Why is it so difficult to think before you speak? Words matter and the way you deliver them matters even more. We're in a new era today, you can't just blurt out the first odd thing in your head. You never really could but now we know better; or at least we're supposed to. Look up the definition of a compliment and go from there.

Redditor u/sybaritic_footstool wanted to know what are some of the strangest things people thought was a thoughtful thing to say by asking....

What's the creepiest compliment you've ever been given?

Extra Doable....


This old man lived on my street, I would always say hi to him in the morning on my way out to work. Didn't know him outside that greeting. He must have been in his 70's.

Looks at me and goes 'You look extra doable this morning.'

I double timed it and stopped talk to him. Forgotmyshoesagain

Reaching 8....

Every day I ride the elevator to the top floor of my office building. One day a couple of years ago an attractive 30ish year old woman got on the elevator at 2 and pressed 8.

When she got on the elevator, she stared at my forehead the entire time. The elevator reached 8 and she literally backed out of the elevator and held the door.

Still staring at me, she blurted out:

"I know I'm not supposed to say anything, but that is the most beautiful toupee I've ever seen."

Then the doors closed without either of us saying another word and I've never seen her since.

Thanks I grew it myself. -Blixx-

At Disney once....

At Disney once, me and my cousin (I was 16 he was 15) were sitting on a bench waiting for the others to come back from the bathrooms, and a lady (prob mid-30s) Stopped and stared at us for like, 10 seconds, then she said "You guys are so cute! Invite me to your wedding!" Then gave us a business card with her name and stuff on it. He just silently put it in his pocket and then we both just started laughing, we told our 3 other cousins, but not the adults. KrunchyCandy


One time I dressed up as a zombie to perform the Thriller dance at my workplace.

Colleague came up to me, got real close to my ear, and whispered:

"You look great as a zombie. I'm a necrophiliac, by the way."


(Edited to add some context: This colleague was in a different department from me so we only knew each other in passing. He was also about double my age — I was 24/25 at the time and he was closer to late 40s/early 50s). Reddit

Bad Vibes....


A guy once remarked that I looked too young to be legally allowed to work. I told him I was 16 and he said he would have guessed 12 or 13 (I get this all the time and it pisses me off, but when in customer service smile through the pain). He then looked me up and down (taking an extra second to look at my butt) and said "You could do better than working here." And winked at me.

Not too creepy, but the vibes were incredibly off. whoeverthehell

"liked it that way."

First job at Starbucks at 16. Some older man probably 60's who worked at another store in the strip mall came in and told me I was so pretty and looked very "young and innocent" and that he "liked it that way."

He also followed me out to the parking garage one night when I was alone but didn't realize my boyfriend had come to make sure I made it safely to my car. He quickly left when he saw my boyfriend waiting at my car. Prison-mike23

In Your Eyes... 

"I love your eyes! I can stare into them all day!" Proceeds to stare into my eyes for 2 minutes straight.

I'm a guy and not extremely lucky in the lady department. I'm not particularly choosy. But that one gave me the hebee jeebies. I didn't think women was capable of that level of creepy. But I learned that day! Jauxerous

Hands Free....


"you're like a pale Buddha."

Proceeds to touch my belly without notice. RollerKirbyDerby

Over the Table....

When I was 18, a old man bent down to look under the table we were both at and told me I had nice legs. I was wearing a shortish skirt. I guess it's not overly creepy but I felt so uncomfortable though. LittleMissCosmic1992

The Few....

Ugh. I have a few.

"You're very attractive... for a redhead. They're almost always ugly." ( man old enough to be my father)

"Are those your legs or are you wearing white hose?"

At a family funeral : "That dress is really wearing you - you look stunning. I always enjoy SEEING you" said by my husband's uncle as he hugged me WAY too tight and close and whispered in my ear. I kneed him and shouted my husband's name. He denied the whole thing. (He is a Baptist preacher and is on wife #5)

"If you ever need extra money, you can definitely sell your "wares" *wink - said by a complete stranger in line at Winn Dixie and he tried to hand me a card that said "Joe's Body Shop" uh, NO. Also, I had my 3 kids with me. oshaughnessygirl


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