’s not advice, just promoting an unhealthy relationship dynamic. Pisses me off."

– Merely-Zero

Shove With Love

"Yeah I got pushed off the monkey bars and cracked my head open in second grade by some little boy who kept bothering me."

"When I returned to school the next day with a stitched up head, the teacher told me 'He just does that because he secretly likes you. That’s how boys show it.' I believed her. :("

– Munich11

Unqualified Therapist

"literally my therapist when I was in middle school said that this guy was bullying me because he liked me. No, the kid was just an absolute a**hole."

"So glad that therapist is no longer in business, she messed me up as well as my mom, pinning my ADHD on her as if i didn't have it, it was all her fault for raising me badly."

– Blundering_Dragon

Not all rules or advice apply.

"Sleep On It"

"Never go to bed angry at your spouse."

"F'k that! Sleep on it. Cool down a bit. Reassess the situation and then address it when you're calm. I am not staying up till 3 in the morning because you're mad that I didn't pull the clothes out of the dryer before they got wrinkled!"

– Obiwan_ca_blowme

Flaws Of Authenticity

"Be yourself, and don't compromise for anyone."

"No. Sometimes you suck and need to improve."

– flash17k

Easy For Them To Say

"Any advice given by people who clearly lack personal experience to be grounded in reality."

"Rich people saying 'money doesn’t buy happiness'. Pretty people saying 'looks don’t matter'. People who’ve been handed everything saying 'you need to work hard for things'. Politicians saying 'cheaters never prosper.'"

– sketchysketchist

It's Written In The Stars

"Everything happens for a reason"

"Doesn't mean it's a good reason..."

– Abigale_Munroe

Live To Work

"Any advice that encourages people to spend every waking minute grinding, and to sacrifice sleep/rest to increase those minutes. I don't get up at 5am, I don't work until 11pm, I don't log on when I'm not working that day. I work my 40 hours a week and any time outside of that is my own time, otherwise what the f**k am I working for at all?"

– BaseballFuryThurman

Level Playing Field

"We all get the same 24 hours".

– Throwaway_Tenderloin

"Yeah this is bullsh*t. Jeff Bezos doesn't have the same 24 hours I have, and I daresay he never did."

– Salarian_American

Dated Perspective

"College is the only way to open successful doors in life. A fun thing most old people say (half the time never went or finished college themselves) while thinking you can still buy penny candy today."

– _BluLeaf

Losing Faith

"God will never give you more than you can handle. Not religious but I hate this sentiment."

– Wannagetsober

We Don't Buy It

"Money doesn't buy happiness"

"First get money that tell me that."

– Micerog

Survivor Misconception

"What don't kill you makes you stronger."

– Internal_Crow_6278

Any time I hear someone tell me "if it's meant to be it will be," oftentimes it ends up meaning that it will never be.

Did I lose out on the audition because it just wasn't meant to be? No, there were other hopefuls in the room better suited for the role than myself, but I've landed jobs where I put in the work and was better prepared than most.

For me, relying on fate is just lazy. Luck helps, sure.

But, in my experience, I believe that applying yourself and making more of an effort gets you noticed most endeavors.

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